Isabella Needs our Help!

URGENT! Help us to save our beautiful Isabella! Isabella came in a train wreck, with a raging case of kennel cough and terrible chronic ears. We were happy to take her in, knowing we could deal with those issues and get her well then find her a wonderful home.

Then yesterday she started bleeding, and we rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that attacks the blood platelets. This one is hard to win, but we will do everything in our power to pull her through. The kennel cough and bad ears will just make it that much harder. Please help us with her medical bills. No donation is too large or small! Thank you!

Isabella is sweet and nice, not barky and does fine with other dogs.  Pretty much just minds her own business and is a mellow, yet frisky girl.  She likes to get around and would benefit from someone who walked her regularly.  Has a tail, is 9 years old and is a bigger girl, about 32 pounds!  Not necssarily fat, just a big girl. We pray she gets better soon and then will be available for fostering or a forever home.

Pups are Ready to Leave the Nest, Momma too!

IMG_1959Momma Mia and her puppies are ready to be adopted. Two went home yesterday leaving four more, two girls and two boys. They were 8 weeks old on Easter. Momma Mia has been an exceptional mom at her tender age of 1 year old.

They have had an eventful 24 hours. They got vaccinated and Momma slept in a different room. They also had their first bath!! Being 8 weeks old is a BIG DEAL!
Here are photos of the pups, ready for their fur-ever homes.
 From left to right, top to bottom.
IMG_2107Meet the largest pup, with no name yet. She has long legs and a natural, adorable cowlick on top of her head. She has an alluring disposition and a quiet curiosity. She will catch your eye and move in gently. Drum roll for little Clover, the smallest in the littler. When her feet hit the grass, she attacked a clover flower and got her name. Her eyes are blue and white. Next is Gunner. This boy always wants to have fun and run around. Last but not least is Uno. He’s a mellow little dude who loves to be held.
Thank you for your love and support for Momma Mia and the pups. We look forward to all of them finding their forever homes soon!

Lena’s Looking for Love

Meet sweet, Lena. She was so matted when we met her at the pound. We saw her sweet eyes and knew there was a lot of life and hope in them. We rescued her right away. At that time we Lena1named her Lionel. Then, when she took her freedom ride, we realized he was a she.

She came from the SEAACA shelter in terrible condition, and we are working hard to fix her up!  She is blind in one eye from a cataract, but gets around just fine.  She’s doing very well, eaitng nicely, but does have kennel cough.  We still need to have a couple of lumps and bumps removed, but that will be done once she’s doing better! Lena is a really friendly, loving little girl.

Lena is approximately 8 years old. She needs to grow a coat and we need to know if it was flea allergies, bad food, thyroid, etc. that caused all the hair loss. Dr. Card also wants to recheck her blood in a couple of weeks because it was low and her white count was high Lena3but that could be due to ear infections and she was brewing kennel cough, as well as had a secondary skin infection. Every donation, large and small allows us to keep doing what we do, saving the lives of these sweet dogs. Thank you for your support!

A Dog with no Name or Home

IMG_9833Hello my name is Kari, About two weeks ago a Cocker Spaniel was left tied to a tree in the rain at the hospital where my husband works. He was there for about eight hours with no food or water. My husband works for the county hospital and the police called animal control. My husband felt so bad for the dog because he was so matted and tick infested that he thought he would maybe just be put down. He was owned by a homeless person for the past year. We spent over IMG_9835$250 giving him shots, groomed, tick medicine, flea medicine, he had ear infections and got ointment for that. We thought we found him a great home, but he tried to chase their cat and now the adopter wants to give him back. We have three dogs already and are not allowed more where we live. IMG_9834He’s an amazing dog very sweet and loving, a little separation anxiety,  and gets along great with other dogs. The vet thinks he’s around three years old. I have all the paperwork of shots at all we’ve done for him in the last week. Is this something you could possibly help us with?

Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard Kari’s story and decided to help this sweet guy. First, we need to give him a name. Second, we need to find him a great foster or forever home. Third, any donations, large or small to help this sweet guy and all our other dogs in need is much appreciated! We will keep you updated!

