An Unlikely Pair

Bella Maria & RoscoeBella Maria is an older woman who has fallen for a younger man. She and Roscoe lost their human family when they were taken to the shelter but they vowed not to be separated and managed to convince the shelter staff to beg us to take them both. They are adorable together. They sleep together, they check in with one another all the time and they share food bowls.

0704130836dBella Maria is about 8-10 yrs old and a purebred Cocker girl while Roscoe is only 3 yrs old and a Maltese /Shih tzu who looks just like a Muppet and snorts when he is excited. She is a sweet gentle soul and he is silly and full of himself.  Roscoe has cataracts but she takes care of him and he watches out for her. When they came in we could tell no one took very good care of them for a long time. Bella’s nails were grown into the pads of her feet, several of her teeth were abscessed and their fur was matted and filthy. But as long as they were together they were happy.

0704130836bWe got them both cleaned up and gave Bella Marie a dental and pedicure. Now Bella Marie and Roscoe desperately need a foster home while they are waiting for their forever family to find them. Can you help?

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