Oct 12th House Warming Weekend


Oct 12-13th, 2019

Bring your tools and help us get ready for the dogs. Or bring a chair and enjoy the scenery. Join us for a

BBQ Dinner Sat night

Pancake Breakfast on Sun morning.

No charge to attend, bring a house warming gift instead like fencing materials building supplies, Lowe’s gift cards, etc… You can bring an RV, dry camp or stay at a local hotel. Please

RSVP To elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com ASAP

Well mannered cocker spaniels are welcome.

SCCR Stay and Play Guide


Wish List

Darling Daisy May

Meet Daisy May! This sweet 9 year old girl was in desperate need of a second chance so we came to her rescue!

Daisy May was adopted in 2012 at only 2 years old. We don’t know what happened in the last 7 years, but Daisy May found herself being returned to the shelter to be put down last week. Thank goodness the shelter vet and our wonderful partners at VCAS saw the life left in her. We are going to do our very best to give Daisy May the care, love and happiness she deserves for the rest of her life.

Daisy May will be going to our vet on Friday for a full work up and to address her terrible skin, her many lumps and bumps, her bad ears, and her blind and cloudy eyes. Treating this poor old girl is not going to be cheap, but her fighting spirit lets us know that it will be well worth the cost! Please consider donating to help us cover Daisy May’s vet bills. No donation is too small.

If you would like to be Daisy May’s forever family, please fill out an application.

Take a look at Daisy May’s freedom walk!

Volunteer Vacations At The Sanctuary

We have some work that needs to be done on the trailer. It needs some water damage repaired and we would like to replace the carpet on the floors with tile or Pergo. We would like to encourage any of you that have the time and skill set to come up for a Volunteer Working Vacation. You can stay in the trailer or camp on the property. The trailer looks so much better on the inside than the outside. It really is mostly dirt and just needs a scrubbing.

Before Picture of the Trailer

The other big ticket item we need help with is finding someone to help drive our 27 foot RV from the Hemut area to Jamestown. It will need a pick up truck with a standard towing ball. We will pay for gas and you can stay in it for a visit when you get here. The RV is in great shape and will be ready for visitors when it gets here.

If you can’t help with the repairs we can use help paying for the materials we need to do these repairs. Anything you can do will help….thank you!!

Contact Elizabeth at 805 687 4674 for more information or to schedule your Volunteer Vacation at the Sanctuary.

Dougal – A True Second Chance Dog

Dougal has had such a rollercoaster of a past, I can’t think of a dog more deserving of a second chance and an adoption ever after.

Dougal first came to Second Chance Cocker Rescue way back in 2014. At only 2 years old, Dougal was in really rough shape. The poor boy had a crushed front leg and internal bleeding. After a complex survey, a blood transfusion, and several weeks of healing, Dougal was back to his happy self and was ready to find a great home. Dougal was adopted and on his way to a wonderful rest of his life.

Fast forward to April 2019 and we got a call that Dougal was at the shelter. His microchip information had our number, and since no one was in able to get ahold of his owner, we came to Dougal’s rescue yet again! Dougal had changed so much in 5 years! He now weighed 44 pounds and hadn’t received vet care in a long time. We got him all checked out by our vet, put him on medication for his thyroid, and started to get him back to his old self.

Dougal is doing much better now and is ready for his final forever family. He’s getting back down to a normal cocker weight and is looking forward to a fresh start. We had to share his crazy story with the world and remind people of the importance of microchipping your pets. Dougal was lucky enough to be asked to join Larissa Wohl on Home and Family this week. You can watch for his segment at the top of the show on Monday, 7/8 at 10/9c on Hallmark Channel.

Dougal is available for adoption and would be thrilled if his SCCR would be kind enough to donate to his other cocker friends in need. Thank you so much!

Deciding On A Theme

Picking out the look and feel of our Sanctuary was difficult. Once we decided on a Gold Mining Town theme, figuring out how to create it was even harder until we saw the Hurst Ranch Sheds for sale just down the road at the Hurst Ranch Feed Store.This is four sheds placed together to look like a street.They run 8 x 8 to 10 x 12 each. Big enough to house a few Cocker Spaniels very comfortably. For the dog kennels we are going to insulate and drywall each shed. They will have radiant heating in the floors for the winter, ceiling fans and swamp coolers for summer. We will upgrade to air conditioning if we need to. Each kennel will be furnished with a comfy sofa or overstuffed chair for napping. The dogs will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Their runs will be a huge 80′ x 80′ and fill with trees, hammocks, chairs for us to relax on and a million smells, new each day. They will have their very own playgroups of their own best friends and plenty of room for us to hang out with them.

The first shed we need is to cover our well pump and filter. We decided to keep the feel all over the property we would use a Hurst Ranch Shed for this too. It will go next to our Hurst Ranch Barn Shed. This will cost approx $2000, perhaps less as we have been offered a discount on labor. Thank you, yes!!!

Just a reminder all donations that come in by July 31st will enter the donor in our Win a trip to the new Sanctury! Just a $20 donation-mark  your checks ” Building Fund” and you are entered 10 times and the donation will go towards purchasing our very first shed!.



Beautiful Belinda

Meet Belinda! Belinda is a true beauty with a heart of gold!

At only 5 years old, this sweet little girl has so much life ahead of her and deserves so much more love than she’s been shown in the past. She appears that she possibly had puppies in the past. Belinda is at the vet today getting her ready for an exciting new adventure. She is getting spayed, and getting a small bump removed. She is in great health otherwise! She is amazing. She will obey commands, like sit, stay, and lay down. She is completely house-trained and uses the doggie-door faithfully! She loves hanging out with other dogs, loves kids, and all people she meets. She has a gentle heart and just wants to snuggle with her human and snuggle with you! She was the perfect foster pup!

If you would like to help with Belinda’s medical bills, she would really appreciate it!

Belinda is currently in Bakersfield, CA. If you would like to make Belinda a part of your family, please fill out our adoption application!

Meditation Garden

Now that we have an address to mail our Memorial Bricks to I can place our first order. It will include all the bricks you have purchased for our Meditation Garden. We are talking to an artist about creating a work of art with these bricks. just a wall seemed too ordinary.

Our Meditation Garden will be situated on a knoll, under a grove of shade trees over looking the kennel area. There will be wandering walking paths, wind chimes, benches, chairs and hammocks for relaxing and garden statues and pieces of art. There will be water feature and a place to honor our lost ones. It will provide a place for retreat and create a place where everything is soothing and peaceful. It will honor our love for our dogs and give us time to remember those we have lost.

If  you have not ordered you Sanctuary Memorial Brick you can do that now. We are also offering

$100-250 Buy a brick
$500 Plaque on a chair
$1000 Plaque on a memorial bench
$2500 Name a building in honor of your dog


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