Meet Our Newest Pup … Chino!

Meet Chino! When he was picked up after being hit by a car, Chino had a broken tibia and fibula…..multiple bruises, and scrapes. Chino came to us in pretty bad shape, but the bruises and scrapes are healing well and so his broken leg.When Chino came into our rescue, he was in a lot of pain. He is all splinted up now and will need to remain that way for at least several more weeks, possibly longer depending on how fast he heals!  He is on ‘bed rest’ now but does touch the foot down when he gets up or goes potty.

Chino is a total lover boy! Absolutely loves to give kisses and is so very sweet.  And he would be a great snuggler too!  He never barks or complains about anything. In essence, Chino is a perfect dog! If you would like to adopt or foster Chino, he would definitely make it worth your time! Everyone loves this miracle boy!

Chino would like to thank everyone who participated in his naming contest and have donated to his medical bills so far! As he receives continued treatment for his injuries, Chino’s medical bills will keep coming in and we will continue to need your support and donations. Every dollar is appreciated.

Chino is about 3 years old, and he weighs about 15 pounds. He is most likely a spaniel and doxie mix. If you would like to adopt Chino, please fill out our adoption application. Can you please help Chino to begin a new life and a new adventure? He sure hopes so! After all, every dog deserves a second chance!

Luke and Leia: Getting Stronger Every Day

Luke and Leia

The Force is strong with these puppies! Both Luke and Leia are officially out of the woods with the Parvo virus! Both are spunky, eating and drinking on their own, and ready for a new chapter in their lives!

Thanks to everyone who supported these sweet sibs! They are literally howling to get out of the hospital and move on to a place where they have room to play! They will need a home where they can spend about 3 weeks more recovering. They can’t mix with other dogs because they will continue shedding the virus through their bowels. They have normal bodily functions however! It’s a matter of cleaning up after them and not allowing other pets around their potty pads. They are adorable! They just need a few more weeks in a home environment.

We are of course looking for their forever homes, but are URGENTLY in need of a foster home for Luke and Leia.

To foster or adopt Luke or Leia, please fill out our adoption application.

Please consider donating to help cover their medical costs. Every dollar helps.

Parvo Pups need our Help!

Dear Friends of Second Chance Cocker Rescue, we need your generous help again! We just got a call that 2, 8 week old, Cocker babies have been diagnosed with and have the beginning signs of Parvo! We need your help to save these 2 babies! They might need to call upon The Force, but we really hope that Luke and Leia can beat this with intensive therapy with our vet! It won’t be easy, but we won’t give up on these sweet pups! Please 0-2join the Parvo Resistance with us and let’s save these two Cocker siblings!

Click here to help support Luke and Leia’s medical treatment.

PUPDATE: Both are now in the hospital for the next 5 days. They are both on IV fluids, and 0-1medication to treat the Parvo. Leia is in better shape than Luke is. Both are in serious condition. If they are alive after 5 days, they will more than likely survive. They were caught early, thank goodness. The Vet is cautiously optimistic, but it could go either way.

Sweet Marshmallow’s Eye Needs Help

0URGENT! Marshmallow needs our help! He is going in for an emergency surgery. He woke up with a bulging eye! Unfortunately, other procedures are not an option, and he will need to have his eye completely removed! Marshmallow is a 10 year old fluffy boy, hence the name I am sure. The surgery will be about $1000.00 including transport to and from the surgeon, after care, and then transport to his new sanctuary home after his procedure.

He is a darling boy! He will soon be up and about winking at all of the 59106057_3241572775868373_1337019299155410944_nother pups that he meets! He is very healthy otherwise! And super adorable as you can see by his picture! Please consider helping Marshmallow begin his new life without discomfort! He appreciates all of the best wishes sent his way! Thanks for all you do for SCCR and Marshmallow!

Another doggy 911 call and it’s SCCR to the rescue! We’ve got you now, Benjamin!

