Sophi: Urgent Puppy Rescue

21272317_2085211754837820_1325222446392529079_nURGENT: We got a phone call last week asking for help! A family agreed to surrender Sophi so that we could help her! Little Baby Sophi has a horrible case of mange, secondary yeast, and bacterial infections and she is miserable! Baby Sophi needs our help! Sophi is a 9 month old Merle Cocker Spaniel. She weighs 11 lbs and will not weigh more than 18 lbs full grown. She will need treatment for about 3 months, a spay surgery, shots, good nutritious food, medication, check ups, a microchip, and she also has inflamed and infected ears. Sophi’s medical needs will be costly. Please help us to give Sophi the care she needs! Sophi needs a foster home as well, when her initial treatment is over, and she can recover from her ordeal in the comfort of a loving home!

PUPDATE: Baby Sophi had a medical evaluation and she has started treatment for her mange, secondary skin infections, as well as her infected ears. Sophi is a sweet and loving girl, who is a pleasure to cuddle with even in the condition she is in currently. She is a treasure, and whoever adopts her will be very fortunate indeed! Sophi has a long road ahead of her, but SCCR will be there for her every step of the way! 



PTSD: Levi’s Story

unnamed-1In early March of this year, I received a phone call from a local resident that she had captured a young male Cocker Spaniel. She asked if Second Chance could take him and we immediately agreed. She had been trying to rescue this boy, but he eluded her, no matter what tricks or treats she used to entice him. This young boy was spotted running up and down a busy street in Bakersfield, for approximately 6 months before he was caught. Many people attempted to trap him, but finally this young woman staked the area out for 3 days to catch him, and she eventually succeeded. He had been starved, and he was very thin. He was terrified, and had obviously been traumatized by his past experiences. Levi was taken to a local vet to be evaluated. He was then neutered, had his shots, and was soon ready to settle into his foster home to heal. The Vet stated that he appeared to be as healthy as he could be, with no home, and scavenging for food for months in the garbage behind several nearby restaurants.

She began calling him Levi. In the following days, it was clear that Levi was struggling to believe in the goodness of humans. He guarded his food, was very reactive if anyone made any sudden moves, and he would snap a warning if he felt threatened. Levi could not settle, no matter how many treats, or kind gestures that she showered on unnamedhim. Finally, Levi actually bit one of her dogs without any provocation. He also snapped at her young son, and so we took him in for a second evaluation with the Vet.

The Vet listened to the numerous problem behaviors that Levi was exhibiting, since his capture. The Vet suggested that we might needed to consider euthanizing Levi. We disagreed! A volunteer who works full-time in the mental health field, suggested an idea that we had never entertained before? She suggested that Levi seemed to have some of the very same symptoms as many of her clients who had been diagnosed with PTSD! Canine PTSD can include: hyper-vigilance, resource guarding, being easily startled, avoidance of stressful situations, irritability, withdrawal from humans and other dogs, and avoidance of triggers that remind them of a specific traumatic event. Those are just a few. Research suggests that even the experience of losing their home, and being separated from their human family, and then being placed in the chaotic environment of a shelter, is enough to traumatize a dog. How many dogs are we currently sentencing to death, because they are tagged aggressive, unsociable, or simply “bad dogs”? Wouldn’t it be a stunning change in the animal service field if all it took to save those dogs, was a cheap prescription? The rest of Levi’s stunning change in circumstances, is the result of patience, additional socialization, and unconditional love and acceptance! His pup-parents gave him that, and more.

After getting a prescription for Levi, and starting him on Prozac the very next day, we noticed a dramatic change within a few weeks. After 6 weeks, we had a changed dog. He was more relaxed, was more receptive to cuddling with everyone, and his guarding behaviors nearly disappeared. It was clear that Levi was well on his way to beginning a peaceful and happy future.


Levi, and his own personal Koi Fish pond.

Levi was adopted by a loving couple a few months ago, and he is the most well-behaved, and loving dog ever! Levi has his own Koi pond, and he loves swimming with his human mom and dad every day in their large pool.

Levi is a perfect example of life’s harsh effect on a living being as they are subjected to repeated rejection, deliberate cruelty, loneliness, and intense fear for one’s own life. I personally believe that every dog deserves a second chance to start with a clean slate! We desperately need a change in our methods of assessing dogs, and especially the ones that are subjected to shelter life, or worse, to human neglect and abuse. Please click on the link below to educate yourselves and others about the alternative treatments available to traumatized dogs.

We could not help poor dogs like Levi without your support. He is currently in a loving home, and Levi is thriving.

