20140305_165823Zane was abandoned in his back yard when his family moved and left a note that said they couldn’t deal with him and please find him a home. The landlord keep him fed and safe until he found us and we agreed to help at once. We went over to meet Zane and he was standing on the porch growling. We brought some chicken breasts and fed him until he was eating out of our hand but he still would not let us put a leash on him. We came back the next morning and tried again with no luck. We called in reinforcements and showed up that afternoon with our trainer, Andrea, a large crate and some exercise pens. We surrounded him and the crate with exercise pens and loaded the crate with more chicken. Once he relaxed we started making the pen smaller and smaller until he popped himself into the crate.  Just like that, he was caught and we didn’t have to manhandle him to do it.
20140307_131624Once we let him out of the crate at home Zane took a few hours and then decided we were his saviors. He was filthy and stinky but we waited two days before we were comfortable trying to clip and bathe him.  We clipped him until the clippers gave out. His coat is so matted and dirty they couldn’t finish the job.  He looked a lot like a walrus.
20140310_132827We gave him a bath and made an appointment for a grooming with our favorite groomer,  Anja, and the vet for the following day. We will make sure his new life is full of love and nothing but the best of care. 
20140310_144748Donation to Help Rescue Zane

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