In Loving Memory Of

If you would like to send a donation in someone’s memory just include a note stating whom you are remembering. If you would like us to send a card to the family please include their name and address.  We can also add pictures now if you have one you would like to share.

In memory of my old friend Tim, Jeffery Staggs

In Loving Memory of my brother, Tim Wagner from Mara Carmen

In Loving Memory of Tim Wagner from Pam & John Clark

In Loving Memory of Tim Wagner from John Ginger

Merry Christmas in honor of Aunt Sue! from Eric Wilson

In loving memory of Karma and Sampson from Kay Dutton

In honor of Beckham Blackledge Sanders from Stacy Graham

In memory of Ann Summers from Kathleen and Ron Freeman

In honor of our boy Bayly, terrific black Cocker spaniel family member, on national black dog day! from Joyce Johnson.

In a loving memory of our beloved Tommy from Quyen Vigliotti

In memory of Ann Summers to help with the building fund from Rhonda Huddleston

In Loving Memory of Sadie Githens from Karla Rodriguez

In Loving Memory of Ann Summers from Michelle Saalfeld

in Memory of Ann Summers from Pamala Anderson

In Memory of Ann Summers from Susan Goff

In memory of Ann Summers who selflessly gave everything she could to her precious Cockers. She will be missed by so many. from Sandy Hansen

In memory of Ann Summers from Laura Summers

In loving memory of Ann Summer who did so much for the cockers A beautiful spirit, taken from us too soon, from Aruna Fazel

In loving memory of Kitty Foran, 97, who loved and cared for dogs her whole life, from Joyce Johnson.

In honor of Ann Summers, who brought sweet Stella into our lives many year ago. We are truly grateful, from Mary Sorensen

In honor of Ann Summers who brought Andy to us 14 years ago. Andy turned out to be my heart and sole and I thank you so much for all the work you did for the Cocker Spaniels, from Judy Arnold


I’ve just signed up to do a monthly donation in honor of Colette, my lovely doxie mix, sister of Rose, my 11 yrs old Cocker rescue, who passed away 1-year ago today from Cecille Madriaga

In memory of Addie and Rory from Julie Lepper

In honor of Mickey, Alfie, Lucky, and Lucy from Nancy Luckoff

On behalf of my caring and dear friend Stephanie Robotham from John Barninger


Donated in loving  memory of her brother Nigel Spencer from Rebekah Spencer

Donated in honor of Nigel Spencer from Adam Schwartz

In fond memory and fellowship with Nigel Spencer, from your friends and co-workers at Visual Concepts and Mass Media. We miss you.

In memory of Skipper, Ashley, Miss Rose, Buffy Rose and all the Cocker Angels
from Mary Inez Abbott and Angela Mia

In memory of Donna Sarisin from Dawnn Winter

In honor of Ricky from Betty and Robert Berna

In honor of Tiffany Miller from Charles Strike

In honor of our beloved 14 year old Lilly, we miss her terribly from Terry

In memory of Nellie, Jessie ad Rosie from Beth and Danny Morris

In Honor of Susan E Keens for her Birthday from Angela Newman

In memory of my cockers Bajrang and Boscar from Savithri Shamabhat

In memory of Bonnie Hirsch from Peter Wohlfeiler

In honor of sue and Kenny Palmer from Aimee Wilson

Merry Christmas Sue and Kenny Palmer from Marcia & Keithel

In honor of Sue and Kenny Palmer

In memory of Marlene Maus and her beloved cocker spaniels,
From her nieces Laura and Julia Maus and
their Families (Ben, Claire, Mayor and Al, Rey and Finn).

In memory of Mary Anne Gaynor from the Sunshine Committee,
Coyote Ridge Elementary School

In memory of Duffy from Joanne & William Gotelli

In memory of Janet Swisher DeMatheis

In honor of Charlie from Linda Evans

In honor of Christine from Ed Shuey

A thank you on benefit of Tucker

In memory of Lani from Danny Dickson

In memory of our Maggie from Karen Staples


In memory of Milly, Roscoe, Beau and Buffy from Nancy and Alan Fields

In memory of Sweet Kawaii from Sharon Kantanen


In honor of Pat Buttress’s Birthday from Peggy Woods

Donated in memory of my Toby. Give Zahn a hug and kiss from me. Lynne Hayman

In honor of Dan Montgomery and Thunder, from Matthew Wilson

In loving memory a Polly Bennett’s cocker Pogo, from Colleen Barbato

In memory of Maya, from Madeline and Jerry Travis

Donated in memory of Toby, who passed on June 1, 2018. Forever in our hearts, from Lynne Hayman


In honor of Duffy Gotelli, from Joanne and William Gotelli

In loving memory of our cocker girl Elise, from Jane Piper

In memory of Marie Puchli, mother of Donna Sarasin and Fur-Grandma of Sidney, from Amy Reynolds

In loving memory of Jane Goodman of Freson who so loved her cocker, from Carla Vincent, Mike Goodman and Gayle Perry.