Bee is for Beautiful

Who could turn in a sweet soul like this, and on her birthday?! Buddy was turned in by her owners on her ninth birthday to a Southern California shelter. She was confused, scared and needed help! We saw this love muffin and knew we had to spring her out of there ASAP. Thanks to our supporters we were able to put her on the freedom train! 

When we got her to our vet we found Buddy has a large tumor on her bottom, a mammary tumor, and another on her hip. She also has a cherry eye and severely infected ears. On a good note, her teeth are pretty good for a nine year old!

Miss Buddy, or Miss Bee (Bee-u-ti-ful!) as we’ve been calling her, is as sweet as they come. Not a mean bone in this gentle soul’s body. She must have been fed a little too much, as she now needs a lot of exercise and a low calorie diet to get her in shape. Fortunately, she loves her walks! Once her medical issues are addressed, she will be ready for a forever home. In the meantime, any help toward her medical care, large or small, is much appreciated!

Sweet Miss Bee thanks you all!

Stanley: Our Little Hero

When we first met Stanley, he was skin and bones, and had been criminally neglected for

years. On intake, the shelter report said he was 19 lbs. When Carolyn got Stanley, he weighed in at 13 lbs. He was severely dehydrated, and he had chronic diarrhea.


He is beyond thin. I have rarely seen a dog this thin, every bone in his little body is sticking out. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in over a month. He is eating great though now! His fur is sparse at best, and it doesn’t ‘appear’ to be a mange issue, but I would bet it is a nutrition issue. His nails were terribly overgrown (I snipped them this morning and they were very brittle…..again, appearing to be a nutrition issue) and he has absolutely no muscle tone at all. Poor boy. Amazingly, he is a resilient little guy, nub wagging, happy boy who does fine with other dogs and people!


Stanley’s medical notes from his exam: Stanley does have a heart murmur, but his blood was not bad and a T4 was done, and he is low, but Dr. Card feels that is because he has basically been starved almost to death. She would like to re-run that once he puts on some weight and obviously he can’t even be neutered until he is much stronger.

Today, Stanley is up to 16 lbs and making progress daily, and is on a special, high-calorie diet. Stanley is still a friendly, trusting little guy that seems to be so resilient that he does not fear humans at all. Amazing really! Stanley will be under Carolyn and Dr. Cards tender care for another month at least, and maybe more. After that, he will need a foster home, or even better, his own home. Stanley deserves to be cherished and adored for the rest of his life! He deserves to experience kindness and loving care for perhaps the very first time in his life! Thanks to everyone who gave to save this special boy. We will keep the STANLEY FAN CLUB updated on a regular basis. We can’t do what we do with our our fans! Every donation helps! Again, thanks to every one of you who helped to make Stanley’s dreams come true.



Sweet Coco gets help from SCCR and Police

We got a call from Pam and Mark, two of our long time supporters abut a young female Cocker that a co-worker’s sister’s neighbor wanted to get rid of. They were threatening to take her to the shelter that day if we refused and they didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t

talk directly to them. The dog was in Rosemead, CA and our transporter happened to be driving through. She agreed to stop by.  Our directions were an address, and if they were not home then the dog would be in the side yard and we were to just take her. We have never taken a dog out of a yard in the history of SCCR. It felt odd, but better safe than sorry.  The transporter found a neighbor who confirmed she was supposed to take the dog and go.

Two days later we got a call from the Rosemead police department. The officer wanted to know if we had Coco. It turns out that the previous weekend, the owner went to the Rosemead Humane Society to see about dumping her there. He got frustrated and left threatening to throw Coco in the garbage. They called the police who showed up at the man’s house. No one was home, but Coco was in the side yard. The officer came back 2 days later and Coco was gone, but the owner was home and reported SCCR took her, and the officer called us to check. Kudos to the Rosemead Humane Society and their police department. They love their animals and go the extra mile to make sure they are safe.
We took Coco to the groomer and the vet. It looks like she has bladder stones. Ouch! Good thing we got her when we did. She is very good natured and loves snuggling and tummy rubs. We need help taking care of Coco’s medical needs and getting her into good shape to be fostered and adopted. Every donation, large or small helps us keep doing what we do! Thank you.
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