Nikki Needs Our Help

IMG_1015My name is Nikki. I am 13 years old. I just found out that I need a new home? My mom said that she can no longer take care of me, and that she wants to find me a new family that has time to spend with me. I am in perfect health, except for my ears, which need drops and cleaning on a regular basis, like most Cockers I am told. I love EVERYONE! Other dogs, cats, and all kids. I am fully House-trained as well. I am a mellow girl, and I am still a young chick at heart! Lol! I am a beauty, and I have aged well. No one would guess that I am 13! I weigh about 24 lbs, and I still have a girlish figure! I would love someone that is home a lot. I love to cuddle and follow you everywhere you go! I will be your new best friend! I will look out for you, and let you know every day how grateful I am! I am spayed, up to date on shots, and I am ready for a new adventure. I hope that you will not hold my age against me, and give me a chance to make all your pup-dreams come true! I am currently with my owner in Alhambra, CA. Please fill out an application, and be prepared to be AMAZED! Love and puppy kisses to you, Nikki🐶💕

If you would like to help us keep doing what we do; rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Cocker Spaniels, please donate! Thank you!

Scared Baby Girl

I first met Amber at the shelter. I received a request to save her from a local woman. IIMG_0981 had some free time so I went by just to assess the situation. It was obvious that this young Cocker baby, (approximately 5 to 8 months old) had been traumatized somehow. I couldn’t leave her, once I saw her tiny, trembling body. I arranged her release the very next day. When I picked her up she became as stiff as a board, and began panting and shaking. I put her onto the passenger seat beside me and took her to my home. Later, after I got off work for the day, I picked her up and took her to her foster home. She is terrified if anyone stands over her, especially so if it’s a man. She would sneak up after watching for awhile but she always braces herself when you touch her, as if expecting a blow. Amber is a tiny thing weighing about 12 lbs. Amber will need a calm home where her people are home most of the day. She loves other dogs and draws comfort from them. She is currently fostering with 2 chi mixes. She needs other dogs to bond with. She would do best with older kids, or no children in the home. Amber has been out of the shelter for about 4 days and she is slowly relaxing, but panics the minute you stand up. Amber will require patience and gentle handling. If you are interested in giving this sweet baby a home, please fill out an application.  We have vaccinated and spayed her. Any donations toward her rescue and care are deeply appreciated!

Bocelli, Hoping for Happier Days

Bocelli was diagnosed with giarhdia, Cushings disease and he needs a dental. He came IMG_6414inthin as a bone and feeling pretty lousy. Now that he is on Cushing’s medication he isslowly getting better. He will need these meds for his whole life and they can be quite costly. Can you help?

Bocelli is approximately 6 years old, good with other dogs and housebroken. He is completely blind but gets around just fine. He is a lover with his humans! Bocelli has been in a foster home and unfortunately their circumstances have changed and he now needs a new foster or forever home. Please share or fill out an application if you are interested. Thank you!
Adoption Application



SCCR Therapy Dog, Suavé

22519043_10105523062984395_3774970709472289549_nSecond Chance Cocker Rescue Alum, and HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) Therapy Dog, Sauvé Spent a week in Santa Rosa, California providing comfort, emotional support and stress relief to the people affect by the Tubbs and Nuns wildfires in Northern California.  He spent up to 10 hours a day with his owner, Dad, and handler Gil Anema, at several places. Suavé took notes on his adventures helping others. Here are a few…

Day 1, Monday: Dad and I drove to Santa Rosa this morning.  After 2 ½ hrs of driving, we spent 8 hrs at the LAC comforting victims and relieving stress of the workers from the County, Cal OES, FEMA and others. I had such a nice welcome and was told many times “Thank You” for coming. I had several people that specifically wanted to see me when they 22780350_10105549844633755_429883244285887264_nheard I would be there. And others like this sweet little girl that wanted to see me a second time to say goodbye before her family left.

Day 2, Tuesday: One family lost their dogs in the fire. They were so happy to see and pet me. It made me sad, but happy I could cheer them up. I heard another story where their dog woke them up just in time to see the flames and to get away. They were so grateful, and they appreciated what I was doing.

