Romeo Is A Real Heartbreaker

RomeoRomeo was only 12 weeks old when his family called us and said they wanted to find him a new home because he was blind. He had juvenile cataracts and was having trouble adjusting. When we met Romeo he was afraid to come out of the crate and he flinched when anyone got too close. He had nightmares when he was sleeping where he cried and whimpered.

Romeo 4The first thing we did was make an appointment with our eye specialist in Arroyo Grande. We have to wait until the 25th to see her but in the mean time we started working on his self confidence and training him to deal with the world as a blind boy. He has learned to come when called, to navigate strange places and meet new people. He has learned to deal with stairs, door ways and walking on and off leash. He now loves to go for off leash beach walks, meeting new dogs and people. The nightmares have subsided and now he loves to tease the other foster dogs in the house.

We can’t wait to schedule his surgery so he can see again but until then he will be a well adjusted boy and will enjoy his puppy months instead of living in fear of the black world around him.

Donations to help Romeo see again

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