Arlo’s Sanctuary Building Sponsorship Fundraiser

This is the Arlo’s Sanctuary Building Sponsorship Fundraiser. It’s purpose is to give you a chance to sponsor a kennel, pasture or the hay barn. You will get a sign will be mounted on the buildings where all see. The pastures, goat and pig pens will have a stone placque. Pick your spot. Make a donation.

1-Dog kennel…$5,000–SOLD..Darcey’s Sweete Shoppe
2- Dog kennel… Bank-$5,000
3- Dog kennel… Mercantile -$5,000
4-Feral Cat House…Bordello -$5,000
5- Dog kennel… Gazette -$5,000
6- Dog kennel… Saloon -$5,000
7-Guest House -$5,000
8-Sherrif’s Office -$5,000 – SOLD Arlo Waggontail, Sheriff
9- Dog kennel… -$5,000 HOLD “Ann’s Apothecary”
10- Dog kennel… Doctor Office -$5,000
11-Goat pen-$2500
12-barn…Livery -$10,000
13-Pig Pen -$2500
14-Pot Belly Pig Pen -$2500
15-Horse Pasture-$3000
16- Horse Pasture-$3000
17-Horse Pasture-$3000
18-Hay Barn and Feed Store -$5000

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