It Happened Again…..Meet Nash!

We got an email the other day from the OC shelter asking us to consider a nice 13 year old boy they had. He had been picked up as a stray and no one came for him. We are absolutely full with medical dogs right now, but we couldn’t say no. We picked Nash up today and he is a sweet little guy and we are glad we are able to help him. He has a heart murmur, almost all of his teeth are fractured, immature cataracts (but not blind), an ear infection, is emaciated, and possibly has testicular cancer (one side is bigger than the other side). One of his ear flaps is lumpy with scar tissue from a hematoma. Unfortunately that won’t be fixable now. All we can do is shake our heads and wonder what the heck is wrong with people to allow their pet to get into this condition, then not even go looking for him. Of course, we don’t know the back story on him, but can only wonder.

So rescue family, we once again need some extra help. This boy is going to have some medical bills, starting with the basics like blood panel and fecal to see if his body condition is related to malnutrition, parasites or something else. If all looks good, he will be having a dental with obvious extractions and a neuter with biopsy. Hopefully we can bring him back to a healthy state to live his life out comfortably and with love and affection. He has definitely been neglected for a long time.

If you’d like to help with his care please click the donate button or:




SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383



SCCR Spring T-shirt Available NOW

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited to announce the sale of our beautifully designed premium 2023 SCCR Spring T-shirt “Let the Sunshine In! It is available in a variety of sizes and Spring colors. 100% of the proceeds from the sales will help pay the medical expenses of our dogs. We hope you will love this new t-shirt and add it to your Spring wardrobe. Thank you in advance for your support.

To order go directly to our Arlo’s Mercantile:


Meet Lulu!

Meet Lulu! She is a 2-3 year old chi mystery mix who is great people and dogs. This is one party girl. She loves a good time and is all about people. She has the most amazing blue eyes and is probably deaf as many white dogs with blue eyes are. This is one fun loving cuddly girl for a fun family. She is sensitive to the sun so we are getting her some Doggles (doggie sunglasses) to go home with.

Lulu is currently in Jamestown and ready for adoption.

If you’d like to give Lulu a forever home please complete an online application:


Little Wonton

Meet Wonton: We just picked up this precious little bundle of pure puppy energy from the shelter. He is coned because his neuter incision is not fully healed yet. He had been adopted and returned the same day because the adopters thought there might be something wrong with him because when he was running and playing he would occasionally fall down! The shelter sent him out for xrays of his back legs and hips and they showed nothing wrong with him. Xrays were not taken of his front legs, but will be done with our vet next week. The shelter contacted us and asked if we could take him, and who could resist that face? Wonton is a typical 10 week old puppy. Eat, sleep, play, repeat. Oh yeah, stop and try to nibble on people and anything else he can get his little mouth on. We will need to do further diagnostic testing to make sure there is nothing structurally wrong with him, but so far we cannot see anything while he is running and playing. Just a typical puppy! Wonton is not ready for adoption yet, but we will keep you updated after his vet visit next week. He is currently in So. California.–ADOPTED!!!

Once he is available if you have already submitted an application with us please do not submit another one. Instead contact Carolyn at to express your interest.

If you’d like to make a donation to our rescue please click on the Facebook donate button.


2023 Corporate Sponsors!

Second Chance Cocker Rescue would like to thank our 2023 corporate sponsors for supporting the work we do and helping us save more lives.

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Second Chance Cocker Rescue Turns 20 Years Old This Year!

We remember how proud we were to have our non-profit status and were ready to go out and rescue some Cockers! We decided to start by introducing ourselves to the local rescues and shelters in the area. The three main shelters were all on the same street so we just started knocking on doors. Everyone was very positive and welcoming and we were feeling pretty good by the time we got to the last shelter on the street run by a local group, DAWG. As we knocked on the door, who should greet us but the founder Shirley Jensen one of the, if not the, pillars of rescue in the Santa Barbara area. Once she heard what we were doing, she threw up her hands, shouted wait right there and turned and ran off. She came right back with a black and white Cocker Spaniel asleep in her arms. She unceremoniously dumped her in my arms and said. “She is blind and deaf and 14 years old. You can take her can’t you?” Well, you can be sure we were not going to tell Shirley Jensen no, so Emily Grace came home with us.

Shirley and Emily Grace taught us more about rescue and what it takes to do it right than anyone else over the years. Shirley taught us that you never know what is coming around the corner and challenges are just a new chance to grow. Emily Grace taught us that dogs, even blind and deaf ones, can have an excellent quality of life and never take what you have for granted. Our motto, Saving lives, one dog at a time, was born that day. Emily Grace lived for almost two more years in a home with an older woman who thought the world of her. She was pampered, spoiled and loved rotten every day of the rest of her life. Emily Grace was the foundation for our Sanctuary program and in her spirit we have offered hundreds of dogs the last, best months or years of their lives.

We don’t count the last 20 years in the numbers of dogs we have rescued. Those are just statics. We remember each face, each story and how it touched us, one dog at a time.

If you would like to join us saving more lives this year,


SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383


Thank you in advance.

