It’s a girl, and a boy and a girl and …

We had our eye on Eve sitting in the Moreno Valley shelter but we were pretty full. The shelter contacted us. They had shaved down Eve and found out she was eminently pregnant. They needed a rescue to take her immediately. Carolyn from Romoland stepped up and offered tEve and babieso whelp her. We could see that poor Eve was still lactating from her last litter. Talk about not giving a girl a break. We settled her in and on Tuesday evening at 9pm Eve had five bouncing baby girls and boys.

This is what Carolyn said  ” Oh my….2 boys and 3 girls!  Beautiful babies, color is fabulous as you can see in the picture…..3 whiter ones and 2 buff/champagne colored ones.  One is a total runt, and I mean runt…..tiny and skinny.  The runt is a boy.  They have nice big ears, so I’m hoping will look like cockers!!

But, all are squirming, squeeking and nursing…..Eve is a great mom.  She had them about 9:00 last night, no muss no fuss.”
We are proud of you Eve and promise cross our hearts this is the last litter you will have to have!

4 Comments on “It’s a girl, and a boy and a girl and …

  1. We adopted a Cocker Spaniel about two years ago his name is Tico and we are so happy to have him. living in San Diego. I am really interested in a female puppy. Would you please contact me once they are available to be adopted. Thank you for everything you do , Irelia

  2. Over the last 28 years, I have had 3 Cocker Spaniels. My last one is nearing the end of his life. I have so enjoyed all of my boys from the moment I got them until they took their last breath. I would be interested in a male pupply if you have any left. Thank you, Sissy.

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