Another doggy 911 call and it’s SCCR to the rescue! We’ve got you now, Benjamin!

0We got a call that a precious Cocker baby was hit by a car , and needed care right away. We took him to our local vet where he got an injection to treat the immediate pain he was in so he’d be calm enough to examine. His one hip is badly broken and we did send him this morning to So-Cal for a specialist to do major surgery. They will continue medication for his pain and keep him comfortable until he can be examined by the specialist! He will be having more X-rays and blood work done. He also needs to be neutered, microchipped, and get all of his shots. We also had to pay for his transport to the specialist! The bill for today was 400.00, and the surgery he needs will be about $ 4000.00 (or more)! He may need to get the leg amputated unfortunately, because the break is very high on the leg. That’s why he needed a specialist! Please, please consider helping this darling boy! He is very sweet and deserves the best care we can provide for him! He was licking our faces as he was being examined. Benjamin is great with other dogs and would be a treasure for any family lucky enough to adopt him. Benjamin is a little underweight and will need some help with his diet and healthy weight gain. Most importantly, Benjamin needs a foster home ASAP where he can heal and recover from his ordeal. 

Any donation to his medical care is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to adopt or foster Benjamin, please fill out an application:

Fighting For Felicia

Having diabetes is a difficult condition for anyone to deal with. It’s even more difficult when you are a dog and are unable to communicate what you are feeling and what you need to feel better. We, as the care givers of such a dog, are left to closely monitor her behavior and symptoms and respond quickly and accordingly to make sure she doesn’t have a medical emergency. It’s not very often that we have to care for a diabetic dog, but when we do, they get the best care possible.


Cue Felicia! Felicia came to us from the East Valley shelter back in March. We suspected she had diabetes and it was confirmed by our vet. Flash forward to now and one of our amazing and experienced volunteers is currently caring for her and monitoring her blood sugar levels. It has been quite the journey to care for this girl, but we think we are getting close to getting everything stable. Felicia came to us in terrible shape with unstable blood glucose levels, mammary tumors, needing to be spayed, and being blind.

Felicia has had her spay and tumor removal surgery and will be going into the vet next week for a blood glucose curve test. She is currently on twice daily insulin shots and will likely be on them for the rest of her life. Once we have a solid and consistent medical plan for her, Felicia will be in need of a forever home that is not scared of her blindness and diabetes and will commit to keeping her healthy and happy. Felicia is great with calm and gentle dogs that don’t growl at her. She loves people and is happy to be right next to you all day. She is just the sweetest little girl and all your love for her will be returned ten fold.

While we are helping to control Felicia’s diabetes, we are racking up the vet bills. Her insulin is about $50 a month, which isn’t terrible, but all of her treatments to stabilize her plus her surgery have cost us a pretty penny. If you’d like to help cover the cost of Felicia’s medical care, donate here. Every doll is appreciated.

If you are moved by Felicia’s story and would like to give her a loving home, please fill out our adoption application.

Tumors and dentals and vet bills! Oh my!

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” I’m sure if our doggies had ruby slippers they’d all click there heels and wish for a home themselves. But for most of them, there is a bit of a journey to get to their forever homes that often involves vet visits, procedures, and a bit of recovery time in a foster home. Lately it seems like more and more of our dogs are having to go down this road and our vet bills are becoming more daunting than the dark forests of Oz.

Sanctuary Girl, Betty

We love what we do and we love saving all of these medical needs dogs. Every dog that we rescue has a special place in our hearts, but it really is the tough cases the usually touch us all the most. We are so blessed to have such generous donors and friends that help us continue our mission of saving lives one dog at a time. We are also very lucky to have credit to help cover the mounting vet costs when the donations just aren’t enough. Unfortunately we are maxed out right now and the bills just keep coming in. Just in the month of March, we had $4,570 in vet bills for 6 dogs! (Duncan-FHO surgery, dental $1176.94 / Betty spay, mammary tumor removals, and dental…Macy dental and mass removal $1200.94 / Mia ear and skin infections $1701.01 / Felicia-diabetes exam and blood test $300.59 / Marcus euthanisia and creamation $191.25) We owe thousands of dollars on our credit accounts for dogs currently in our sanctuary program, who have long since been adopted, and who have even crossed the rainbow bridge.

So we plea with our friends and supporters once more. Please please help us continue the tireless work that we do to give the best quality of life to every dog that comes to our rescue. Every dollar adds up and no donation is too small. Does your company offer a donation matching program? Add us to that even. We truly are so very grateful for each and every single donation received. Every dollar we get goes directly back to our dogs for their daily care, medical needs, transport, and boarding. We are 100% volunteer run and no volunteer takes a salary for the jobs we do. We help, love, and care for these dogs on our own time, often our own dime, and solely out of the kindness of our hearts.

Keep spreading the love and sharing the Second Chance Cocker Rescue spirit far and wide. Let’s show as many dogs as we can that there really is no place like a loving home! Thank you so much for your support and donations.

