Sanctuary Wish List

SCCR Wish List

Amazon Wish List  

Ship items to: SCCR 9785 Peppermint Creek RD, Jamestown, CA 95327

DOG FOOD-Either one of these or your choice. The dogs love it all, canned or dry.
Costco’s Kirkland
4Health at Tracter Supply
Wellness, Natural Balance

Costco’s Kirkland
Friskies or Paws N Claws cat food, canned dry

Fruit and Veggies for the pigs and goats.

Shop Vac
Office Desk
Full Sized Refrigerator
2 or 4 horse trailer
Stock trailer
Utility trailer
Small Tractor or Bobcat
Wheel Barrows-rust and holes ok, will be used for a planter

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