Soon She Will Be Bright As A New Penny

A friend showed up unexpectedly with a family in tow at 9:30 pm the other night! Janice was asked to look at their dog’s skin. They took her to a vet who wasn’t able to help. They stated that they adopted her about 2 months ago from Woods Humane Society where she was just fine. Currently, half of her fur is missing,  and she has bloody rips in her skin where she is aggressively scratching her wounded skin. She looks miserable! We took Penny into our rescue, and transported her to our vet the next day, who treated her for a bacterial infection caused by allergies. Now she is on antibiotics, medicated shampoo and allergy meds and in several weeks or months​ she will be as good as new. She is about 6-7 years old and needs a foster or an Adopter! Penny is very laid back and easy-going. She does well with the other foster dogs, and is great with the bunny. Penny is not a barker. We are working on house training, and she is learning to use the doggy door. Donations towards Penny’s medical bills are very much appreciated!

A Gentle Girl Named Babe

My name is Babe and I am searching for a new family. I thought I would be with my momma for the rest of my life, but my momma has Alzheimer’s, and is slowly forgetting to care for me. I like to think I have been a faithful and loving companion to my momma for all 11 years of my life, but the assisted facility thinks it is time to share my love with a new family. My human momma unfortunately has Alzheimers and it is the worst thing ever, to know that someone loves you so much, but just can’t seem to remember who I am or that I need care. My family has made this difficult decision to help me find a loving family that will care for me for the rest of my life. I am a gentle girl who would do best with an older family that can take me for walks a few times a day and help me shed a few pounds to get down to a healthier weight. I have never really been around cats or younger children, but I do ok with other dogs. I am spayed, up to date on my shots, and in general good health for my age.

Would you consider being my final forever family and promise to love me like my momma wants me to be loved? I am being fostered in the Bay Area of Northern California. Please get your applications in fast! I am a keeper!

Donations towards Babe”s medical

Helen the Brave

Helen3Meet Helen, our newest sweetheart. Helen came from the San Jacinto shelter where she ended up after being picked up as a stray.  This poor girl has never known care in her short little life.  The shelter aged her at 7 years old, but her teeth are pretty good so she may be younger.
She has multiple mammary tumors, both chains will probably have to be pulled.  They are numerous and large.  
She has enormous cherry eyes; the right cherry eye is so big it has pushed her eyeball down behind it and you can barely even see the eye unless you move the cherry eye out of the way.  The left eye also has a huge cherry eye covering most of it, and looks ‘big’ (possible glaucoma) and has a huge scar on the surface, so no doubt some corneal abrasion/ulcer from a long time ago that was not treated.  She may be blind.
Helen1Her shelter notes said she has luxating patellas on both back legs, but she walks fine, gingerly, but she can walk.
The inside of her ears were absolutely black. They did not appear or smell infected, but were unbelievable dirty.

We cleaned her up and have given her a lot of TLC. She is very sweet and friendly.
She will be paying a visit to Dr. Card on Monday.
Any donation, large or small, is much appreciated toward medical attention for this girl.
She’s looking sad now, but we’re hoping soon, with SCCR love and care, her tail will be wagging.

Not Just a Number to us

Inland Empire dog1A1242444…That’s what they call me. How can that be? I used to belong to a family. I used to have a home. Now I am sitting on this cement floor, shivering, wondering what the heck I did wrong?

The other day, someone came into my kennel who I heard is a rescuer. I hope it’s good news for me.

Inland Empire dog2PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get me out of here. I promise I will be the best dog you could ever imagine. I can’t wait to snuggle on a sofa, take walks, go for car rides and lots of other fun things, with my new forever family.

We heard you, “A1242444.” Second Chance Cocker Rescue is coming to your rescue and we are going to call you Tina.

Tina is the fourth sick dog we have committed to in the last week and we can’t afford another without your help. Please help us keep our promise to TinaWe couldn’t do it without you!

We will keep everyone posted on her freedom ride this Tuesday, and when Tina is available for adoption! We would also like to thank the Inland Valley Humane Society for reaching out to us to rescue this girl and for being so easy to work with.