0We got a call that a precious Cocker baby was hit by a car , and needed care right away. We took him to our local vet where he got an injection to treat the immediate pain he was in so he’d be calm enough to examine. His one hip is badly broken and we did send him this morning to So-Cal for a specialist to do major surgery. They will continue medication for his pain and keep him comfortable until he can be examined by the specialist! He will be having more X-rays and blood work done. He also needs to be neutered, microchipped, and get all of his shots. We also had to pay for his transport to the specialist! The bill for today was 400.00, and the surgery he needs will be about $ 4000.00 (or more)! He may need to get the leg amputated unfortunately, because the break is very high on the leg. That’s why he needed a specialist! Please, please consider helping this darling boy! He is very sweet and deserves the best care we can provide for him! He was licking our faces as he was being examined. Benjamin is great with other dogs and would be a treasure for any family lucky enough to adopt him. Benjamin is a little underweight and will need some help with his diet and healthy weight gain. Most importantly, Benjamin needs a foster home ASAP where he can heal and recover from his ordeal. 

Any donation to his medical care is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to adopt or foster Benjamin, please fill out an application:

Fighting For Felicia

Having diabetes is a difficult condition for anyone to deal with. It’s even more difficult when you are a dog and are unable to communicate what you are feeling and what you need to feel better. We, as the care givers of such a dog, are left to closely monitor her behavior and symptoms and respond quickly and accordingly to make sure she doesn’t have a medical emergency. It’s not very often that we have to care for a diabetic dog, but when we do, they get the best care possible.


Cue Felicia! Felicia came to us from the East Valley shelter back in March. We suspected she had diabetes and it was confirmed by our vet. Flash forward to now and one of our amazing and experienced volunteers is currently caring for her and monitoring her blood sugar levels. It has been quite the journey to care for this girl, but we think we are getting close to getting everything stable. Felicia came to us in terrible shape with unstable blood glucose levels, mammary tumors, needing to be spayed, and being blind.

Felicia has had her spay and tumor removal surgery and will be going into the vet next week for a blood glucose curve test. She is currently on twice daily insulin shots and will likely be on them for the rest of her life. Once we have a solid and consistent medical plan for her, Felicia will be in need of a forever home that is not scared of her blindness and diabetes and will commit to keeping her healthy and happy. Felicia is great with calm and gentle dogs that don’t growl at her. She loves people and is happy to be right next to you all day. She is just the sweetest little girl and all your love for her will be returned ten fold.

While we are helping to control Felicia’s diabetes, we are racking up the vet bills. Her insulin is about $50 a month, which isn’t terrible, but all of her treatments to stabilize her plus her surgery have cost us a pretty penny. If you’d like to help cover the cost of Felicia’s medical care, donate here. Every doll is appreciated.

If you are moved by Felicia’s story and would like to give her a loving home, please fill out our adoption application.

Tumors and dentals and vet bills! Oh my!

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” I’m sure if our doggies had ruby slippers they’d all click there heels and wish for a home themselves. But for most of them, there is a bit of a journey to get to their forever homes that often involves vet visits, procedures, and a bit of recovery time in a foster home. Lately it seems like more and more of our dogs are having to go down this road and our vet bills are becoming more daunting than the dark forests of Oz.

Sanctuary Girl, Betty

We love what we do and we love saving all of these medical needs dogs. Every dog that we rescue has a special place in our hearts, but it really is the tough cases the usually touch us all the most. We are so blessed to have such generous donors and friends that help us continue our mission of saving lives one dog at a time. We are also very lucky to have credit to help cover the mounting vet costs when the donations just aren’t enough. Unfortunately we are maxed out right now and the bills just keep coming in. Just in the month of March, we had $4,570 in vet bills for 6 dogs! (Duncan-FHO surgery, dental $1176.94 / Betty spay, mammary tumor removals, and dental…Macy dental and mass removal $1200.94 / Mia ear and skin infections $1701.01 / Felicia-diabetes exam and blood test $300.59 / Marcus euthanisia and creamation $191.25) We owe thousands of dollars on our credit accounts for dogs currently in our sanctuary program, who have long since been adopted, and who have even crossed the rainbow bridge.

So we plea with our friends and supporters once more. Please please help us continue the tireless work that we do to give the best quality of life to every dog that comes to our rescue. Every dollar adds up and no donation is too small. Does your company offer a donation matching program? Add us to that even. We truly are so very grateful for each and every single donation received. Every dollar we get goes directly back to our dogs for their daily care, medical needs, transport, and boarding. We are 100% volunteer run and no volunteer takes a salary for the jobs we do. We help, love, and care for these dogs on our own time, often our own dime, and solely out of the kindness of our hearts.

Keep spreading the love and sharing the Second Chance Cocker Rescue spirit far and wide. Let’s show as many dogs as we can that there really is no place like a loving home! Thank you so much for your support and donations.

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