0623131919fQuiggly’s dad was elderly and when he passed away at home the paramedics did not know that Quiggly was in the back yard. They left without notifying anyone about him. Lucky for Quiggly the neighbor noticed him and started throwing food over the fence and dripping her hose over so he would have food and water until she could get him out of there.

0623131919aHer friend Frank agreed to keep him until we could pick him up on Saturday. When we met Frank and Quiggly in Elk Grove after our annual picnic he was stressed and confused from everything that had happened to him. He quickly settled down in his foster home and immediately made friends with their other foster girl, Sarah Jane. He and Sarah Jane would play and play and play for hours.

2 Comments on “Quiggly

  1. Elizabeth. I am so glad that quiggly made to Janis’s house on the central coast. I am honored to be able to take quigly to the vet for you. Hopefully he is in great shape and finds his forever home soon!

    • We appreciate your help so much! We got him an appointment on Thurs at 1:30. His new mom is very anxious to meet him. We are scheduled to meet up with her on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!

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