Volunteer Opportunities

We are a virtual group so having volunteers further away is not a problem. What are you interested in? Good at? Enjoy the most?
We are working in putting together a grant writing team, a fundraising team for the Sanctuary. We could use help with data entry for our master dog file and tracking our Sanctuary dog expenses.
Doing something as simple as sharing our Facebook posts even helps…we get lots of donations from them and the larger the coverage the more donation we get. Hold a Facebook fundraiser  for us….It is a  great birthday present to yourself or your cockers. All the money goes to rescuing more dogs.
Any way you can support our efforts or help us grow would be very welcome.

2-3 volunteers to get donations for our Holiday Gift Boutique in Dec.
(comfortable asking for donations, organized)

  • Call/email/send letters to get donations of items to sell at our Holiday Gift Boutique  Dec 13th.
  • Make sure every donor gets a thank you card

A team of volunteers to coordinate our annual picnics
(organized, creative event planners)

  • Create a more organized fun picnic
  • Get donations of items to raffle/sell at the picnic
  • Create signage, decorations, etc…

SCCR Store Organizer

  • Create a facebook page to sell SCCR fundraising items
  • Post and manage the page and sales
  • Ship items-store items at your house so you can ship them

Foster Coordinator
(organized, good with people)

  • Screen applications
  • Maintain current list of foster homes and which dogs they have
  • Point of contact for fosters with problems
  • Help find new fosters

Volunteer Coordinator
(organized, good with people)

  • Find new volunteers
  • Maintain contact list of current volunteers
  • Send out monthly volunteer newsletter(short)
  • Interview new volunteers
  • Make sure new volunteers get any training needed

Admin position to help with paperwork
(2-3 hours a week, organized, dependable)

  • Data entry in Excel spreadsheets, WORD docs
  • Scanning, filing, organizing

Foster homes

foster homes, foster homes, foster homes anywhere in California.

Transporting Our Dogs

Santa Barbara to the Bay Area
Santa Barbara to Camarillo
Santa Barbara to Santa Maria
Romoland to Santa Barbara
Paso Robles to Santa Barbara
South CA Shelters to Romoland


Interested in Volunteering?

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