Our Scrumdiddlelyicious Sugar Cookies are homemade and hand painted to order. Custom order any arrangement you want. 100% proceeds go to our dogs! They are so pretty you won’t want to eat them. But they taste even better! They make great hostess gifts, baby showers gifts, Valentines presents and include shipping. Our amazing baker Terri donates all the proceeds to SCCR to cover the medical costs on our dogs.

$5 large $2.50 small
12-50 cookies 10% discount
51+ cookies 15% discount


“We ordered the postcard sugar cookies from SSCR website during the holidays. We were ABOVE and BEYOND impressed! Theresa was able to match the likeness of our sweet departed Gertrude onto tasty sugar cookies with an almond flavor. OMG will do this every time it’s offered! Thanks SSCR!” -Jennifer

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