Daisy Feels Hope For The First Time In Years

*WARNING: this post includes pre and post surgery photos*

We were contacted by Daisy’s family a month ago. Her family requested that SCCR take their family dog, Daisy, because she had health problems they couldn’t handle themselves. We agreed to take Daisy so that she would not be euthanized. Daisy had numerous health problems including: numerous massive mammary tumors, calcification of her ears from ongoing, untreated ear infections, and eye infections as well. SCCR went to work immediately! Phase 1: She was assessed by our vet and a date was set for her surgery! She had her 3 largest tumors removed day before yesterday. Her immediate comfort was our top concern, and we wanted to help ease her pain and make getting around a little easier for her. Phase 2: We are working on the next part of her treatment, which includes getting results from the biopsy so that we can see if the cancer has spread any further. If she is given the go-ahead from her surgeon, then she will have her other tumors removed, and she will be spayed. Phase 3: After a short recovery time, we will assess her severely calcified ears, and then her eye issues. After using antibiotics and topical treatments to reduce inflammation and swelling, we will have a better idea of how to proceed on those issues.

PUP-DATE: Daisy is currently staying with our rehoming coordinator, and for the next few weeks she will continue to receive the royal treatment! She is resting comfortably, and is enjoying the company of her temporary foster pups. None of these experiences has changed Daisy’s sweet nature. She is so very gentle with kids, and is a very loving girl. Today we like to hear a message from Daisy herself!

Daisy: “ I would like to thank everyone for all the love you have given me during my illness, and recovery. I have not felt such in all the years I have been alive! I feel very lucky to have so many people giving to cover my numerous medical bills. I just wanted to tell all Cocker moms and dads to PLEASE, PLEASE spay and neuter your beloved babies! At 6 months of age and up to the age of 2 is the best time! After that age, if you are breeding lots of puppies the chances of getting mammary cancer dramatically increases. Did you know that??? I want to help save my brothers and sisters out there. If I don’t survive this, I want to know that my pup-friends are going to be ok and live a long and happy life! All of my best puppy-hugs and love to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Donations for Daisy’s surgery

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Weighing in at a Whopping 10 lbs

​Natalie is sooo skinny, emaciated, ribs hanging out not an ounce of meat on her bones. But she has a bright eye, good blood work and we are hopeful that we can put some weight on her bones and get her healthy again. Natalie is a King Charles girl weighing a whopping 10 lbs at the vet. We will weigh her once a week.​ She does have a bad heart murmur but that might go down when she is healthy. It doesn’t seem to bother her now. We will watch her like a hawk.

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We had to buy her a cat collar because the small dog collar didn’t fit. Her waist is the same size as her neck…imagine! She will be on thyroid medication and that should help too.

Re-Homing Miss Daisy

33876455_2499894620036196_1672193968500113408_oMeet the very beautiful Miss Daisy! Daisy’s current family had her for 2 years. Before that, she lived with another member of the same family in Utah for the first 5 years of her life. Even though she is getting older, Daisy still has a lot of energy and loves going for runs, playing fetch, and having her tummy rubbed. She needs a family that will take her for walks every day, as she has a few pounds she needs to shed. She is a very well loved dog, but the family has had some recent life changes and can not keep up with 33990837_2499895120036146_2352459231329779712_oher any more. Daisy is also a world class cuddler and knows all of her basic commands. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, and in overall good health, but she does have a few fatty tumors that her vet was not worried about. Daisy is a super sweet girl and will do great as a family dog. She is very gently with children 34092173_2499895030036155_198807254378479616_oand is an attentive nanna dog. She has lived with cats before, but currently does not. Could you possibly be Daisy’s perfect forever family? If you are interested in fostering or adopting her please contact Elizabeth at ‭(805) 687-4674‬ or fill out an application.
We also are appreciative for donations, which help us take care of owner-surrendered dogs, as well as shelter dogs, stray dogs, and whatever dogs are in need. Thank you!

Cassie, our Newest Cocker NEEDS A HOME!

unnamed-1Meet Cassie! We just spring this tiny girl is out of the East Valley, CA  Shelter. What a cutie but Cassie is a TRAIN WRECK! She has bad ears and needs dental work ASAP. She is a dainty, sweet little lady. Our volunteer who pulled her said she seems really sweet. Look at those eyes. They are saying, “Of course I’m sweet. I just need a little TLC!”

Cassie desperately needs a foster home! We are in need of several fosters for our recent rescues and others! Please contact Elizabeth at ‭(805) 687-4674‬ or fill out an application if you can give Cassie or one of the other pups a loving home to rest and recover! We also need donations to help with her medical expenses. Every bit helps! Thank you!