22780601_10105538340054025_2326422894744422772_nDay 3, Wednesday: Dad and I went with another HOPE AACR team to the Base Camp this morning at 7:30. We saw the first responders, firefighters from all over and support folks like the California Conservation Corps. We met with firefighters from Australia that thought it was so cool that we visited. They all appreciated our service and thanked us for coming.

Day 4, Thursday: I helped comfort a lady that was upset and crying. I quietly approached, and dad asked if we could help. She said, “no she has her own dogs,” but then unconsciously began to pet me while talking to dad. Then she realized what she was doing and thanked us and continued to pet me.

This week has been a big learning experience for me and my dad. We will be going home 22528646_10105523062869625_7627743540713326455_oafter our relief teams get here. We look forward to helping out again in the near future!

Love, Suavé

We keep doing what we do to bring dogs like Suavé to Gil, and now they both are giving back! Please consider helping us with a donation for the dogs we continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. Thank you!

Down on her Luck Darla

Meet sweet Darla. A few weeks ago she was really down on her luck. Poor girl spent Christmas and New Years at the Lancaster, CA shelter. Lucky the shelter folks did not give up on her, and kept networking to help find her a rescuer. Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard her plight, and just gave her a freedom ride IMG_6207yesterday! We don’t know her backstory, except that she had cysts on her ovaries, dirty teeth and some trouble with her vision. When we saw those sweet, trusting eyes, we got her out of there! The kennel attendants loved Darla! They said she was a delightful, sweet, happy, and full of life girl. She is about 6 years young.
IMG_6204We are in need of donations to help with Darla’s vet bills. Before she left, she was evaluated at the shelter. She needs to be spayed and she has nasty cysts on her ovaries. She also needs dental work done and a specialist to look at her eyes for possible cataract surgery. We also don’t have a foster home for Darla yet, so she is currently boarding in a kennel. Any donations, or applications to foster, or adopt are much appreciated!
Thank you!

A Rough Time for a Gentle Soul

We got an email from a man who was in need of a new home for his dog Harley. The dog was living with his ex-wife who is moving out of state, and she didn’t want to be bothered with their dog, Harley. She was o.k. with having him put down!

He 26756511_2275513162474344_5776808099142568850_owrote: Dear Second Chance Cocker Rescue,
5 years ago my wife brought home a Cocker Spaniel somebody had given her. I could tell he was getting up there in the years and he was going blind. He’s been with us now for 5 years but it’s time for us to move on from our house and close this chapter in our life and go our separate ways. We have little Harley who’s 12. He’s almost totally blind. He’s never been a problem for us ever. He’s gotten along with the other animals (a dog and cat), but now we must find a new home for him or my wife said she’ll have him euthanized.
SCCR to the rescue! We picked Harley up today, and took him immediately to the vet. He 26678130_10211411517699153_964225320916135746_ohas dry eyes and an ear infection. We had him groomed and put a sweater on him. He didn’t mind at all. What a gentleman he is! He is very sweet and housebroken. He knows how to use a doggie door too. Can anyone help save this boy by fostering? Adoption/foster application. He is currently in Stockton, CA. We also could use help with his medical expenses. Every dollar helps and helps us continue to save dogs like Harley. Thank you! We will keep everyone posted on Harley’s story.

A Happy New Year for Sweet Senior Maxi

image1-4Happy New Year! Maxi, age 18 years of age, and mom Hilary, want to wish everyone a happy holiday! Maxi was rescued by Second Chance Cocker Rescue in 2016. She was found as a stray by a family, and was most likely dumped. Adopted and living in Idaho, Maxi is now Hilary’s partner in crime, and rides shotgun, when driving long distances to rescue another dog. Maxi is very happy, and is well loved and cared for. Maxi is one special pup, and continues to thrive under her mom’s care! Thanks to all of you for making it possible to rescue and rehome lost and abandoned Cocker Spaniels! Donations are so appreciated all year round!

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