A Beautiful Flower Named Daisy May

Daisy May

Meet Daisy May. This 7 (to 8) year old beauty was rescued two weeks ago from a shelter in Modesto, CA. A huge thanks goes out to the volunteers at the Modesto shelter who helped us pull and transport Daisy May and also Garth and Missy.

Daisy May came to us with a lot of matted fur, infections in her ears and terrible teeth. We got her shaved, her ears medicated and she is feeling a lot better. Just look at her smile and beautiful red merle coloring!

Daisy May’s front and back legs are unique. Her front legs look like she walks on her ankles. Her back legs look like they were once fused together then separated. The vet thinks this is a condition she was born with but it doesn’t appear to be slowing her down in any way!

Daisy May - happy girlIn the two weeks she has been part of the SCCR family, we have found Daisy May to be sweet to people, other dogs, loves to cuddle and always has a doggie smile.

We are hoping to do dental work on her soon, and she is very eager to find her forever home. Could you be the one?

Thank you so much for your support for this sweet girl!

A promise to Promise

We rescued Promise in 2004. She was covered with mange and her skin was cracked and bleeding all over. We worked promise at the shelterwith three other rescues to pull her from a shelter in Southern California, finding a foster in Northern California and transporting her up there. We were so grateful for everyone’s assistance.

Terry adopted Promise on Mother’s Day for her mom, who passed away Promise with momjust a few short months later. Promise got Terry through some pretty tough times; losing her mom, a divorce and moving to a new residence. Through all the trying times and happy ones too, Promise was her best friend and confidante. Every year Terry sent out a “Promise” newsletter to everyone involved with her rescue. We so appreciated the updates, and adorable pictures of sweet Promise.

Terry and Promise had an amazing bond for 11 years. This month, Terry had to say good bye Promise with Goldento Promise after several months of illness. We all know how hard it is to lose our best friend, but we know Terry loved and cherished Promise every second she had her. Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not have found a better mom for Promise and we are so glad to have been a part of her life too.

Rescue does not stop at pulling a dog from the shelter. It means a lifetime commitment to each and every dog. Finding good homes filled with love.

We are committed to our work and our dogs. We are so grateful to have your support so we can keep doing what we do best.

Promise with rosesIn Terry’s last newsletter she said, “I loved that little girl with all my heart and she will be with me forever.”

Please help us save more lives by making an donation in memory of Promise.

A Lucky Boy

We got a call last week from a woman in San Bernadino who found a Cocker Ramsey3Spaniel who had been hit by a car. Her vet thought he had some broken bones. Second Chance Cocker Rescue decided to take over and get this boy transported to our vet at Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital in Corona.
Although he was breathing easily, they found he had air in his chest and wasn’t bearing weight on his legs. They felt he was not in immediate danger or in need of surgery. After running tests and sending them out to a specialist, one of the vet techs took him home overnight to look after him. Early the next morning, he was returned to the veterinary office for further x-rays and tests. He was still not bearing weight easily on his legs or eating on his own. They put him on IV fluids, pain medication and a urine catheter. He slept at the veterinary hospital that night. The next morning the second round of test results showed he did not suffer a break or fracture. It was just a severe strain which will take a couple of weeks to heal. We were so happy to hear this Ramsey1news! He started eating on his own. He was still having trouble peeing but Dr. Beely, his main vet, wanted to avoid surgery to prevent any extra strain.  He will be staying at the veterinary hospital until he is able to walk and pee on his own. This past weekend, he continued to get stronger. Everyone at the Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital loves this boy. They say he is the sweetest thing ever. He takes his medication easily, no matter how much pain he is in. They estimate his age to be between 5 and 7. Besides the injuries, his bloodwork came back healthy. His original rescuer posted his information all over. Nobody has come to claim him. Ramsey2

Any donations to help with his rehab and recovery are much appreciated.  

As soon as he’s healed, you will see his smiling face on our dogs for adoption page.

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