Sanctuary Update

Looking down from the trainer

Dear Sanctuary Supporters,

Our first update on the Sanctuary work! We  got the utilities turned on and got a wonderful surprise. The previous owner told us we would need a new hot water heater and HVAC system in the trailer..nope, they all work just fine. In fact the hot water heater is almost new.  Now, we need to do some repair on the water damage from last winters storms and replace the carpet with tile. Lastly, the trailer needs to be spray washed and painted. Does anyone want to come help with those projects? The more volunteer help with this kind of work the quicker we will be up and running. We will also need some cash donations to purchase building materials and donations of building materials if you have them. Like the tile for the trailer. We can find it on sale for about $1 a square foot or if you have any old extra boxes of tile around we can use it in the trailer and the kennels.

We also need to build a shed over the well very soon to protect it. That will cost about $1500-2000 and we can use your help building it.

Before Picture of the Trailer

The next big step is the kennel permit. I have to sit down next week and pull together all the paperwork and drawing for the kennels. The design is in my head but needs to end up on a map so the Building Dept and Animal Control can see it. When the first draft of paperwork is ready I will take it to the head of Animal Control and make sure everything we need is there.  Then we need to raise $2,900 to submit the kennel application to the county building department. So far, we have raised $2,000 this week and I hope you  will help us make the whole $2900 by the end of the week so I can get this application in as fast as possible. It will take 3-6 months to process by the county depending on how well I have documented everything. I don’t want to make this process any longer than we have to by delaying because of a lack of a few hundred dollars.

One view outside the trailer

What we need this week is:
$2900 for the kennel permit application fee
$1000-1500 for a well shed
$500-1000 to fix up trailer
Handy men and women to help fix the trailer
new or used shop vac, wheel barrow, basic tool set, shovel, etc…


With great anticipation,
Elizabeth Mazzetti

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