Foster Volunteer Program

Foster A Cocker Today!

Second Chance Cocker Rescue Foster Application

Every dog you foster for us saves a life. We are always short of foster homes and we really hate to turn away dogs. Can you help us?

These are dogs from local shelters or families that can no longer care for them. These dogs need our help and we need yours to keep them safe and comfortable in a loving environment until they find their new homes.

Once you decide you want to help, you and we will select a dog which will fit into your home and lifestyle. We have both long term and short term foster opportunities available.

We will take care of all medical expenses and grooming. You provide food, a bed and a loving home. We can furnish any special equipment needed and, of course, we are available for support or advice at any time. If the arrangement doesn’t work out, we will certainly understand.

We also need Sanctuary homes for senior or terminally ill dogs that would otherwise be considered “un-adoptable”. These are permanent foster homes where we pay for all medical costs and the foster family provides the love and a comfortable home for the rest of the dogs life which could be from a few months to a few years.

If you have room in your heart and home to foster a cocker spaniel, please complete the application below.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

See how rewarding being a foster family can be!

Foster Process: An application form will be filled out by prospective fosters and a home visit scheduled. The foster agreement will be signed before the dog goes into foster.


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