Misty, Sweet Pup Rescued from Abuser

Meet Misty! Misty is a sweet, little, 5 month old cocker female puppy! She is very small at just 12 pounds. She has beautiful silky black fur, with just a bit of white on her chest. She loves to cuddle, and to give you kisses. She whimpers when she can’t see her people. It seems like forever since she came here to my home, but it has only been 12 hours since she arrived. She was trembling, and she was hesitant, but not resisting when I came close to her to speak gently, and allow her to sniff my hand. A few hours later, after a bath and dinner, she curled up beside me to sleep. The sleep of an innocent dog, that no longer had to fear being hurt and neglected. You see, Misty had just been rescued from HELL! A home where she was thrown across the yard, kicked repeatedly, and thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool that was over her head. The last incident was witnessed by our rescuer. Her tormenter was a 12 year old boy. He has been abusing dogs for years, and Misty was his 3rd known victim. She was injured and has been neglected her whole life. She had a vet appointment this morning at 8 am. My Vet examined her thoroughly, and X-rayed her limbs. Misty had several breaks in each of her front legs. One break causes her to limp slightly. The breaks have begun to mend, and so we will give her time to heal before determining if she needs surgery in the future. I will confess to you that I am sickened to the depths of my soul over the evil things that happened to this little girl. I became involved in rescue about 4 & 1/2 years ago, and this incident literally sent a cold chill over me. It was a deliberate act of cruelty, that no one tried to stop until they were threatened with calling law enforcement. When I saw the picture of Misty hiding in the bushes, I knew it was going to be bad. Her eyes looked sad, and old for her tender years. I am in the process of filing animal cruelty charges against the family. My goal is to use this evidence to keep that family from ever owning another animal. Please keep Misty in your thoughts and prayers! We will continue updates to everyone that has shared her story, and are following her journey. Please consider helping with Misty’s mounting medical bills. Misty will also need a permanent home soon. Please pray for someone who will care for her, and cherish her for the rest of her life, as she deserves. 
– Debra Shelton

Tommy Boy Pup-Date

UPDATE: TOMMY BOY is now scheduled for surgery on August 25th. After a full unnamed-1examination, the estimate has been revised upward to an estimate of $5,064.35 to $5,824.00. The original rough estimate was approximately $5,000 dollars. So, we desperately need to raise about $1,300.00 more in about 10 days. Tommy is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from his fans, and SCCR’s faithful donors! Tommy is being fostered now with his fabulous temporary foster dad, Kevin! We appreciate all he is doing to make Tommy Boy feel welcomed and loved! Won’t you help us to make Tommy Boy’s dream of seeing again come true? No more wandering in the dark, bumping into walls, or howling when he gets lost and panics! Tommy has had a difficult start in life, being locked in a lonely kennel, and used for breeding. Tommy Boy will hopefully live the rest of his life watching birds fly, chasing waves at the beach, and forgetting what it was like to live a lonely life of darkness. Tommy deserves this chance at happiness! Please help us to reach the finish line! Tommy sends his love to you all!

We have Faith, and That’s What We Named Her

We rescued this beautiful 2 year old little girl from the Riverside shelter, and she was 20431401_2031219783570351_5231062124925752451_ncovered in ticks (literally thousands). The shelter treated her and they are all dead, but she is covered in scabs from head to toe, and her red cell blood count is scary low. She is severely anemic. She was only one tick away from needing a blood transfusion. She was pre-treated in order to avoid severe complications! We named her Faith. She is estimated to be between one and two years of age, and she is under 20 lbs, and cute as a bug! She was literally hours away from death, when we got her. We are monitoring this little angel, and we will give her all the TLC she deserves! She is being treated for IMHA, but it is mild and she is doing good. We need your help to cover unexpected medical expenses for Faith. We have several cocker babies experiencing medical issues at the same time, so we are asking for our faithful and generous donors to help with Faith’s medical care. It will be some time before this little one is up on her feet! She is currently under the care of Dr Card, in Southern California. She will need a foster or adopter after her medical condition is stabilized! Any help is much appreciated!


Please Help Me Heal My Ears!


URGENT! Gentle, sweet Lovey needs ear surgery on both ears as soon as possible! This little senior lady has had chronic ear issues that were left mostly untreated, until she came into the SCCR Sanctuary Program. It has come to that point for Lovey, that we either go forward with this ear procedure, or we will be forced to make a difficult decision because of her poor quality of life going forward. We are going to use a surgeon in Ventura, CA, so a foster for post-op care in that area would be deeply appreciated. The cost will be $4k to $4.5k. Lovey has reached the point now where all other options for her care have been tried and are no longer working. She is the sweetest, most darling girl,


Lovey’s ear

and we believe that Lovey deserves to have a painless and comfortable life, surrounded by a family that loves her. Won’t you join with us to give Lovey the gift of comfort, in her senior years ahead? No gift is too small! Please help us to help Lovey!


Tommy Boy – So Close to Regaining his Sight

PUPDATE: Tommy Boy is getting close to getting his sight restored! Our estimate for surgery was $5,000, and we are now approximately $1,500 from our goal! The estimate does not include post-operative care, medication, or transportation. We would not be able to give Tommy Boy this gift, if it were not for our many loyal and devoted donors. Tommy Boy was not able to adjust as most dogs do, to his vision loss. Tommy has spent the last year crying, bumping into walls and other obstacles, howling at night, and feeling lost and alone. Tommy spent the first 8 years of his life locked in a kennel being used as a breeder. He had very little social interaction. Tommy is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet, despite his sad beginning. It is our dream to witness Tommy Boy romping and playing in the sun with his friends and pack-mates some day soon. Will you please consider helping to cover the remaining balance for his eye surgery? I know we can do this! We are so close to making this gentle boy’s wish come true! 

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