Coins For Cockers

coins-for-cockersMolly here!

I would like to invite our SCCR friends and supporters to join us for our February Fundraiser: COINS FOR COCKERS!

Simply get a large jar, bottle, or can.  Download Coins-For-Cockers jar label  here to attach to your jar. After two months of collecting coins, you will cash in your coins and send a check to SCCR.

***Ask for your friends, family, or favorite organization to help fill your container with as many coins as you can collect!
***Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, workplace, school, or simply put it in your office while you work!

If you would like to raise funds for a certain pup in need of medical care, you can get the picture and bio from the website blog or adoptable dog postings.

Please help us to help the pups that SCCR is currently caring for! Contact us if you have any questions! Thanks again for all you do for the pups we rescue!

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