Tommy Boy Pup-Date

UPDATE: TOMMY BOY is now scheduled for surgery on August 25th. After a full unnamed-1examination, the estimate has been revised upward to an estimate of $5,064.35 to $5,824.00. The original rough estimate was approximately $5,000 dollars. So, we desperately need to raise about $1,300.00 more in about 10 days. Tommy is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from his fans, and SCCR’s faithful donors! Tommy is being fostered now with his fabulous temporary foster dad, Kevin! We appreciate all he is doing to make Tommy Boy feel welcomed and loved! Won’t you help us to make Tommy Boy’s dream of seeing again come true? No more wandering in the dark, bumping into walls, or howling when he gets lost and panics! Tommy has had a difficult start in life, being locked in a lonely kennel, and used for breeding. Tommy Boy will hopefully live the rest of his life watching birds fly, chasing waves at the beach, and forgetting what it was like to live a lonely life of darkness. Tommy deserves this chance at happiness! Please help us to reach the finish line! Tommy sends his love to you all!

We have Faith, and That’s What We Named Her

We rescued this beautiful 2 year old little girl from the Riverside shelter, and she was 20431401_2031219783570351_5231062124925752451_ncovered in ticks (literally thousands). The shelter treated her and they are all dead, but she is covered in scabs from head to toe, and her red cell blood count is scary low. She is severely anemic. She was only one tick away from needing a blood transfusion. She was pre-treated in order to avoid severe complications! We named her Faith. She is estimated to be between one and two years of age, and she is under 20 lbs, and cute as a bug! She was literally hours away from death, when we got her. We are monitoring this little angel, and we will give her all the TLC she deserves! She is being treated for IMHA, but it is mild and she is doing good. We need your help to cover unexpected medical expenses for Faith. We have several cocker babies experiencing medical issues at the same time, so we are asking for our faithful and generous donors to help with Faith’s medical care. It will be some time before this little one is up on her feet! She is currently under the care of Dr Card, in Southern California. She will need a foster or adopter after her medical condition is stabilized! Any help is much appreciated!


Please Help Me Heal My Ears!


URGENT! Gentle, sweet Lovey needs ear surgery on both ears as soon as possible! This little senior lady has had chronic ear issues that were left mostly untreated, until she came into the SCCR Sanctuary Program. It has come to that point for Lovey, that we either go forward with this ear procedure, or we will be forced to make a difficult decision because of her poor quality of life going forward. We are going to use a surgeon in Ventura, CA, so a foster for post-op care in that area would be deeply appreciated. The cost will be $4k to $4.5k. Lovey has reached the point now where all other options for her care have been tried and are no longer working. She is the sweetest, most darling girl,


Lovey’s ear

and we believe that Lovey deserves to have a painless and comfortable life, surrounded by a family that loves her. Won’t you join with us to give Lovey the gift of comfort, in her senior years ahead? No gift is too small! Please help us to help Lovey!


Tommy Boy – So Close to Regaining his Sight

PUPDATE: Tommy Boy is getting close to getting his sight restored! Our estimate for surgery was $5,000, and we are now approximately $1,500 from our goal! The estimate does not include post-operative care, medication, or transportation. We would not be able to give Tommy Boy this gift, if it were not for our many loyal and devoted donors. Tommy Boy was not able to adjust as most dogs do, to his vision loss. Tommy has spent the last year crying, bumping into walls and other obstacles, howling at night, and feeling lost and alone. Tommy spent the first 8 years of his life locked in a kennel being used as a breeder. He had very little social interaction. Tommy is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet, despite his sad beginning. It is our dream to witness Tommy Boy romping and playing in the sun with his friends and pack-mates some day soon. Will you please consider helping to cover the remaining balance for his eye surgery? I know we can do this! We are so close to making this gentle boy’s wish come true! 

Darling Darcy is in Dire Straits

URGENT! Meet Darcy! This little 10 year old girl came to us from a family who’s owner died, and the next of kin could no longer care for her. Darcy is in serious condition! She has double ear infections, and a very painful abdominal infection, which is impacting her liver, kidneys, and her spleen. Darcy is on heavy antibiotics, and is listless and withdrawn. She is finally beginning to seek out her foster mom for comfort many weeks in foster care. She is a gentle, sweet girl, good with dogs, cats and kids, who just IMG_3179needs loving care.

