2014 Annual Letter To Our Supporters

DorieThis year, with your unfailing support, we rescued over 140 dogs and supported 34 dogs in loving sanctuary homes. We created our new “Team Lead” positions which allow us to expand into new geographical areas covering the state of California more completely than ever. We welcomed four new team leads into our organization and they are proudly leading SCCR rescue efforts in their locations.  They have helped us rescue dogs from hopeless situations giving them not just hope but medical attention, loving families and a promise that we will always be there if they need us.

IMAG0199Buddy and Bo’s mom passed away when on vacation leaving them at the pet sitters with no instructions on what to do with them so the sitter took them to a shelter in Sacramento. Even though Buddy is a senior with health problems and Bo is snippy with strangers we found them a home with two mom’s who think they are absolutely perfect. Tiny was “rescued” by an independent rescuer who abandoned her in a foster home after pulling her from a shelter in Los Angeles. We stepped in, got her medical care, surgery and found her a sanctuary home where we will make sure she is properly cared for, for the rest of her life. That is what real rescue is and we won’t settle for anything less

AnnieTalia was hit by a car and sitting in a Bakersfield shelter with a shattered pelvis when we found her. With your support we were able to pay for the $4,000 surgery, nurse her through her recovery and find her a home where she is now the reigning princess. Annie was pulled from the Stockton shelter. At 3 years old she was already completely blind from cataracts. We asked you to help us give her sight back and you answered without hesitation. One surgery and six weeks recovery later her dad tells us “It’s like a whole new world opened for her.”

Gilly-4We are looking forward to this coming year, here at SCCR. We will be launching our new HALO Cocker Spaniel Registry in February. It will offer Cocker Spaniel owners another option to ensure their babies are safe when they are gone.

We will continue to grow without sacrificing the quality of work we do and we are proud to have you with us every step. We thank you for being an important part of Second Chance and helping us save lives,

Best wishes for a fabulous 2014,
Elizabeth Mazzetti,

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