Maggie’s Second Chance

Maggie’s mom and dad passed away recently, and she needed to find another forever family! Maggie was very sad, and missed her dad so much. Yvonne fell in love instantly with her picture! Maggie was transported to her new home in San Francisco.

Update on Maggie: Hi Debra, we had a good night and she has definitely settled … Only kidding about not liking the face washing – I LOVE IT!! Maggie ate her dinner and is now on to breakfast and a couple of long walks today. Right now she’s beside my desk on HER chair looking out the window… but there is no more whining or crying… Maggie is now as calm as a cucumber. Hugs Yvonne! 

We keep doing what we do, thanks to our village. Maggie is a great success story, but there are many dogs that are still in need. We continue to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate with the help of volunteers and donors. Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Charlotte is Barking, Thank You

We received an urgent plea for this temporarily sad, but sweet female, black and white Cocker at the charlotte-before2high kill SEAACA shelter in Downey, CA.

She was dumped there, by her owners at age 12, because they said she is “going blind.” She was a nasty mess, with a coat drier than straw and skin underneath, that felt like sandpaper.  They must have been feeding her a very low grade food and then thrown the bag outside, for her to eat.  She is overweight from the bad food.  She was likely used as a breeder dog, her entire life.  Her nipples are huge and mal-formed. This sweet baby has been neglected for a long, long time.

Given her appearance, she was being passed on by potential adopters, and most likely soon to be euthanized.

Second Chance Cocker Rescue jumped in, and she took her “freedom ride” a few days ago!

Look at this lovely girl now! We’ve named her Charlotte. After a little cleanup, she has nothing but smiles now.

She is very sweet, quiet, mellow and barely moves around. She is a large girl, and needless to say, she is now on a diet!  She has a little snotty nose right now, so her spaying is still a couple of weeks off.  She has stinky breath and will desperately need dental work after she is spayed.

charlotte-after1We shaved her down and as you can see, she looks gorgeous! Sometimes, it doesn’t take much, to bring a beauty from rags to riches. Her bottom eyelids just droop a bit, so she has a little bit of the Elvis hound dog look to her, but she does not have cherry eyes.

Charlotte, and all of our fur babies are so grateful for a second chance. Please help us to keep rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating.


Sweet Lucy is getting a Second Chance

IMG_0436Second Chance Cocker Rescue makes a promise to all the dogs we rescue. They will ALWAYS be taken care of.

Lucy was adopted out 5 years ago to a gentleman in Nevada. He passed away, and Lucy was returned to us at 10 yrs old because we always take our dogs back.

She has several medical problems we need to deal with. She has a torn ACL that we are treating with acupuncture and a brace, her liver enzymes are high and she has bladder stones. We are making sure she has good care, but needIMG_0451 help paying for her vet bills. Any help you can give is so appreciated!

Lucy is being fostered, and her foster dad Gil has decided she will stay with him as a Sanctuary girl. He sent us these photos. Look how happy she is!

Second Chance Cocker Rescue wants to thank Gil and all our other foster families, forever families and donors. It takes a village!

Update on Athena Who’s Hoping to See Again

IMG_6922Remember my¬†story “Not just a number to us” from November 2015?¬†It’s me, Athena, back with an update on how I’m doing.

Nobody is interested in adopting me because of my cataracts. By golly, I’m only four years old! I think it’s silly, because I find my way around¬†fine on walks and jumping up onto¬†my foster mom’s bed.

Lucky for me, my¬†angels at Second Chance Cocker Rescue are trying real hard to fundraise, so I will be able to see again.¬†I met with a really nice vet named¬†Dr. Michael Chang at VCA West Los Angeles last week to see¬†if I’m a¬†candidate for cataract surgery.


I was a really good girl. I made it easy for the doctor to look into my eyes. He really liked me a lot! I also had two fancy procedures called an electroretinogram
and an ultrasound,¬†which looked even deeper into my¬†eyes. The good news: Dr. Chang said I’m¬†a great candidate for cataract surgery in both eyes. The bad news: I was told by my foster mom, it’s an expensive procedure, about $5,000.¬†13138862_10154353602828273_2379244130057433606_n

If any of you out there can help and donate to my cause, it will make me wag my wigglebutt so much! And I’m ready to meet my family,¬†¬†jump on your laps, sleep in your bed and be your forever girl.¬†¬†I can’t wait to meet AND see you!





Caring for Carly

Carly1We love Cocker Spaniels, don’t get us wrong, but unscrupulous¬†breeders make our blood boil! Meet Carly. The family that used her to breed, decided they had enough of her, and dumped her at the shelter. One of our volunteers¬†found her in pretty bad shape; an irritated neck from a collar that was too small, matted fur, smelly ears (probably an ear infection), small tumors and a¬†huge growth, low on her belly.¬†Many times, when a female dog isn’t spay early, they develop tumors. Below is a photo of the giant growth.¬†On top of everything else, she had one cherry eye that was never fixed.

Carly went in for surgery Monday.  Carlys mamm tumor1The huge growth turned out to be an inguinal hernia. When she was opened up, her small intestine and spleen were teetering on falling into the opening. Carly was spayed and had 4 small mammary tumors removed to be biopsied. Finally, she had the growth under her left eye removed and the cherry eye tacked down. Dr. Card did a beyond amazing job and we cannot thank her enough for her time, care, patience and love. Carly is resting comfortably and seems to be in good spirits.

Carly appears to be around 3 years old. She is a little shy with our volunteers, but no doubt she has been stuck with an unsupportive family for all that time.

We have quite a few medical needs dogs right now, but there was no way we could pass up saving this gorgeous little lady. Anything you can give to help us give Carly the best care possible is so appreciated. Soon she will be ready to be someone’s forever girl. Could it be you?


Yodi 1
EMERGENCY RESCUE! This is Yodi! This little 5 year old cocker boy needs our help! He is partially paralyzed due to an accident. He does not have full control over his lower body, and drags himself around by his front legs. Yodi needs a safe home where he can recover from his injury. He is seeing an acupuncture practitioner, and they are seeing positive signs of recovery.
Yodi needs a medical exam, X-rays, and to see Yodi 2a specialist in order to regain the use of his legs. Yodi is a happy, sweet boy and he deserves a second chance at a happy, healthy life with a loving family. He loves kids, and other dogs. Please help us to help Yodi! Please donate to save Yodi’s life!¬†¬†Thank you!

I Need a Little TLC!

JonesyA week ago I was just a number. I long number behind bars in a cold, scary place. People walked by and laughed at me, but I wasn’t sure why. I’m cute and lovable. I was hoping one of them would take me out of the kennel to play with me. I prayed with my little paws for a way out. The stars must have been aligned because a really nice lady came, took me in her arms and brought me to a warm and comfy home. I heard her talking to some others, saying I have something called a prolapsed rectum. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that I’m not that comfortable around my back side. I may look silly sitting like a frog, but it’s easier for my tushie. I heard her say they are going to fix me up so I will feel good and look good. I’m so happy to have this second chance to have a happy, healthy life. I promise to keep you posted!

Love, Jonesy

Anything you give to help our newest medical needs dog, Jonesy is so appreciated!


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