We are asking for your help! Darcy’s medical bills are beginning to really stack up. She needs more blood work to rule out other issues, including the possibility of cancer. Can you find it in your heart to support this little angel girl? Darcy would so appreciate your support!

Thank you!

Best Friends Forever

My name is Bindi, and my little sister is Blackie. We are looking for our forever family together. We are excited to begin our search! Following, is a list of requirements that we feel are very important to our happiness:
… lots of treats!
… lots of kisses!

… cuddles every day!
… belly-rubs daily!
… long walks every day!
… staring at us adoringly (very important)!
… we are adopted together! Please do not ask if we can be separated! WE CAN’T!!!
… extra treats!
… take us wherever you go (that’s from Blackie!) (little sisters can be so annoying).
… tell us you love us every day!
… treats before bedtime.
… let us sleep with you, in the middle, on a pillow.
… no more than 5 pictures of us daily (good luck with that one).
… let me fall asleep with a treat (optional).
… this list is subject to changes and may be negotiated (good luck with that too).

Love, Blackie and Bindi

Meet best friends Blackie (age 9 months), and Bindi (age 1 & 1/2 years old). Both young girls have been together their whole lives and are searching for a forever family together. They are bonded and yet they are spunky, fun-loving girls that are always sweet and loving to everyone they meet! Both are spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats. Both girls are healthy and have a pedigree. Bindi has narrowed pupils but can play catch, and sees quite well. Both are very small at less than 20 lbs. Both ladies have mellow, sweet personalities, and they love hanging out with their people, going for long walks, and cuddling on your lap. Both are ready to meet their new forever family! Could you be the family they are waiting for? Blackie and Bindi sure hope so! Get your applications in fast! They will not last long! Fostered in Bakersfield, CA.

Even with the healthy dogs we rescue, there is still a lot of work that goes into getting them ready to be adopted: vet checkups, vaccinations, microchipping, feeding, fostering, training. We can’t keep doing what we’re doing without your help! Please consider making a donation. Thank you!


Tommy Boy’s Wish to See Again

IMG_3013My name is Tommy Boy, and I need your help. I am not sure why I have not been able to find my forever family yet? I have tried as hard as I could to be a good boy, and people tell me that I am the sweetest boy ever! I agree with that, but because I recently lost my sight, I am not as happy as I used to be. I run into walls, and get lost (inside) easily. I have accidents in the house if I can’t find my way outside. I cry a lot because I am scared all the time, unless someone is with me, and I know that I am not alone. I sometimes howl at night, when it’s really quiet and dark, because I can’t find my foster peeps! I spent the first part of my life in a small kennel used for breeding. I think that is why I really, really, like being with someone. I understand that I am a pup that needs a lot of work, and I totally get it. I just can’t adjust to being blind, and after 2 years of this, I am about to give up, to be honest. I feel like I’ll never find a family to love me in this condition. My IMG_3026quality of life is not what it should be. I am asking my SCCR friends for a huge favor? I am begging you to help me see again! I think I could find a place to call my own if I could see! Other than being sad, because I can’t see, I am the sweetest soul! I love everyone I meet, including kids and other dogs. I am already neutered, mostly house-trained, up to date with shots, and good with cats!!! I am still active, and I am a playful and loving pup! I am otherwise quite healthy. I will make someone very happy if only I can see again. I know I am asking a lot of my friends at SCCR, but because they all love me, they are trying to help me. Can you find it in your heart to help me be a happy boy again? I sure hope so!!!
Love, Tommy Boy

The surgery to restore Tommy Boy’s sight will cost about $5,000 dollars. Tommy will also need to stay with someone living close to the doctor in the San Carlos/San Jose, CA area while recovering. Every donation, large and small will help get us closer to this goal. Whoever adopts this little love-bug will NOT be disappointed! We all love this gentle little soul!

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