PUPDATE on Duncan!

unnamedPupdate! Duncan had all of his surgery and treatment and is now ready for a new home! Please consider giving this baby boy a new start in life!
Duncan needed our help!
We received a call from a shelter here in the Central Valley (near Bakersfield, CA). A young Cocker Spaniel was hit by a car. SCCR came to the rescue and named him Duncan. Duncan had a dislocated hip, and a severe concussion that affected his eyesight and his balance. It was touch and go for Duncan for awhile. A kind vet sedated him and put his hip back in place, but it came out again almost immediately.  IMG_2983Duncan will need follow-up appointments, and pain medication. He may need chiropractic and acupuncture while he is recovering as well. It will take a few months in a quiet foster home, spending a lot of time in a kennel to facilitate his healing, to fully recover. The expectation is that he will be completely normal at the end of this process! 
Please consider helping this little boy begin a new chapter in his life. Duncan is around a year old, is about 16 lbs, and is an absolute angel baby! Good with kids and cats! No one claimed him so we are committing to help sweet Duncan! All donations are very much appreciated. You may sponsor Duncan’s medical care by clicking here, or by contacting Elizabeth Mazzetti directly! or call (805) 687-4674. Thank you!

3X Puppy Love

image3We’ve got a triple dose of cuteness for you!!! Meet Mama Violet and her baby boys, Cecil and Seymour!!
 Found in the Ventura area, these 3 babies had nowhere to go, so we took them in and made them honorary cockers. Mama Violet is about 3 years old and very devoted to her 6 week old (approximately) babies. Violet is in need of a dental, spay, and has an infected eye. The puppies will need their first set of shots soon. All 3 are good with other dogs and kids. Violet is a love bug and wants nothing more than to sit in your lap all day. The puppies, being image2puppies, love to rough house together and play with each other. These pups are very bonded to each other, and in a perfect world we’d love to find them a loving home together. 
Please consider partnering with us to give them the medical care they need. Also please consider sponsoring this small family by paying all of their medical! Violet would be very grateful! Mama Violet, Cecil, and Seymour are being fostered in Ventura, CA. If you’d like to give these pups a forever home, image1please fill out an adoption application: 

Betty, A Sad Case with a Hopeful Outlook

unnamedBetty was sent to the shelter by her owner to be euthanized a few weeks ago. Betty, age 11, was pulled from the shelter and has been with our volunteer and foster mom extraordinaire, Liz, ever since. Betty needed our help, and Second Chance Cocker Rescue stepped up to save her. Her family stated that they could no longer afford the medical care for her. They, sadly, euthanized her sister a few days before Betty was rescued. Betty had extensive mammary tumors, and growths all over her body including her rear end, and is blind because of severe dry eye, and has chronic ear infections. Many of these problems have been addressed and she is doing very well!

With all of her problems, Betty is still wagging her tail. Betty is a sweet, gentle, and loving little lady. Betty still gives sweet little kisses. Betty just wants to be petted and to have someone near her to let her know she is safe and loved.

Betty’s on-going care is not cheap, but we feel that we did our best to give her the comfort and care she deserves! We want to thank everyone who has supported Betty on her journey to wellness. There were some who questioned whether we should rescue Betty with all of her problems and at the tender age of 12 plus years! We can say with confidence that Miss Betty is recovering nicely, and that she has many happy days ahead of her. Thanks so much for helping her to have the happiest time of her life to date! We especially thank Liz and her family who had many sleepless nights while settling Betty into her new life. Also, Betty is searching for her new forever home. She is eligible for our Sanctuary program, where we pay for all of her medical care, while the family gives her lots of love and kisses!

Help us, and join with us as we continue improving and celebrating little Betty’s life, and please consider donating for her today! Betty will be ever so grateful that you did!

A Second Chance for Hunter

53245241_3117178638307788_7946006105409191936_nMeet Hunter! Hunter is 11 years old and his owners surrendered him to Second Chance Cocker Rescue to be cared for, or euthanized if needed. Owners stated that they could not afford the vet bills. Turns out, that Hunter had a serious case of pneumonia! He was taken to the vet, given fluids, had x-rays, and was prescribed some pretty powerful anti-biotics.  He had bad teeth removed, and is simply the sweetest boy imaginable! Hunter is in his golden years and should be snuggling by a warm, cozy fire with a loving family. Hunter is now looking for the perfect forever home where he can be doted on for 53110900_3117176371641348_2786456081633640448_nthe rest of his life!  Hunter LOVES to play ball and is always down for a cuddle on the couch! He’s good with dogs, kids, chickens, and cats. Hunter is missing lots of teeth so has a cute quirky little smile that you can’t help but love! He’s got a pretty awesome foster family that is making sure he’s getting his meds and getting him prepared for his forever home! Hunter is currently being fostered in Ventura, CA. If you can see it in your heart to help with Hunter’s medical bills, he would very much appreciate that!

If you are interested in giving Hunter a loving forever home, please fill out our Adoption Application by clicking here.

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