Update on Stella

22688046_2150782154947446_7907787058762894315_nRemember Stella? SCCR rescued sweet Stella from the shelter in Los Banos, California a few months ago! Stella had a tentative diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, really bad skin, as well as ear and eye issues. The staff at the shelter reported that she was a “super sweet girl,” who just wanted someone to take her home and love her. Well, that special someone was her foster mom, Jeanette. She has had lots of TLC since then. Stella had her surgeries two weeks ago, and did very img_0927.jpg
well. The vet did an x-ray before opening her bladder and the stones had broken up and only two smalls ones left, so he cancelled the bladder portion of her surgery. She had her mammary gland tumor removed, and she was spayed as well!
Stella began her flea and heartworm prevention treatment. She only has a small patch of ‘elephant skin’ on one foot; all other areas are clearing up. Her hair is growing, and it’s a beautiful strawberry blonde!  Isn’t Stella FullSizeRender-5beautiful? Jeanette fell in love with her and decided she wanted her to join her family forever!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Rescue this precious girl! We couldn’t do what we do without your love and support!

Love, Stella, Jeanette (mom), and SCCR!


#Giving Tuesday for Holly

Meet Holly! One year ago on Christmas Eve, we got a call from our local shelter. This 4 year old tiny girl came to us with a 2 lb. tumor that was biopsied, and came back as a low IMG_0283grade, slow growing cancer. It was removed successfully. Holly had recently given birth, and the vet stated that she had several litters previously. It has been a happy year for Holly! She has a wonderful foster family that adores her and spoils her rotten. Today, Holly was diagnosed with disseminated Valley Fever, which is an air borne fungal disease common to California and Arizona. Holly had a seizure a few weeks ago, and the fungal infection has settled in her leg bone, and several lymph nodes. Fortunately, her prognosis is good, once she begins her treatment. Without your tremendous support, Love, and encouragement, we could not help special pups like Holly! Please consider making a donation today for Holly’s treatment, and in honor of #Giving Tuesday? Holly would appreciate your loving support! You are deeply appreciated, and you give the gift of life every day to girls just like Holly! Puppy hugs and kisses from Holly, and all of us from SCCR.

Abused Sweet Cocker in Need

IMG_0128We got a call on Saturday that a female cocker had been picked up! She was reported to have blood on her head, and that she may have been hit with a weapon! Someone reported that is was a bat? We were all horrified! We agreed to take her of course, and she was brought to my home. She had 3 open wounds and she needed to be cleaned up. She had to be shaved because she was heavily matted. She also had to have several baths. This little girl was in terrible shape! She then saw the Vet, and he stated that Bailey Grace (name given by a foster volunteer for SCCR) was approximately 10 years of age. She needs a full dental desperately. She is the sweetest 23632065_2182441945114800_7498093320143423643_olittle girl, and weighs 24 pounds. She is with a temporary foster while getting her medical evaluation and treatment. Bailey Grace’s wounds on her head are no longer bleeding, so that lends some credibility to the story that she was hit on the head. She has a droopy side to her face. Could be from the injury, or from old ear infections, but her ears were surprisingly clean. Bailey also has multiple large warts that need to be removed and she will have a biopsy done. The Vet has her scheduled for November 21st for a full dental and wart removal, biopsy, spay, shots, and anything else she may need. Her senior blood panel was good, so they gave her Metacam to IMG_2500reduce swelling (on her head and perhaps fix droopy face), and also to help with any pain she may be having. We are on a waiting list to go in early.

There has been multiple reports of abused animals recently. We are so relieved that Bailey’s story will have a happy ending! She deserves to be a pampered princess for the rest of her life!

This little girl’s tail is wagging now, and she is eating everything not nailed down!

We can’t do what we do without your help and donations! Every dollar matters. Thank you!

Just Ask Dorie! Good and Bad Rescue Groups

unnamedJust ask Dorie!

You know where to get the freshest produce, the cheapest kitty litter, and who is the best local bank, so how do you tell if the dog or cat rescue you want to adopt from, is a reputable rescue? Dorie will tell you!

Warning signs of a BAD rescue:
-they will only take cash.
-they refuse to give you medical records for the dog.
-they will falsify vaccine and spay certifications.
-they insist on getting money from you before you can meet the dog.
-they will auction off dogs if more than one adopter is interested (dog does to the highest bidder.)
-they will not take their dogs back, if you encounter a problem and the dog is not a good fit.
-they will include in the adoption agreement that you have to rehome the dog if you can’t keep it.
-they won’t let you bring your dog to meet the new dog to make sure they get along.
-you find it difficult to get a call back from the Rescue when you voice a concern about your new pet.
-there is a failure to support and problem solve to ensure a successful adoption experience.
-there is little information on the history, health and behavior issues of the pet.

