Zoey – A Love Story

Katherine and Zoey
Zoey and Portia

Zoey came to us in 2013. She was rescued from a shelter just north of Sacramento. Soon after, she was fostered by a family in Encino with two children who adored her. In early October of that year, a woman named Katherine saw Zoey on the Second Chance Cocker Rescue adoptable dogs page, and fell in love. Zoey’s foster family brought her over, and the bond was immediate. Katherine adopted Zoey, and they were best buddies, unseparated for two beautiful years. Zoey would sit with Katherine, who still lived in her own home, while she knitted. Zoey never left her side.
A few weeks ago, Katherine’s health deteriorated and she passed away. Her loving family returned Zoey to her original foster family. Before she returned, Katherine’s family told us that Zoey was the best friend and greatest gift Katherine could have had in her golden years.

Harley and Zoey

Zoey’s foster family only had her again for a few weeks, before a young couple saw her on the Second Chance Cocker Rescue adoptable dogs page. As many people look for young dogs, this remarkable couple was hoping for a more settled, middle-aged dog. They found that and more in Zoey. They officially adopted her this past weekend and couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone involved, Zoey’s love story continues.

It takes a community to rescue, rehabilitate, foster, network, treat, train, care for and adopt.

Any donations you can give are always appreciated.

Zoey with Martin and Anja

3 Comments on “Zoey – A Love Story

  1. This sounds like the story from my cocker spaniel from Second Chance. Mandy came into my heart as she stepped out of the car and into my life. She is always at my left side day and night . She gives me so much love and she is even learning ways to play with me in her gentle ways. She loves meeting with other dogs but is content to just lay her head in my lap. I hope your Zoey brings love to your home asMandy has to mine.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Tresa. We’re so happy for you and Mandy too. Thank you for your love and support for rescue and Second Chance Cocker Rescue. We couldn’t do what we do without so many amazing people who support us!

    • Would you be willing to send your story in to petco.com/holidaywishes and you and Mandy could help Second Chance Cocker Rescue win some money for the dogs every adopted story helps us. You will need these at the end of the nomination form Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Elizabeth.mazzetti@cox.net , 805-687-4674. Thank you! Julie Volunteer

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