In memory of Tucker, from Phil and Annette Satterlee

In memory of Toby, from his guardian

In Honor of Jon Wolfon’s 50th Birthday, from Olivia Cohen-Cutler

In memory of Chocolate, a gentle giant, loved by everyone he met.
Thank you for making our world brighter!
Love, Michele, Scott, Harley, Portia, Gracie, Lulu and Comet

In memory of Liki, from Margaret Facchino

In memory of Milly, from Alan and Nancy Fields

In loving memory of Lisa Levenstein, honoring her passion for cocker spaniel rescue’s over the years, from Nanci Freedberg

In memory of Lisa Levenstein, from Scot Neuberer

In Honor of my rescued Punky and In memory of Morgan and Taffy, from Pat A. Hufford

In Honor of Sue MacCagno Palmer, from Kristine Martin

In honor of Bode and T-Bone, from Karen Losee

In loving memory of Kysha and Kealy, rom Triniti and Tailer

In memory of Dusty (a.k.a. Captain Jack) forever in my heart, Donna Panttila

In memory of Missy, love Mona Nicoll

In memory of Arthur Loren Lewis on behalf of “Teddy”, “Ringo”, and “Nina”, his beloved pets.

For the Bed and Biscuit program from SCCR alums Harry and Mr. Magoo aka Tucker (adopted to AZ in Aug 2014 and doing great!), from Annette Satterlee

In memory of Maggie and Bailey Girl from Patricia Dent

In honor of our Abby from Alan Davila

Happy Birthday EB, Love Sandy

 Happy Birlthday Elizabeth, from Virginia RUBSAM

In Honor of Elizabeth Mazzetti on her special day for all she does and In Memory her rescued amazing Duffy.
from Julie Luther

In loving memory of Promise, from Terry Thompson

In memory of Davis, from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In Honor and Loving Memory of My Cocker Coco Vigliotti ,
and on behalf of three Current Cockers/Poodle Puppies Tommy, Thea, and Charlie
From Quyen Vigliotti

In memory of Promise, a very special girl, from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In loving memory of my sweet boy Higgins, from Michele Gitomer

in loving memory of my amazing boy Duffy from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In memory of Beau and in celebration of Carrie and her family, Love Sami Holthaus

In memory of Ziggy, From Robert Morrison

In honor of Dr Michelle Karron Belkind, From Olivia Cohen-Cutler

In loving memory of my beautiful boy Pierre, From Laura Summer


In honor of Jake, From Sue Kroyer

 In memory of Harley and Friends,From Leslie Costa

 In memory of Barney and Duncan, from Thema Jane Olsen

 In honor of Cakes, From Deborah Patula

 In honor of Autumn, From Ellen Wolfgang

 In honor of Evans Ann Stout, from Mr Ralph D. Stout Jr.

In memory of Moose, from Janice Awalt

Remembering our precious Cinderella, from Jennifer and Mike Lawrence

In honor of Charlie, from Calnon Hardy

In honor of Tiki my foster dog, from Leilani Bost

Thanks for our Ricky, from Betty Berna

In honor and memory of one awesome senior, Beau! From Carrie Mangiapane

In honor of Scarlett, from Sheila Selover

In honor of Peaches, from Ken and Jeanine Davids

In memory of Douglas and in honor of Dana Stroh
a great rescue mom and wonderful human being, From Jill Stroh

In honor of Goof, from Julie Kelly


In memory of Seth, from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In memory of Douglas, from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In memory of Ollie and Wally, from Kerry O’Connell and Nigel Spencer

In memory of Nellie, Jessie and Rosie from Dan and Beth Morris

In memory of sweet Jackie from Barbara Andrews

In memory of Millie. Thank you for bringing Milly into our life.
We miss her very much. From Alan and Nancy Fields

In memmorium of Lady from Richard and Jeanne Kendall

For the doggies, from Billie McKenzie and Lori Lemons

In memory of Casey, from William Nagel

In Hershey’s memory from Rene Kendrick

In honor of my beautiful Sadie from Amanda Jane Reynolds

In honor of Brady from N.L. Fort

In memory of Tristian and his foster mom, Lynn who took such good care of him
from Elizabeth Mazzetti

