2020 Will Be The Year Of The COCKER!

Greetings from Second Chance Cocker Rescue. This past year was a busy one for all of us at SCCR, and we have no intention of slowing down in 2020!

As you know, our primary mission has always been to rescue and find loving homes for Cockers throughout California. At times we have been called on to expand our reach to neighboring states. And, this past year we went worldwide by launching our Global Rescue Fund. The inaugural class flew from China to Los Angeles in October. This crew of five beautiful Cockers was saved from terrible conditions associated with the dog meat trade. It took a veritable squad of people to coordinate their rescue, but our amazing team of volunteers was up to the task. I am happy to report all five are now thriving. Another five are set to arrive soon, rescued from the same unthinkable fate, and we can’t wait to meet them.

In news closer to home, we purchased land for our Sanctuary made possible in no small measure by long-time donors The Maios. A place where our seniors who have yet to find their forever homes can reside in comfort, the Sanctuary will also include space to house adoptable Cockers we are unable to place in temporary foster care and Cockers in need of behavioral training for aggression and other socialization issues.

We are thrilled to see this dream becoming a reality. Our efforts last year focused on the permitting process and cleaning up the property. This year we will build the kennels, erect fencing, and construct a parking lot. A generous donation from Timothy and Connie Wagner, made in memory of their special boy, Arlo, has made this possible. We are pleased to announce the facility will be named “Arlo’s Second Chance Sanctuary.

On behalf of all of us at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, I would like to thank you for furthering our mission. You have made a real difference in the lives of so many deserving Cockers (and a few Cocker-wannabes). Thanks to you, more than 150 dogs realized their best lives last year, and their adoptive families have been blessed with the unique brand of love rescue pups offer.

Rico, Floyd, Madee, Duncan, Belinda, Furby, Lucky, Dante, Daisy May, Happy. These are just a few of the Cockers for whom you provided so much last year. Thank you once again for being there. Every day, I am humbled by your amazing support and generosity.

With gratitude,
Elizabeth Mazzetti
Founder and Exec Director
Second Chance Cocker Rescue

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2 Comments on “2020 Will Be The Year Of The COCKER!

  1. Do you have any affiliated rescue located in canada – particularly ontario?

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