Soon She Will Be Bright As A New Penny

A friend showed up unexpectedly with a family in tow at 9:30 pm the other night! Janice was asked to look at their dog’s skin. They took her to a vet who wasn’t able to help. They stated that they adopted her about 2 months ago from Woods Humane Society where she was just fine. Currently, half of her fur is missing,  and she has bloody rips in her skin where she is aggressively scratching her wounded skin. She looks miserable! We took Penny into our rescue, and transported her to our vet the next day, who treated her for a bacterial infection caused by allergies. Now she is on antibiotics, medicated shampoo and allergy meds and in several weeks or months​ she will be as good as new. She is about 6-7 years old and needs a foster or an Adopter! Penny is very laid back and easy-going. She does well with the other foster dogs, and is great with the bunny. Penny is not a barker. We are working on house training, and she is learning to use the doggy door. Donations towards Penny’s medical bills are very much appreciated!

A Gentle Girl Named Babe

My name is Babe and I am searching for a new family. I thought I would be with my momma for the rest of my life, but my momma has Alzheimer’s, and is slowly forgetting to care for me. I like to think I have been a faithful and loving companion to my momma for all 11 years of my life, but the assisted facility thinks it is time to share my love with a new family. My human momma unfortunately has Alzheimers and it is the worst thing ever, to know that someone loves you so much, but just can’t seem to remember who I am or that I need care. My family has made this difficult decision to help me find a loving family that will care for me for the rest of my life. I am a gentle girl who would do best with an older family that can take me for walks a few times a day and help me shed a few pounds to get down to a healthier weight. I have never really been around cats or younger children, but I do ok with other dogs. I am spayed, up to date on my shots, and in general good health for my age.

Would you consider being my final forever family and promise to love me like my momma wants me to be loved? I am being fostered in the Bay Area of Northern California. Please get your applications in fast! I am a keeper!

Donations towards Babe”s medical

Skin and Bones Senior in Desperate Need of TLC

Emily3Say hello to this beautiful 14 year old senior we named Emily. She was found wandering the streets of San Jacinto, CA. She is an average height of a Cocker but a skin and bones weight of 15.2 pounds. She was probably having trouble finding food to survive. Since we’ve had her, she’s been eating well, and will hopefully start putting on weight soon. 
Her teeth were in terrible shape and our vet had to remove all of them. She’s now eating softened kibble and canned food. She may be hearing impaired as she sleeps soundly through loud noises around her. 
She is great with other dogs, and a total love bug with humans.  
Would you consider making this angel part of your family? Emily is eligible for our Sanctuary Program. This means, if you decide to make her a forever part of your family, we will take care of all medical expenses for her entire life! You get a great dog as a family member without the worry of medical bills. It’s a win-win situation!
In the meantime, any donations toward the medical and dental care for sweet Emily are much appreciated!

Zoey – A Love Story

Katherine and Zoey

Zoey and Portia

Zoey came to us in 2013. She was rescued from a shelter just north of Sacramento. Soon after, she was fostered by a family in Encino with two children who adored her. In early October of that year, a woman named Katherine saw Zoey on the Second Chance Cocker Rescue adoptable dogs page, and fell in love. Zoey’s foster family brought her over, and the bond was immediate. Katherine adopted Zoey, and they were best buddies, unseparated for two beautiful years. Zoey would sit with Katherine, who still lived in her own home, while she knitted. Zoey never left her side.
A few weeks ago, Katherine’s health deteriorated and she passed away. Her loving family returned Zoey to her original foster family. Before she returned, Katherine’s family told us that Zoey was the best friend and greatest gift Katherine could have had in her golden years.

Harley and Zoey

Zoey’s foster family only had her again for a few weeks, before a young couple saw her on the Second Chance Cocker Rescue adoptable dogs page. As many people look for young dogs, this remarkable couple was hoping for a more settled, middle-aged dog. They found that and more in Zoey. They officially adopted her this past weekend and couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone involved, Zoey’s love story continues.

It takes a community to rescue, rehabilitate, foster, network, treat, train, care for and adopt.

Any donations you can give are always appreciated.

Zoey with Martin and Anja

She Has A Sweet Little Wobble When She Walks

HOLLY - ID#A1363027When we saw this sweet baby at the OC shelter we decided to pull her. Holly is a mix but at only 6 months old what a darling. When we got her medical records we where shocked. She had been hit by a car and suffered severe head trauma and has a genetic problem with her hips that gives her a sweet little wobble when she walks. The shelter took care of the surgery on her hips and now she needs physical therapy to help her balance when she walks due to the head trauma. What a lot to go though at such a young age. We were so glad she caught our eye.

Holly, is currently in Romoland and could use a foster home with a lot of TLC.

Donations for Holly’s costs

One Two Three!

AlvinThis week we rescued not one but three senior boys. First was Alvin, a sweet 10 year old boy living with a family in Modesto. He needed medical care but they couldn’t afford his vet bills so they called us. We were delighted to be able to say we could help. After a few tests it turned out that Alvin probably has Cushing’s Disease and he will be tested for that on Monday. With the proper meds he will live a normal, happy life.

VayleThen we heard about Vayle a 13 year old boy in the Animal Friends of the Valley shelter. He had been turned in several weeks before by  his family. The shelter contacted us to rescue him but before we could respond a family had adopted him. We were delighted, that is until they changed their minds and brought him back. This time we made sure we got him. He is adorable. His teeth were a mess and after a dental they had to remove 17 teeth!

CorwinLast, but certainly not least Carolyn found 10 year old Corwin at the the California City shelter. She fell in love with that cute face. Who wouldn’t?

All three of these sweet seniors need foster homes while they wait for us to find them permanent homes. They are also eligible for our Sanctuary Program where we pay for their medical bills for the rest of their lives. Can you help?

Donations to help with our seniors medical bills

It’s a girl, and a boy and a girl and …

We had our eye on Eve sitting in the Moreno Valley shelter but we were pretty full. The shelter contacted us. They had shaved down Eve and found out she was eminently pregnant. They needed a rescue to take her immediately. Carolyn from Romoland stepped up and offered tEve and babieso whelp her. We could see that poor Eve was still lactating from her last litter. Talk about not giving a girl a break. We settled her in and on Tuesday evening at 9pm Eve had five bouncing baby girls and boys.

This is what Carolyn said  ” Oh my….2 boys and 3 girls!  Beautiful babies, color is fabulous as you can see in the picture…..3 whiter ones and 2 buff/champagne colored ones.  One is a total runt, and I mean runt…..tiny and skinny.  The runt is a boy.  They have nice big ears, so I’m hoping will look like cockers!!

But, all are squirming, squeeking and nursing…..Eve is a great mom.  She had them about 9:00 last night, no muss no fuss.”
We are proud of you Eve and promise cross our hearts this is the last litter you will have to have!

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