Carlton, A Little Slice of Heaven

Carlton is a little slice of heaven! Everyone who meets him is instantly smitten as he IMG_9139has this beautiful air of sweetness about him. This is what his foster mom says about Carlton: “He is housebroken, curious, and not hindered by his blindness in the least! He can hear very well and already knows and responds to his name. Recently I have discovered that he LOVES to hug AND give kisses! When I sit on the floor with him, he comes toddling over and put his legs up on my shoulders, literally hugging me and then starts licking my ear! It is the sweetest thing! 

He is also starting to act frisky IMG_9140and silly. He just found his voice and will now bark a little when the other dogs bark. He is very much an explorer. One night I woke up and went out to the kitchen to find him sleeping on my couch! He had figured out how to get up there and made himself right at home in the corner and was peacefully slumbering away. He gets along fabulously with all three of my other gentle Cockers (but at the same time will not tolerate it when they try to steal his food!)”

Carlton is ready to be adopted and is in foster, in Pasadena, CA. You can find our adoption application on our website if you would like to meet him. We are pretty confident, that once you meet him, he will be taking YOU home.

As a senior, Carlton is eligible for our Sanctuary Program, where we pay his medical bills. For us to manage and fund our senior Sanctuary Program, we rely entirely upon donations. Your generous donations, help to take care of these precious babies. Any assistance from you, helps to save lives and spread the happiness that comes with the love of a grateful dog.


One of the Most Neglected We’ve Seen

image006This sweet baby, made everyone cry, when she came into the shelter.

She was living with a 72 year old woman in a trailer, without running water or electricity. The woman surrendered her to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus…Thank goodness.

At first glance, you might think that she is a Komondor, Puli or some kind of a sad/messy Old English Sheepdog. Once our vet staff got to work on this sweet girl, shaving her down, pulling out bad teeth (7 in total), cutting her nails (which were about 2-3 inches long and trapped under all those mats), there was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. We didn’t know what was under all that mess for quite awhile, but once the real dog was excavated, this beauty was so happy to be able to see and interact with people. The woman whom she lived with, stated that she has never had her groomed. EVER… So this kind of existence, was all this girl ever knew.
image005_ContrastThe vet assessed her at around 5 years old and spayed already. She weighs about 26lbs. She currently has an ear infection that is being treated and an abcess on her left dorsal lumbar area, which was clipped, cleaned, flushed and stapled.

Bethany, at San Jacinto Valley, contacted us, in hopes that we could take her. We haven’t pulled her yet, but are hoping to do so soon. One of our volunteers, thinks “Maizy” is a good name for her. We want this sweet beauty to know only happiness and love from now on.

Can you please help make this dream come true for Maizy?

Cricket is Chirping with Gratitude

Cricket2Meet Cricket. This adorable and gorgeous girl was found wandering the streets and was picked up, by good samaritans. They saw mammary glands hanging down and thought she might be pregnant. Thoughtfully, they took her to a vet immediately, and learned that she is NOT pregnant. Cricket does have a host of health issues, including a mammary infection.  We are going to have her spayed next week, and take care of all of her medical needs. She was not microchipped and signs were placed around the area and social media was used to see if anyone claimed her. So far, no one has come forward.

We had her groomed and as you can see, she looks stunning! The vet, estimates her to be about 5 years old. Cricket1She is very sweet and mellow and gets along well with everyone.

This beauty will find a new home, in no time. However, in the meantime, anything that you can donate, to help with this sweet girl’s medical expenses is greatly appreciated!

Rocco is Safe and Sound

This poor baby, Rocco, was dumped at the shelter – by his family, at the ripe age of 14 years. After receiving all of the amazing benefits of a beautiful and loving pet, this was how they returned the favor. The condition he was in, clearly told the story of how poorly Roccothey cared for him over his life. He had an untreated injury to his eye, that if treated when it happened, would have saved the eye. Instead, he has been in agony for weeks and will now lose his eye. His teeth are beyond bad. Many of them have abscesses and are rotten. He has two terrible infections in both ears. You would think that would be more than most dogs can deal with, but he was also covered in tar, on one side.

