Peeling Away The Walls

We have started the repairs to the trailer. First we focused on the back bedroom and started with the water damage in the ceiling…we found some critters had been making their home in the rafters. We put out traps and battled the wasp nest in the circuit box. That wild life sure likes to make it self at home.

We will be replacing dry wall, struts and insulation in the ceiling and walls where there is water damage. We can’t tell how extensive it is until we pull open the wall. We have started on the worst area hoping it will be better in other areas. We need Lowe’s gift cards and donations to purchase dry wall, 2x4s, insulation and paint. We found some one to volunteer for the labor…Thank you Ray!!

Several wonderful supporters have offered some amazing donations:
-Lisa and Mission Linen are offering us towels, linens and paper goods
-Debra and Joan have offered washer dryer sets
-Mary and Wayne have offered pavers, we need help getting them from Santa Barbara to Jamestown. Anyone have a trailer that can take a heavy load?

We also need: dry vac, 600 sq ft floor tile, half wine barrels, for planting flowers in, and anything else you can think of. Thank you so much for your support!

You can help in many ways…sweat equity, donations of building materials and  equipment and for larger cash donations we can offer the following:

$100-250 buy a brick
$500 Plaque on a chair
$1000 A memorial bench
$2500 Name a building in honor of your dog


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