2023 SCCR Calendars

The 2023 SCCR Calendars are available for presale. We only printed 100 calendars this year so get your order in early. Once they are gone, they are gone. $28 each includes shipping. The calendars are due in Nov 16th. They will be mailed out as soon as they come in.

Holiday Cookie Cards

This is a unique gift for the holidays. Our Scrumdiddlelyicious Sugar Cookies are homemade to order. You send us your favorite picture and we print it in sugar on these 3″x4″ sugar cookies. They are so pretty you wont want to eat them. But they taste even better! They make great hostess gifts, baby showers gifts, and edible Christmas cards! $15 for 3 or $55 for a baker’s dozen, includes shipping. You can have all the same print or all different. After you put your order in, email your photos to SecondChanceCockerRescueorg@gmail.com

Our amazing baker Terri donates all the proceeds to SCCR to cover the medical costs on our dogs.

Rescue: from the beginning to the end.

When we take a dog out of the shelter or from a private party, we make a commitment to that dog. A commitment that lasts as long as they do, regardless of what happens in between. Any reputable rescue operates that way. Rescue isn’t just getting the dog out of the shelter. What most people don’t think about is that we often take on dogs that have issues that makes them un-adoptable. But, because we took responsibility for that dog, we honor that commitment. For a lot of our dogs that means hospice care or sanctuary care. We pay all the medical expenses for the rest of their lives. Our followers and supporters often don’t even know we have these dogs. We may post coming out of the shelter, but then we find out they are terminally ill and they never make it to the adoptable dog page.

Several of our dogs have heart issues. We have Nikolas who has an enlarged heart and a significant murmur. He is on two types of meds, twice a day. We have Joe who also has heart problems and is on three meds, twice a day, not to mention carprofen for his spinal arthritis. We have a dog on medication for Cushings Disease, Precious is on special kidney food and gallaprant for arthritis, Molly who has a bad trachea, and several others on meds for arthritis. Sonia on special kidney and gastrointestional food. All these ‘unadoptable’ dogs still need to be taken care of, and that includes the medications and special foods they all need. Poppy who has cancer and we know it will return because by the time we got her, it had infiltrated her muscles and we couldn’t possibly remove it all. Then there are the dogs who have non-medical issues that need medication to help them with their fear and anxiety. That can take years to take the edge off and make them adoptable. We want them to live as much of their life as possible and as long as they are still comfortable and doing well, we are good. Once quality of life has diminished, we are with them when it’s time. The medication for one dog on heart meds can be well over $100/month. Prescription food can be $100 for a 17 pound bag. We have tumors biopsied and you would be floored to know how much that cost, but we need to know what we are dealing with.

All these dogs, and many more, will continue to live the best lives we can possibly give them.

The shelters often don’t know about a dogs problems because they just simply don’t have the resources to run blood tests, etc. They turn to rescue to take the dogs on and we have a 50/50 chance of getting one with a life shortening medical problem. We think some owners turn their dogs in when they find out the dog has a problem and they don’t want the expense of dealing with it. Or like sweet Bailey who has kidney stones and her person just doesn’t have the resources to deal with it. Once her surgery is done, she will be on prescription food for the rest of her life to try and prevent a recurrence of stones, but she will be adoptable! Stones can be resolved, heart issues, Cushings Disease, collapsed trachea and arthritis do not resolve, they are more managed.

There are many hidden costs to doing rescue. From transporters getting the dogs out of the shelter and delivered to us, to the medical cases that the rescue pays the expenses on even though they will never be adopted. We buy microchips for the dogs that don’t have them, we buy flea/tick preventative, we buy collars and the list goes on.

People sometimes comment on adoption fees. We hope you all understand the enormous expense we bear trying to get these dogs healthy, groomed, and ready for adoption. A dental alone cost more than most of our adoption fees.

Without our supporters/donors none of this would be possible. So we thank all our rescue family and our volunteers who help transport, foster and love our dogs. We thank our vets who have also cried rivers of tears with us and work tirelessly to help save one of our dogs, who work until 9:00 pm on an emergency dog and never complain. You all are the true heartbeat of our rescue and we are sincerely thankful for your generosity.

Now, let’s save some more lives!


We are offering these unique homemade Scrumdiddlelyicious Sugar Cookies. They taste even better than they look and will be custom made to your order. They make wonderful gifts, special occasion desserts and unique hostess gifts. You can be sure no one else will bring them!. You can freeze them too. We will ship them to anywhere within the continental US you choose – no charge! If you have a large order, call about our quantity discounts.