In honor of Lovey, my very sweet girl,  from Arlene Bowman

In memory of Harley who is running and playing with his friend Ziggy Bear
and can now lay his head on Presley’s back.
Forever in our hearts and memory. From Leslie Costa

In loving memory of Harley, from Monica OCallaghan

In honor of Zoey,  from Justin and Sampos Cook

In honor of Eve and her beautiful  pups, Lily, Suzie, Galina,
Tank and Do Dad and all their lucky adopters.
With tender love, Barbi Andrews their proud foster mom

In memory of Janet Dematteis, from Lori Dematteis

In loving memory of Ziggy Bear and Harley our two sweet Bed and Biscuit buddies
from Elizabeth Mazzetti


In loving memory of Abigail Jo from Randy and Elizabeth Ball

From Jill to Dana Stroh, my amazing sister and wonderful cocker foster mom. Happy Birthday.

In memory of  Ester and in Honor of his parents Olivia and Andy’s anniversary, from Donald Cutler

On Behalf of my best friend Hershey, from Robert John Spiers

In honor of Baby Girl and her four pups, Mapolean, Cooper, Charlie and Augie, from Barb Andrews

In Honor of Prinny’s good news, from Claudine and Dennis Lingo

In memory of Arthur Lewis, from Kathy, Rich, Emily, TJ, Rachel and Kris

In honor of Duster and his mom from Anonomous

In honor of Harley and Friends from Leslie Costa
In memory f Arther Lewis from Kathy & Rich Hundahl, Emily & TJ Borden, Rachel & Kris Otnes
In loving memory of “Jimmy”, the sweetest little senior every, I love you and miss you dearly, from his mom Barbi Andrews
In  honor of Snickers from John and Deanna Ries
In memory of Duffy Gotelli from Joanne Gotelli
In memory of our wonderful Molly, from Karen Ellick
In memory of Einstein from Christine Green
In memory of Barbara Thornley, from Marla Franklin
In memory of Jimmy and great appreciation of his mom Barbi from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In loving memory of Joey From Digazia
In loving memory of our beloved Quinn, from Claudine and Dennis Lingo
In memory of Mischeif Powell, from Jackie and J.D. Powell
In memory of Shadow, from Bonnie Warman
In memory of Ollie and great appreciation of his mom Amy from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In memory of Ray Charles, Sage and Cyrano, from B. Andrews.
In appreciation of Saide, from Amanda Reynolds
In memory of Janet Dematteis, from Lori Dematteis
In honor of Cassie Kern and my daughter, Jamie Meacham from Janet Grey
In memory of Carey, Bixby, Nelson, Reggie, Rudi and Gretchen from Bill Nagel
In honor of Ziggy from Robert Morrison

In memory of Rudy from Jill Stroh
In memory of Maureen Murray a wonderful cocker mom, from Elizabeth Mazzetti
Thank you for all you do from “Lulu” and the Barnwell Family
In memory of “Hannah” beloved cocker of her mom Cynthia Coleman from Shannon Akin
In memory of “Rudy” Stroh from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In loving memory of “Sassy”  from her loving dad, Ed Shuey
In honor of Kate Silsbury’s Birthday from Cheryl Gurse and Carol Keator
Remembering our cockers “Raleyh”, “Bailey” and “Topic” from Marialana Knorpp
In honor of “Mattie-The-Cat”, from Nancy Stouffer
In memory of “Augie” from N.L. Fort
photo 1.JPGHalloween 2012.jpgIgirls.JPG b-day girls.jpg
In memory of my two Cockers, Maggie and Bailey Girl, who just passed away last week 6 days apart. They spent their whole lives together and hopefully are together again now. They were my babies and I am heartbroken without them. They were the best thing that ever happened to me and the loves of my life. from Patricia Dent
In memory of “Max” from Margaret Hargrove
In memory of Carl Jensen from Barbara Martin
In memory of “Jocko” from his dad Mark Pentifallo
In memory of “Sadie” Klaft from Amy and Eric Black
In honor of Lee Finley from Heather Bracken


In memory of Saucey and Butter, who brought much love and many gifts to my sister, from anonymous

