One Two Three!

AlvinThis week we rescued not one but three senior boys. First was Alvin, a sweet 10 year old boy living with a family in Modesto. He needed medical care but they couldn’t afford his vet bills so they called us. We were delighted to be able to say we could help. After a few tests it turned out that Alvin probably has Cushing’s Disease and he will be tested for that on Monday. With the proper meds he will live a normal, happy life.

VayleThen we heard about Vayle a 13 year old boy in the Animal Friends of the Valley shelter. He had been turned in several weeks before by  his family. The shelter contacted us to rescue him but before we could respond a family had adopted him. We were delighted, that is until they changed their minds and brought him back. This time we made sure we got him. He is adorable. His teeth were a mess and after a dental they had to remove 17 teeth!

CorwinLast, but certainly not least Carolyn found 10 year old Corwin at the the California City shelter. She fell in love with that cute face. Who wouldn’t?

All three of these sweet seniors need foster homes while they wait for us to find them permanent homes. They are also eligible for our Sanctuary Program where we pay for their medical bills for the rest of their lives. Can you help?

Donations to help with our seniors medical bills

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