Soon She Will Be Bright As A New Penny

A friend showed up unexpectedly with a family in tow at 9:30 pm the other night! Janice was asked to look at their dog’s skin. They took her to a vet who wasn’t able to help. They stated that they adopted her about 2 months ago from Woods Humane Society where she was just fine. Currently, half of her fur is missing,  and she has bloody rips in her skin where she is aggressively scratching her wounded skin. She looks miserable! We took Penny into our rescue, and transported her to our vet the next day, who treated her for a bacterial infection caused by allergies. Now she is on antibiotics, medicated shampoo and allergy meds and in several weeks or months​ she will be as good as new. She is about 6-7 years old and needs a foster or an Adopter! Penny is very laid back and easy-going. She does well with the other foster dogs, and is great with the bunny. Penny is not a barker. We are working on house training, and she is learning to use the doggy door. Donations towards Penny’s medical bills are very much appreciated!

A Gentle Girl Named Babe

My name is Babe and I am searching for a new family. I thought I would be with my momma for the rest of my life, but my momma has Alzheimer’s, and is slowly forgetting to care for me. I like to think I have been a faithful and loving companion to my momma for all 11 years of my life, but the assisted facility thinks it is time to share my love with a new family. My human momma unfortunately has Alzheimers and it is the worst thing ever, to know that someone loves you so much, but just can’t seem to remember who I am or that I need care. My family has made this difficult decision to help me find a loving family that will care for me for the rest of my life. I am a gentle girl who would do best with an older family that can take me for walks a few times a day and help me shed a few pounds to get down to a healthier weight. I have never really been around cats or younger children, but I do ok with other dogs. I am spayed, up to date on my shots, and in general good health for my age.

Would you consider being my final forever family and promise to love me like my momma wants me to be loved? I am being fostered in the Bay Area of Northern California. Please get your applications in fast! I am a keeper!

Donations towards Babe”s medical

Cricket is Chirping with Gratitude

Cricket2Meet Cricket. This adorable and gorgeous girl was found wandering the streets and was picked up, by good samaritans. They saw mammary glands hanging down and thought she might be pregnant. Thoughtfully, they took her to a vet immediately, and learned that she is NOT pregnant. Cricket does have a host of health issues, including a mammary infection.  We are going to have her spayed next week, and take care of all of her medical needs. She was not microchipped and signs were placed around the area and social media was used to see if anyone claimed her. So far, no one has come forward.

We had her groomed and as you can see, she looks stunning! The vet, estimates her to be about 5 years old. Cricket1She is very sweet and mellow and gets along well with everyone.

This beauty will find a new home, in no time. However, in the meantime, anything that you can donate, to help with this sweet girl’s medical expenses is greatly appreciated!

Daisy Needs to Learn how to Bloom

Daisy 3Daisy was purchased as an 8 week old puppy by a couple without children. They retired when Daisy was about 5-6 moths old and started traveling, leaving Daisy home alone for weeks to months at a time. She was left with an auto waterer, a doggy door to access the patio and a timed feeder that was refilled by someone once a week. She would be left without any animals or people to interact with for 3 years. Finally, a family member convinced the couple to rehome her.

A loving family bought her at 3 years old. She was great with children and adults once she knew them. She loved to play ball and of course receive treats. She loved to sleep in bed with her humans. She loved walks and car rides. It sounded like Daisy was the perfect dog, even after such a debilitating 3 Daisy 4years. Unfortunately, she was far from perfect.

According to her new owners, Daisy would growl at anyone entering the family home, and try to scare them away. She would also do this on walks. Daisy would try to escape from a room or the house if she had the opportunity. She was somewhat dog aggressive. If she didn’t get top dog position, she would attack other dogs, especially if they were near her food or toys. She had a high prey drive, trying to attack small animals and cats. She would endlessly scratch at doors in hopes of getting outside to catch her prey. She had separation anxiety. When she was nervous she whined, wagged her tail endlessly and panted. She barked when left home alone. She found things to be neurotically intent on. If she had a ball, she would roll it under furniture and then cry until a person retrieved it for her. The vet said this was a result of not having any interaction for long periods of time when she was young. She was terrified of the rain in the backyard, probably from her first three years of being alone, but fine taking walks in the rain if she went out the front door. She was extremely sensitive if scolded, making her pant heavily for hours. Finally, she was a food thief, getting into everything she can, even drinking toilet water.