Dorie felt that it was very important to educate potential adopters of the right way to go about choosing a reputable rescue organization. There are many rescues out there, and more popping up all the time. The organization, ideally, will be able to use their financial resources wisely. The Rescue should be able to provide detailed documentation of all medical procedures, and the Adopter should be able to call the vet to confirm services! The rescue should also be using its donations, not as a primary source of personal income, but as a charitable organization with documentation proving their financial responsibility in caring for the animals in their care! Most reputable rescues will be happy to provide this documentation upon request, or have it readily accessible on their website! This topic is vitally important! A successful adoption provides security, and alleviates stress in the experience! The adoption process takes a lot of energy.  Settling your new family member into your home can take from several weeks, up to several months. Do your homework, and ask around! Using a reputable rescue can increase your chances of a positive adoption experience!

Happy wagging tails from Dorie!

Merlin our 7 lb Cocker Wanabe

Second Chance Cocker Rescue has had numerous Cockers go through training to become therapy dogs, or even emotional support animals over the last few years. Suave is one of those dogs, and he and his two SCCR siblings are also certified Therapy Dogs. Suave is also an alumni of Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Suave and his human, Gil, were also trained and certified to work in natural disasters, and were recently sent to Northern California to assist with the hundreds of people being displaced by the California wildfires. This year has been a devastating fire season, and Gil and Suave wanted to go and comfort individuals displaced by the fire disasters in Northern California. Their work there, gave us the idea of lending a hand to our neighbors in need!

Merlin, ironically, was also in Northern California, in Contra Costa County. He had been in the shelter there for awhile, and he needed a place to go since the fires had resulted in a surge of animals seeking shelter there. Merlin was a sweet boy, that needed a place to go, to make room for the victims of the fires in that area. Second Chance Cocker Rescue wanted to help, and we decided to rescue some shelter dogs from the fire ravaged area, even if they were not Cockers! We volunteered to take 5 into our rescue, but Merlin was the only one of the five that wound up needing Rescue. That was fine with us, and we were excited to make Merlin an honorary Cocker Spaniel. Merlin is 11 years of age, and weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds! He is a terrier mix, and the cutest little guy ever. He is a happy boy, and he seems to have settled in to his new foster home. His new foster mom Suzi, is teaching him the ropes and helping him to settle in while waiting for his forever family. Merlin is ready for adoption now, and is excited to begin a new chapter in his life. If you are interested in becoming Merlin’s new pup-parents, then go onto our site and fill out an application. You will be glad you did!

Stella the Sweet Bella of Los Banos Shelter

Meet a sweet senior girl who is in the shelter in Los Banos, CA. We have had our eyes on 22688046_2150782154947446_7907787058762894315_nher, and she is available to pull today. She has a tentative diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, really bad skin, as well as ear and eye issues. The staff is reporting that she is a “super sweet girl”, who just wants someone to take her home and love her (staffs words.) She is a female Cocker Spaniel. She is a buff color, but has black around eyes, which may be related to the Cushing’s Disease. She will need lots of TLC, a full medical assessment, including blood work and skin scrapings for analysis. She will also need medication for the Cushing’s, and an eye check at a specialist to rule 22788985_2150782571614071_2292364608387290409_nout Glaucoma. She has obviously had her medical needs neglected for a very long time. Poor girl! We are asking for your help to assess and treat her! It will be a long road ahead, but with meds and lots of love, she should recover nicely!

PUPDATE: We have made the arrangements and will be pulling her today. Her foster family has named her Stella. She will be fully checked by our vet and might need to be spayed too. Thanks for your love and support! We will keep everyone posted!

Love, Stella and SCCR

Wally’s World

My name is Wally. I heard the shelter say I was in terrible shape, and that I have Wally after2been neglected all of my life. I only know that I have had a hard time, and now that I am a senior, the way I have been treated has caught up with me. I am a happy fellow though! Even though I have a large bleeding mass on my cropped tail, I can’t help but wag it all of the time! I love people, dogs, and everyone I meet! Please help me to get these masses removed from my tail and my behind, and I will be able to live the rest of my life to the fullest! I am living with my new mom Carolyn now, and she will fill you in on my health issues. Love from me! Wally!
Please help us help Wally. No donation is too small. Thank you.

Update from Carolyn who is caring for Wally:
Wally is a train wreck!!!   Bilateral cataracts and appears to me to have glaucoma in at least one eye. Ears infected and can’t hear much anyway.  Filthy dirty (just had a bath) Wally after3and matted mess…..various lipomas all over his body, and the abcess the shelter mentioned that was on his rear end is actually on his nub…..it literally looks like someone whacked his tail off and left a stump.  Not nice at all.  I have started cephalaxin and carprofen and am calling Dr. Card to see if any of the glaucoma eye drops I have will be ok.
He has been ignored for a very long time and no question he has suffered.

Got his hair cut today…….he is remarkably wartie, poor old guy.
I didn’t find any other ‘bad’ growths. He has a number of lipomas and a hard mass on his right rear flank….and of course the tail nub mass.
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