A Bucket List for Daisy

unnamedWe got a call this week asking for our help! Little Daisy is a sweet, 9 year old cocker girl, who lives in Camarillo, CA. Daisy, sadly, does not have very long to live. She developed several cancerous mammary tumors from never having been spayed, that spread to other parts of her body. In addition to her tumors, Daisy also has eye issues, and also suffers from chronic ear infections. Her family has genuinely loved her, for her whole life. They have done all they can for Daisy, but they can no longer keep up with her medical bills, and they want to give Daisy the very best care and a loving home to spend her last days.

Daisy’s vet has stated that she may only have a year left, but we want to do all that we can for her in that short time to keep her comfortable, and happy. Any donation amount will help us to provide quality medical care for Daisy. If you would like to donate to Daisy, please click here.

We can’t predict what the future holds for Miss Daisy, but we do know that we will find her a loving home to spend the rest of her life in. We invite you to consider being a monthly partner for Daisy? With your help we will give Daisy the most amazing year possible! Please join us in celebrating her life by helping us to give her a bucket list like no other!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting her please contact Elizabeth at ‭(805) 687-4674‬ or fill out an application (click on the link below.)

Adoption application:

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!

unnamedOn May 8th,  I spoke with the owner of Max, Oliver, (age 9: siblings) and Zoe (age 11; mom) for the very first time. Chris shared that he was losing his home and needed to move out by the 15th of May. He was distraught and was agonizing about finding the 3 pups a home together. Not many landlords will rent to someone with 3 dogs. I agreed to help him and we decided that we would try to rehome all 3 together, but we both recognized that it was a slim chance to re-home all 3 to the same Adopter. They were posted for adoption that day, and the search for a new home began.
On May 11th, Chris called and asked if they could come to my home that evening. I had been on the phone screening applicants for about 7 hours. I had just received an application from a woman in Washington that wanted to adopt all 3 together! Most of the img_7437other applicants wanted the mom Zoe, or the two brothers. I shared that information with the owner and he offered to pay for transport all the way to the adopters home! He also purchased dog food and sent some money to pay for their rabies vaccine update that was due soon! I contacted a volunteer with our rescue, and Janice agreed to take the pups to the the new owner over the weekend!

On Mother’s Day, Zoe, Max, and Oliver arrived at their new home in a small town near Seattle. It was love at first sight! Our Mother’s Day Mission was complete!
There are times in our lives when people are forced to choose to put their pets welfare above their own! Chris made a difficult decision. He made the right decision. He sacrificed what he wanted to do, and instead chose what was best for his pup-kids.

img_7438Former owner, Chris: Debra, this whole thing turned out to be such a wonderful thing. I am confident that Max, Oliver and Zoe, will shower their new family with a massive amount of love. I am so happy for all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and thank the family in Washington for such love.

Lewis Family (adopting family):
Tell him (Chris) we will take the best care of them, and that they have brought needed joy to this house that has had too much death and sadness in this past year.

This is an example of the stories we hear every day. People wanting the best for their unnamed-1pets, and at times being forced to make a hard choice. All 3 dogs are together, and have a loving home. They will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives! We could not do what we do without the love and support of our volunteers, our donors, and our foster homes!

Emy and others in Need of Foster Homes

We got a call from a rescuer last month that a CBAE9C2A7-ocker was wandering in the middle of a highway, and needed our help. Emy was limping, and had abrasions on her chest, as if she had been thrown out of a moving car! She was also covered in ticks, and literally hundreds were removed by hand from her whole body. Emy is a sweet little lady, and she deserves to be treated with loving care for the rest of her days! This little 6 year old is a sweetheart! She weighs 23 lbs, is kid and dog friendly, and is completely House-trained! Emy uses the dog door on her own without prompting. She is UTD on shots, and is spayed. She also has a microchip. This little lady will not last long! Get your applications in fast! Call Janice at ‭(805) 441-4209‬ for more information! She is currently being fostered in Paso Robles!

Emy and some of her friends are searching for a foster family, or better yet, a permanent family! We rely on our foster families to give dogs like Emy sanctuary from difficult situations. Please consider opening your homes to Cockers just like Emy! Please call Elizabeth Mazzetti at ‭(805) 687-4674‬ , for more information on our wonderful foster program!


IMG_72651) Sinjin, age 7 …URGENT!!!
2) Zoe, age 11: and her two male pups, Max and Oliver, both age 10 …URGENT!!!
3) Berkeley, age 7 …URGENT!!!
4) Milo (young)
5) Eli, age 5
6) Shaggy (senior)
7) Ava and Emma (young sisters)
8) Clarence, age 7, URGENT!!! (in boarding, needs out ASAP)IMG_7271
9) Snoopy, senior
10) Spring, age 5

Please click here for more information about these little sweathearts.IMG_7280

Fill out a foster/adoption application and call Elizabeth with any questions. Thank you!

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