Skin and Bones Senior in Desperate Need of TLC

Emily3Say hello to this beautiful 14 year old senior we named Emily. She was found wandering the streets of San Jacinto, CA. She is an average height of a Cocker but a skin and bones weight of 15.2 pounds. She was probably having trouble finding food to survive. Since we’ve had her, she’s been eating well, and will hopefully start putting on weight soon. 
Her teeth were in terrible shape and our vet had to remove all of them. She’s now eating softened kibble and canned food. She may be hearing impaired as she sleeps soundly through loud noises around her. 
She is great with other dogs, and a total love bug with humans.  
Would you consider making this angel part of your family? Emily is eligible for our Sanctuary Program. This means, if you decide to make her a forever part of your family, we will take care of all medical expenses for her entire life! You get a great dog as a family member without the worry of medical bills. It’s a win-win situation!
In the meantime, any donations toward the medical and dental care for sweet Emily are much appreciated!

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