Pet Trusts

Are you a responsible pet owner? Then you have a Pet Trust.  If you don’t then you need to hop to!

It is the only way to guarantee your pets will be provided for after you are gone. We see too many cocker spaniels in shelters that ended up their because their owners didn’t provide for them with a Pet Trust.  Please don’t let your babies down, it is your responsibility to make sure they are taken care of.

The Pet Trust Primer from the ASPCA outlines what a Pet Trust is, why you should have one and how to get started.

Peace Of Mind Pet Trusts will create a Pet Trust for you for a fee or you can contact your Estate Planning Attorney and they can add your pets into your Estate Planning.

Here is an excellent FAQ on Pet Trusts to answer your questions.

Why do you need a Pet Trust and not use your Will.  Because instructions in a will are not enforceable. Wills only disburse property.


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