This family LOVED Daisy and did everything in their power to try to rehabilitate her, but she was overwhelming for them. They felt she needed help through a rescue organization which had experience with dogs like her. They contacted us at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, and we decided to take Daisy, work with her and eventually find another loving home suited for her personality. Behavioral work takes time and money, but we are up to the task! We will keep everyone posted on her progress. In the meantime, anything you can give to help her positive reward training is much appreciated!

Caring for Carly

Carly1We love Cocker Spaniels, don’t get us wrong, but unscrupulous breeders make our blood boil! Meet Carly. The family that used her to breed, decided they had enough of her, and dumped her at the shelter. One of our volunteers found her in pretty bad shape; an irritated neck from a collar that was too small, matted fur, smelly ears (probably an ear infection), small tumors and a huge growth, low on her belly. Many times, when a female dog isn’t spay early, they develop tumors. Below is a photo of the giant growth. On top of everything else, she had one cherry eye that was never fixed.

Carly went in for surgery Monday.  Carlys mamm tumor1The huge growth turned out to be an inguinal hernia. When she was opened up, her small intestine and spleen were teetering on falling into the opening. Carly was spayed and had 4 small mammary tumors removed to be biopsied. Finally, she had the growth under her left eye removed and the cherry eye tacked down. Dr. Card did a beyond amazing job and we cannot thank her enough for her time, care, patience and love. Carly is resting comfortably and seems to be in good spirits.

Carly appears to be around 3 years old. She is a little shy with our volunteers, but no doubt she has been stuck with an unsupportive family for all that time.

We have quite a few medical needs dogs right now, but there was no way we could pass up saving this gorgeous little lady. Anything you can give to help us give Carly the best care possible is so appreciated. Soon she will be ready to be someone’s forever girl. Could it be you?

Rescue Groups Coming Together to Help Willie

Willie lores2Willie found himself at the West Valley Shelter two weeks ago. His owner had died without making any arrangements for him. Not well himself, Willie was now sleeping on cement floors and had lost all hope. Lucky for Willie, Springer Spaniel Rescue found him. They pulled him, but when they found out he was a Cocker Spaniel, they called us. We took one look at that face and couldn’t say no!

Once he was out of the shelter on his “Freedom Ride,” his tail started wagging, but he was hesitant to trust after all he had been through. The Springer Spaniel Rescue’s Vet told us he’s approximately 6 years old, he is blind and he may also have a urinary tract infection. We will be taking him to an eye specialist to find out why he is blind. We are short on fosters ourselves and trying to find him a foster home ASAP so he does not stay in a boarding facility for long. He slow to allow people to pet him and so far not giving out any kisses. We are working on helping him to feel safe. Any donations toward his vetting and boarding are appreciated. If you are able to foster or would like this handsome boy to know his future is secure in a loving home, please contact fill out our foster/adoption application. Thank you.Willie lores3

Our Big Dream for the Future

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We have a dream of building our own facility. We want a place where you can come visit us and meet all the dogs; a place where the dogs can live in comfort until they are adopted or find a foster home. We want live in staff, heated and air conditioned cute houses for the dogs with huge runs where they can run and play with their friends. We want a Bed & Biscuit area for the seniors and we want it bigger and better than ever before. We want it in a location that is easy to get to and fun to visit. We want to give you tours and let you stay to play with the dogs.

Just last year a supporter left us something in her will. It was just enough to get us thinking that maybe, just maybe with a lot of hard work and more money our dream could be a reality. We are not afraid of hard work and we hope we can raise the money to make it all come true. SONY DSC

We took our first check and started an investment account that is the start of our dowpayment for some property. We are calling it the Building Fund. It will go towards buying property, buildings and equipment. We are years off from making our dream come true but we wanted to let you know our plans and if anyone wants to help us make them come true you can make a donation and mark it for the “Building Fund”. We will add it into our investment account and let it grow while we write business plans, work on grants and make this happen.

Help us make the dream come true. Thank you.

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