In memory of Gerry Volpi my dearest neighbor and friend, from Mary Van Dyke

In honor of “Mac” & “Journey” from Rom and Kathy Freeman
In memory of “Sparky” from Dianne and Gregory Jones
In loving memory of “Maggie” Saylor and in honor of her wonderful mom Pam–Elizabeth Mazzetti
In honor of Brady–N.L. Fort
In memory of Joey, a devoted companion to both my husband and me–Lynne DiGrazia
In memory of Willy, rescued by Peggy and loved by all who met him, from Julia Price
In loving memory of “Brandy” 1998-2012, from Jean Barnes
In honor of Murray, my very sweet boy, from Randy Chelsey
In memory of Chowder, our beautiful, loving, companion, from Janet Larsen
In honor of Diamond, from Jeannette Lacey
In memory of Zoe, from Albert J. Winn
In memory of my very best friend, Barbara Mitty, from Lillian Toll
In honor and memory Skippie, Ashley, Miss Rose, Buffy Rose, from Mary Abbott
In honor of Bailey and Charger, from Allan and Sheila Selover 

In memory of “Shadow” and in honor of his wonderful Sanctuary mom, Bonnie, from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In memory of sweet little Bentley, from Kelly Alberton
In honor of Mickey, from Michelle Freye
For Elizabeth’s Birthday, from Lauren and Randy May

In honor of Max and his new family, from Susan and Art Carnan
In precious memory of my first foster McTavish, what a love; although he passed 3 years ago he opened my heart to the needs of more seniors like sweet Kelly-girl who passed the year before. You are all forget-me-nots, from Barbi Andrews
In loving memory of Sandy-Boy, who blessed my home for 2 Thanksgivings;
thanks to Elizabeth for pulling him from Lancaster shelter, from Barbi Andrews
In honor of Elizabeth Mazzetti’s birthday, from Robert & Kimberly Reiser
In honor of Cyrano, an “honorary” Cocker Spaniel who has helped foster numerous
SCCR senior sanctuary dogs. From his mom, Barbi Andrews
In memory of Jordon, from Carol Bartholme
In memory of Janet DeMatteis, from Lori DeMatteis
In honor of Allie, from her moms Karen and Terry
For Joann and Elizabeth in honor of the hundreds of loving cockers they have saved, Thank you both!, from Randy Chelsey
In honor of “Bella” Kapoor, from Anil and Susanna Kapoor
This is a holiday gift for my boss Maria who owns the most wonderful cocker
named Bob! Also a rescue and they lived happily ever after. from Susanne Kampe
Thank you for saving Chloe, , and for making my mom happy. From Laura Miller
In awe and appreciation of Lisa Levenstein and all the cockers she has rescued, from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In memory of “Sampson” Stroh, from Jill Stroh
In honor & memory of Hunny Whatley, from Gretchen Beckert
In honor of my sweet little Max baby, the gentlest pup in the world. —
–You are cherished, missed and always will be loved!, from Randi Kay Stephens
In  honor if Ricky’s adoption one year ago, from Betty Berna
In memory of “Chloe” Parker, from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In honor of Roger & Tina Sandusky, from Robert & Carol Goodkin
In memory of my “Brandy”, from Rene Kendrick
In memory of “Oliver” Moffitt, from Anomomous
In honor of Elizabeth’s Birthday, from Ron and Mary Fitzgerald
In honor of my two “wigglebutts”, from Jane Piper
In honor of “Liki”, from MK Facchino
In honor of Harley and his friends, from Leslie Costa
In loving memory of ” Nellie”, from Beth Morris
In memory of my Lasey, “Lasey, my puppy girl, you almost made 18-Even though we had so much time together I still wanted more. You will be forever in my heart-I love you so much!!””, from Patty Gillen-Rizzo
In honor of Elizabeth’s Birthday, from Dana Stroh
In loving memory of “Lala” Gerads, from Elizabeth Mazzetti
In honor of Donna’s wrist, from Shirley Cornelius
In memory of our beloved “Charlie” from Linda and Al Schafer
In memory of Vicki Grant, from Barb Mittry
In memory of Mimi, Gibbs, Sarah,Beau, Checkers, Gentleman – our dear sanctuary dogs from Joann Reagan
In memory of “Winston”,  He’ll always be the love of my life, from Mira Becker
In honor and memory of “Bruno” who passed Aug 4, 2012 from Ron Dunn, Kathy &Ron Freeman
In honor of “Sienna” from Rochelle Armstrong
In memory of “Marlowe” from Elizabeth Mazzetti

If you would like to send a donation in someone’s memory just include a note stating whom you are remembering. If you would like us to send a card to the family please include their name and address.  We can also add pictures now if you have one you would like to share.



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