Poor baby! He has been in pain for so long, he won’t know what to do when it stops. But we do know, that when we are finished taking care of him, he will be one good looking and happy boy. Rocco is going to the vet first thing this week, and we are going to see a very big bill on this little man.

Any help that we can get, we appreciate so much! Rocco does too, and he will be wagging his tail soon, thanks to your help.



Jenny, our newest Senior, in Need

Hi everyone! Meet Jenny, a sweet little girl who may have never known actual love, during her life.

Jenny is about 15 years old andJenny1 was casually dumped in the Los Angeles North Central shelter. Not surprisingly, Jenny had no adopters lining up to rescue her.

Second Chance Cocker Rescue learned about her and were asked if we could take her into our Bed & Biscuit rescue home. Right now, we are overflowing with seniors there. We had no room available and were about to say no, when a wonderful donor named Tracey, appeared and graciously offered to pay for three months of boarding, if we would rescue Jenny. Our no turned into a yes and we pulled her from almost certain death, yesterday.

We took Jenny to out vet, where we discovered that she is suffering from flea allergy dermatitis. As a result, Jenny has very little fur on her skinny little body. She also doesn’t have many teeth – they are either missing or worn down to the gum line. Jenny has a lump on her back which we need to have checked. She was also never spayed. She has a full blown cataract in one eye and it looks like one is forming in the other eye too. Like many abused and neglected animals, she never received the care, that she so deserved.

On the other hand (paw), the good news is that Jenny gets around well, loves people and other dogs. Jenny is as sweet as they come!

We still have funds outgoing, to pay Jenny’s medical bills, but thanks to Tracey’s generosity, we have a loving spot to place her, until something opens up at the Bed & Biscuit.  Now look at her precious face.

Can you please help us, to help this girl out?

Athena Has Been Given the Gift of Sight

IMG_0255We wanted to let everyone know Athena had her cataract surgery last week. Her wonderful adoptive family pitched in and helped tremendously to make this happen.

Veterinary ophthalmologist Albert J. Mughannam, DVM at Veterinary Vision in San Carlos, CA did an amazing job! We have had the privilege of Dr. Mughannam performing surgery on other SCCR dogs. Athena’s family told us Dr.  Mughannam was really caring toward his patients and their people. They live 90 miles away, and the office accommodated their schedule by working on the weekend for a checkup.

Athena’s family told us,”Our little gal is doing great! Pressure in eyes is right on, and she can already see better. She does not like the plastic collar. The only way she wants to eat is by hand. She is now runny along the hall way in the mornings so you know she can see better already and her tail goes non stop she is a happy girl again.”IMG_0264

Second Chance Cocker Rescue is so appreciative of everyone who pitched in to help make this happen. Athena and her family thank you too!

Annual SCCR Picnic this Saturday!

IMG_2496You are invited to the 2016 SCCR Cocker Reunion Picnic
THIS SATURDAY, July 16th — Rincon Beach Park near Santa Barbara, CA    11am-3pm

Yep, we  will  be on the  beach yet again where there will be surf and sand for the dogs to frolic on, and a large grassy are for those of us who like to keep our feet dry.
Tickets  are $20 per person.
Includes a BBQ chicken lunch with vegetarian option.
Nail trimming for the pooches, silent auction, raffles,
gift bags and more!

If you have not joined us before, this is your chance to have tons of Cocker fun in the Gracie picnicsun!

Who is invited? Everyone! Adopters, supporters and volunteers too. Let’s show off our rescued dogs!
comet picnic

From Highway 101, take the Bates Rd exit just south of Carpinteria. Turn west towards the ocean and turn into the parking lot on the right.We will be right there by the restrooms. You can’t miss us.

See you there!!


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