2023 Sponsorships

$250 Sapphire:

Sapphire Sponsorship is designed for individuals or businesses who want to support dog rescue and welfare in our area. Sapphire Sponsorship includes:

  • Company name and logo in the newsletter
  • Sponsorship designation at all public outreach and fundraising event flyers
  • Recognition on website and social media

$500 Diamond:

Diamond Sponsorship is designed for increased marketing to the local community. Diamond Sponsorship includes:

  • 8×10 ad on public outreach and fundraising banner
  • Company name and logo in the newsletter
  • Sponsorship designation at all public    outreach and fundraising event flyers
  • Recognition on website and social media

$1000 Ruby:

Ruby Sponsorship is designed for businesses with a desire to expand their visibility and promote their businesses in the community. Ruby Sponsorship includes:

  • 11×17 ad on public outreach and fundraising banner
  • Company logo on all flyers and handouts
  • Company name and logo in the newsletter
  • Sponsorship designation at all public    outreach and fundraising event flyers
  • Recognition on website and social media

Silent auction items or monetary donations also accepted. Contact Elizabeth Mazzetti for additional information, or 805-687-4674

Make checks payable to: SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383. A CA non-profit corporation Tax ID 56-2389698

SOLD OUT—2023 SCCR Calendars

The 2023 SCCR Calendars are available for presale. We only printed 100 calendars this year so get your order in early. Once they are gone, they are gone. $28 each includes shipping. The calendars are due in Nov 16th. They will be mailed out as soon as they come in.

Holiday Cookie Cards

This is a unique gift for the holidays. Our Scrumdiddlelyicious Sugar Cookies are homemade to order. You send us your favorite picture and we print it in sugar on these 3″x4″ sugar cookies. They are so pretty you wont want to eat them. But they taste even better! They make great hostess gifts, baby showers gifts, and edible Christmas cards! $15 for 3 or $55 for a baker’s dozen, includes shipping. You can have all the same print or all different. After you put your order in, email your photos to

Our amazing baker Terri donates all the proceeds to SCCR to cover the medical costs on our dogs.

Rescue: from the beginning to the end.

When we take a dog out of the shelter or from a private party, we make a commitment to that dog. A commitment that lasts as long as they do, regardless of what happens in between. Any reputable rescue operates that way. Rescue isn’t just getting the dog out of the shelter. What most people don’t think about is that we often take on dogs that have issues that makes them un-adoptable. But, because we took responsibility for that dog, we honor that commitment. For a lot of our dogs that means hospice care or sanctuary care. We pay all the medical expenses for the rest of their lives. Our followers and supporters often don’t even know we have these dogs. We may post coming out of the shelter, but then we find out they are terminally ill and they never make it to the adoptable dog page.

Several of our dogs have heart issues. We have Nikolas who has an enlarged heart and a significant murmur. He is on two types of meds, twice a day. We have Joe who also has heart problems and is on three meds, twice a day, not to mention carprofen for his spinal arthritis. We have a dog on medication for Cushings Disease, Precious is on special kidney food and gallaprant for arthritis, Molly who has a bad trachea, and several others on meds for arthritis. Sonia on special kidney and gastrointestional food. All these ‘unadoptable’ dogs still need to be taken care of, and that includes the medications and special foods they all need. Poppy who has cancer and we know it will return because by the time we got her, it had infiltrated her muscles and we couldn’t possibly remove it all. Then there are the dogs who have non-medical issues that need medication to help them with their fear and anxiety. That can take years to take the edge off and make them adoptable. We want them to live as much of their life as possible and as long as they are still comfortable and doing well, we are good. Once quality of life has diminished, we are with them when it’s time. The medication for one dog on heart meds can be well over $100/month. Prescription food can be $100 for a 17 pound bag. We have tumors biopsied and you would be floored to know how much that cost, but we need to know what we are dealing with.

All these dogs, and many more, will continue to live the best lives we can possibly give them.

The shelters often don’t know about a dogs problems because they just simply don’t have the resources to run blood tests, etc. They turn to rescue to take the dogs on and we have a 50/50 chance of getting one with a life shortening medical problem. We think some owners turn their dogs in when they find out the dog has a problem and they don’t want the expense of dealing with it. Or like sweet Bailey who has kidney stones and her person just doesn’t have the resources to deal with it. Once her surgery is done, she will be on prescription food for the rest of her life to try and prevent a recurrence of stones, but she will be adoptable! Stones can be resolved, heart issues, Cushings Disease, collapsed trachea and arthritis do not resolve, they are more managed.

There are many hidden costs to doing rescue. From transporters getting the dogs out of the shelter and delivered to us, to the medical cases that the rescue pays the expenses on even though they will never be adopted. We buy microchips for the dogs that don’t have them, we buy flea/tick preventative, we buy collars and the list goes on.

People sometimes comment on adoption fees. We hope you all understand the enormous expense we bear trying to get these dogs healthy, groomed, and ready for adoption. A dental alone cost more than most of our adoption fees.

Without our supporters/donors none of this would be possible. So we thank all our rescue family and our volunteers who help transport, foster and love our dogs. We thank our vets who have also cried rivers of tears with us and work tirelessly to help save one of our dogs, who work until 9:00 pm on an emergency dog and never complain. You all are the true heartbeat of our rescue and we are sincerely thankful for your generosity.

Now, let’s save some more lives!

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