Build It And They Will Come!

We are very excited to announce that Timothy and Connie Wagner have donated enough money to start building our Kennels…we have enough to put in a parking lot ( mandated by the county ), build the kennels and put in all the fencing! This incredibly generous donation is in memory of their very special Cocker Spaniel Arlo. In his memory we are naming our Sanctuary “Arlo’s Second Chance Sanctuary”. This donation will help us get up and running in months instead of years!

So we are starting out the year with 21 acres of land. As you see lots of trees, grass and shrubs but not much else. Soon we will have pictures of our new 10 spot parking  lot, working on building kennels and putting in fencing. We will keep you up to date and the pictures flowing. We expect to end the year with lots of stories and a full kennel up and running.

Ericka Caudillo will be our Sanctuary manager and she and her family are already moved into the trailer and are helping us get ready for the dogs. She is perfect for this position.

We still need your help, we need another washer/dryer set, an ATV or Golf cart, gravel for paths, heaters/coolers for the kennels,  shelving and storage boxes, we have tons of projects that still need your help with….

Be part of the dream, donate towards the Sanctuary. Arlo would approve!

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