A Gentle Girl Named Babe

My name is Babe and I am searching for a new family. I thought I would be with my momma for the rest of my life, but my momma has Alzheimer’s, and is slowly forgetting to care for me. I like to think I have been a faithful and loving companion to my momma for all 11 years of my life, but the assisted facility thinks it is time to share my love with a new family. My human momma unfortunately has Alzheimers and it is the worst thing ever, to know that someone loves you so much, but just can’t seem to remember who I am or that I need care. My family has made this difficult decision to help me find a loving family that will care for me for the rest of my life. I am a gentle girl who would do best with an older family that can take me for walks a few times a day and help me shed a few pounds to get down to a healthier weight. I have never really been around cats or younger children, but I do ok with other dogs. I am spayed, up to date on my shots, and in general good health for my age.

Would you consider being my final forever family and promise to love me like my momma wants me to be loved? I am being fostered in the Bay Area of Northern California. Please get your applications in fast! I am a keeper!

Donations towards Babe”s medical

Please Help Me Heal My Ears!


URGENT! Gentle, sweet Lovey needs ear surgery on both ears as soon as possible! This little senior lady has had chronic ear issues that were left mostly untreated, until she came into the SCCR Sanctuary Program. It has come to that point for Lovey, that we either go forward with this ear procedure, or we will be forced to make a difficult decision because of her poor quality of life going forward. We are going to use a surgeon in Ventura, CA, so a foster for post-op care in that area would be deeply appreciated. The cost will be $4k to $4.5k. Lovey has reached the point now where all other options for her care have been tried and are no longer working. She is the sweetest, most darling girl,


Lovey’s ear

and we believe that Lovey deserves to have a painless and comfortable life, surrounded by a family that loves her. Won’t you join with us to give Lovey the gift of comfort, in her senior years ahead? No gift is too small! Please help us to help Lovey!


Giving Thanks and a B&B for Seniors

Today is Thanksgiving, and we at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, have a lot for which to be thankful. To date this year, we have rescued over 1,000 dogs and we have some doggone great things planned to expand our Sanctuary Program.  We are especially proud of our Sanctuary program and the ONE BIG THING we need to change is HOW MANY dogs we can help.

Honey3 cropHere to introduce the opening of the new Bed and Biscuit area for our seniors, is our newest senior, Honey.
“Hi, Honey here. Two weeks ago, I was left at the shelter by my family. They said I was getting old and need too much care. I am only 12, for heavens sake! The next thing I know, I am on cold concrete surrounded by a lot of barking dogs. Everyone at the shelter said I was too old and no one would want me. I had just about given up when Meg from SCCR showed up and told me this was my lucky day! SCCR had decided to expand their Sanctuary  Program, and I was the first Cocker invited to live in the new Bed and Biscuit Annex in Romoland, California.
Bed & BiscuitI didn’t know what a Bed and Biscuit was but wow, it’s great! It’s almost like being at home. There are comfy couches to sit on, dog beds all over the floor, a huge play area with trees and soon there will be other oldsters like me to hang out with all day. Best of all, Carolyn comes out to give me lots of love. I will have 9 more roommates soon. I can’t wait! They said I am available for a Sanctuary home, but I can stay here forever if I don’t get one. No more shelter for me, ever!
I was so grateful for this opportunity, I asked if I could be the Bed and Biscuit spokes-dog. And here I am; safe, happy and I have a great new job!
The only thing we need now, is your assistance to help fund this project. You can help by signing up as a monthly donor of the Bed and Biscuit Club or just send us a check!”
Love, Honey
PS: I like to eat twice a day, so don’t skimp on those donations!”
Thanks, Honey. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our goal is to open our new facility in January, 2016. To help make this happen, we are setting up the Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership with some great incentives, including invitations to a Spring Bed and Biscuit Club Afternoon Tea and a B&B Club Fall Party. Please consider joining and help us to take the best possible care of Honey and her friends.

Guardian circle – $200 a month and up

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit, free tickets for 2 to all SCCR events including Cocker Picnics, WAGS and Holiday Boutique events.

Service Dog circle – $100-199 a month

Each donor will receive:  Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift. Also, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit.

Support Dog circle – $75-99 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift.

Defender of the Pack circle – $50-74 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, and one $25 gift.

Keeper of the Pack circle- $25-49 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar and Bed and Biscuit newsletters.

$50 gifts: Two tickets to any SCCR event including the picnics, WAGS or the Holiday Boutique.

$25 gifts: Mouse pad, note cards, mug, all with the B&B logo

Our Bed and Biscuit link is still under construction. In the meantime, please use this Paypal link and in the “add special instructions to the seller” area please let us know where you would like your money to go.
We are determined to rescue even more seniors from the shelters this coming year. We have several more ideas to expand our Sanctuary program that we will be rolling out soon.  Stick around and help us save even more lives!
Thank you for your continued support!

A Lucky Boy

We got a call last week from a woman in San Bernadino who found a Cocker Ramsey3Spaniel who had been hit by a car. Her vet thought he had some broken bones. Second Chance Cocker Rescue decided to take over and get this boy transported to our vet at Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital in Corona.
Although he was breathing easily, they found he had air in his chest and wasn’t bearing weight on his legs. They felt he was not in immediate danger or in need of surgery. After running tests and sending them out to a specialist, one of the vet techs took him home overnight to look after him. Early the next morning, he was returned to the veterinary office for further x-rays and tests. He was still not bearing weight easily on his legs or eating on his own. They put him on IV fluids, pain medication and a urine catheter. He slept at the veterinary hospital that night. The next morning the second round of test results showed he did not suffer a break or fracture. It was just a severe strain which will take a couple of weeks to heal. We were so happy to hear this Ramsey1news! He started eating on his own. He was still having trouble peeing but Dr. Beely, his main vet, wanted to avoid surgery to prevent any extra strain.  He will be staying at the veterinary hospital until he is able to walk and pee on his own. This past weekend, he continued to get stronger. Everyone at the Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital loves this boy. They say he is the sweetest thing ever. He takes his medication easily, no matter how much pain he is in. They estimate his age to be between 5 and 7. Besides the injuries, his bloodwork came back healthy. His original rescuer posted his information all over. Nobody has come to claim him. Ramsey2

Any donations to help with his rehab and recovery are much appreciated.  

As soon as he’s healed, you will see his smiling face on our dogs for adoption page.

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