Meditation Garden

Now that we have an address to mail our Memorial Bricks to I can place our first order. It will include all the bricks you have purchased for our Meditation Garden. We are talking to an artist about creating a work of art with these bricks. just a wall seemed too ordinary.

Our Meditation Garden will be situated on a knoll, under a grove of shade trees over looking the kennel area. There will be wandering walking paths, wind chimes, benches, chairs and hammocks for relaxing and garden statues and pieces of art. There will be water feature and a place to honor our lost ones. It will provide a place for retreat and create a place where everything is soothing and peaceful. It will honor our love for our dogs and give us time to remember those we have lost.

If  you have not ordered you Sanctuary Memorial Brick you can do that now. We are also offering

$100-250 Buy a brick
$500 Plaque on a chair
$1000 Plaque on a memorial bench
$2500 Name a building in honor of your dog


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