After you put your order in, email your photos to SecondChanceCockerRescueorg@gmail.com!

The Postcard cookies use your own pictures to print in sugar icing on the cookie an exact print of your picture. It can be of your favorite dogs, family photos, vacations snaps or your special memories in a one of a kind sugar treasure. These make the most memorable gift you can find. Celebrate birthdays, weddings, a new baby or any special occasion with the gift of the postcard cookies. $15 for 3 or $50 for a baker’s dozen, includes shipping. You can have all the same print or all different. Cookies are 3″x4″. After you put your order in, email your photos to SecondChanceCockerRescueorg@gmail.com

The Holiday card takes your favorite holiday memories and lets you gift them to your favorite people. $15 for 3 or $55 for a baker’s dozen, includes shipping. You can have all the same print or all different. Cookies are 3″x4″. After you put your order in, email your photos to SecondChanceCockerRescueorg@gmail.com

The Fall Harvest Collection is a medley of hand painted fall leaves and pumpkins. $25 – includes shipping The large leaves are 4″ and the small leaves and pumpkins are 2″

Pumpkin Patch Collection is an assortment of small hand painted pumpkins and leaves. $15 , includes shipping. These cookies are 2″ high

Halloween Cookies are large hand decorated pumpkins $15 for 3 or $55 for a baker’s dozen, includes shipping. These cookies are 4″ high

The Fall Fruit Cookie Medley is a hand painted assorted mix of apples, cherries, a leaf and acorn. $20 , includes shipping. The apples are 4″ and the rest 2″ high.

August Update At The Sanctuary

Dogs in: Alwin, Millie, and Daisy Mae came up from our facility in Southern CA, Dakota and Jimmy came from the Castaic shelter, Teddy, Lilly were re-homed from a kennel in Walnut Creek and Bailey was a rehome from the Bay Area. Adoptions: Daisy Mae, Rory, Allie and Dakota!

This month we have been working in the menus and  sending out the invitations for the Open House and BBQ at the Sanctuary on Oct 8th.  We hope you can all make it. It should be tons of fun and lots of good food. You can feed treats to the horses burros and goats. Pet and love on the dogs and have a good time with other Cocker Spaniel people. Please RSVP by Oct 1st if you can come.  Frank our new part time kennel attendant started this month and we are delighted with him. He will give Ericka some well deserved days off. We also need more volunteers to help groom the dogs. Ericka is doing a great job but it is too much for one person. We will train you how to bath and clip a Cocker!

Enjoying the wading pool in the hot weather…

This week we are getting ready for the super hot weather coming up. Doggie misters, swimming pools, AC in all the Bungalows. They will be as comfy as we can get them.

Welcome To The Sanctuary

Arlo’s Mercantile Store


Check out our beautiful baseball caps, long and short sleeved t-shirts and note cards.  We will be introducing new merchandise throughout the year.  Please click on the link to check out our store.  All of the proceeds from our store goes toward helping us pay for the medical needs of our pups.

Arlo’s Mercantile Store


We first saw Simba in the shelter listings a couple of weeks ago and watched him while waiting for his wait hold to be over. His owner finally came and claimed him, then he was picked up by Animal Control two days later and taken back to the shelter. We saw him again and again; we watched and were waiting for him to become available so we could get him. Fortunately, his owner relinquished him this time and we swooped in and grabbed him.

Upon seeing him in person we were horrified at his condition. Matted fur everywhere and some of the worst ear infections we have ever seen. Black matted fur and his ears are bleeding from him scratching them so much. The smell is overwhelming, not to mention all the foxtails that were pulled out during his groom. The matting was extensive and bad. He must have been living outside because the smell was so significant you could never have had him in the house. We pulled out a couple dozen foxtails that were embedded into his skin.He is all groomed now and we know he is feeling much, much better.

Donations for Simba’s medical costs

SCCR Summer T-Shirt Fundraiser

Buy a SCCR Summer T-shirt and help us pay for the medical expenses on our babies.

Save The Dates

Santa Barbara Cocker Reunion Picnic
July 16th 12-3pm Rincon Beach, Carpinteria, Bates Road Exit.
Bring your picnic lunch, dogs and shade umbrella.

Sanctuary Open House and BBQ
October 8th 2-5pm, 9785 Peppermint Creek Rd, Jamestown, CA
RSVP for the BBQ. Spend the weekend and make it a holiday.

American Rescue Dog Show

Take a look at the trailer for the American Rescue Dog Show May 25th. Jin is an SCCR alumni from China and made it into the show. See how far he has come. Click on the links :



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