Deciding On A Theme

Picking out the look and feel of our Sanctuary was difficult. Once we decided on a Gold Mining Town theme, figuring out how to create it was even harder until we saw the Hurst Ranch Sheds for sale just down the road at the Hurst Ranch Feed Store.This is four sheds placed together to look like a street.They run 8 x 8 to 10 x 12 each. Big enough to house a few Cocker Spaniels very comfortably. For the dog kennels we are going to insulate and drywall each shed. They will have radiant heating in the floors for the winter, ceiling fans and swamp coolers for summer. We will upgrade to air conditioning if we need to. Each kennel will be furnished with a comfy sofa or overstuffed chair for napping. The dogs will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Their runs will be a huge 80′ x 80′ and fill with trees, hammocks, chairs for us to relax on and a million smells, new each day. They will have their very own playgroups of their own best friends and plenty of room for us to hang out with them.

The first shed we need is to cover our well pump and filter. We decided to keep the feel all over the property we would use a Hurst Ranch Shed for this too. It will go next to our Hurst Ranch Barn Shed. This will cost approx $2000, perhaps less as we have been offered a discount on labor. Thank you, yes!!!

Just a reminder all donations that come in by July 31st will enter the donor in our Win a trip to the new Sanctury! Just a $20 donation-mark  your checks ” Building Fund” and you are entered 10 times and the donation will go towards purchasing our very first shed!.



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