2017 SCCR Cocker Reunion Picnic

img_5665-getting-donations-for-sccrYou are invited to the
2017 SCCR Cocker Reunion Picnic

If you have not joined us before,
this is your chance to have tons of Cocker fun in the sun!

Jul 15th — Rincon Beach Park in Santa Barbara, CA    11-3pm


$20 per person
Includes a BBQ chicken lunch with vegetarian option,
Nail trimming for the pooches,
Silent Auction

Purchase Santa Barbara Picnic Lunch 

Please let us know how many dogs will be joining you.

To pay by check, send it to:
SCCR, 1168 Palomino Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
If you wish to pay for lunch at the picnic then just send your RSVP
to elizabeth.mazzetti@cox.net one week before the picnic date.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Santa Barbara

IMG_5649AWho is invited? Everyone! Adopters, supporters and volunteers too. Let’s show off our rescued dogs!

The Santa Barbara picnic will be held on July 15th at Rincon Beach….yep, we  will  be on the  beach yet again where there will be surf and sand for the dogs to frolic on and a large grassy are for those of us who like to keep our feet dry.

We will have RafflesGift bags for the dogs, free nail trimming, a silent auction and a wonderful BBQ chicken lunch with a vegetarian option.

If you would like to join the planning teams for either picnic then give us a heads up, we would love the help!

Maggie’s Second Chance

Maggie’s mom and dad passed away recently, and she needed to find another forever family! Maggie was very sad, and missed her dad so much. Yvonne fell in love instantly with her picture! Maggie was transported to her new home in San Francisco.

Update on Maggie: Hi Debra, we had a good night and she has definitely settled … Only kidding about not liking the face washing – I LOVE IT!! Maggie ate her dinner and is now on to breakfast and a couple of long walks today. Right now she’s beside my desk on HER chair looking out the window… but there is no more whining or crying… Maggie is now as calm as a cucumber. Hugs Yvonne! 

We keep doing what we do, thanks to our village. Maggie is a great success story, but there are many dogs that are still in need. We continue to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate with the help of volunteers and donors. Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

WAGS: Our Exciting Annual Event!

In less than one week, Second Chance Cocker Rescue will be hosting our annual fundraiser called WAGS. WAGS stands for Wine, Art and Garden Sale and the proceeds go to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming our wagging, wigglebutt Cockers.

Sponsored by: Daniel Gehrs Winery located in Los Olivos, CA and Second Chance Cocker Rescue. The $25 admission donation includes wine tasting, appetizers, silent auction, live auction, door prize drawing. Auction items will include wines and wine tastings from wineries like Tolosa in San Luis Obispo County; Stevenot and Domaine Becquet in Calaveras County, David Coffaro in Sonoma County and other 2016042295111822wineries. Also included in the auctions will be casino and golf packages, art from local artists, ceramics, jewelry, fused/slumped glass, succulents, birdhouses and amazing gift baskets.

Check out our Facebook album to see some of the 20160422_110008amazing items we are offering!
If you can’t make the event but want to bid on any of these auction items? No problem. Sign up to phone in your bids with our team of volunteers ready to take your call. Fill out a Phone Bid Sign Up Form and return by April 29th and you will be eligible to participate in our auction.

All proceeds go to the dogs! Thank you for your support!10456042_1361633860528950_2962574687765067262_n

Our Big Dream for the Future

L42A1265 copy

We have a dream of building our own facility. We want a place where you can come visit us and meet all the dogs; a place where the dogs can live in comfort until they are adopted or find a foster home. We want live in staff, heated and air conditioned cute houses for the dogs with huge runs where they can run and play with their friends. We want a Bed & Biscuit area for the seniors and we want it bigger and better than ever before. We want it in a location that is easy to get to and fun to visit. We want to give you tours and let you stay to play with the dogs.

Just last year a supporter left us something in her will. It was just enough to get us thinking that maybe, just maybe with a lot of hard work and more money our dream could be a reality. We are not afraid of hard work and we hope we can raise the money to make it all come true. SONY DSC

We took our first check and started an investment account that is the start of our dowpayment for some property. We are calling it the Building Fund. It will go towards buying property, buildings and equipment. We are years off from making our dream come true but we wanted to let you know our plans and if anyone wants to help us make them come true you can make a donation and mark it for the “Building Fund”. We will add it into our investment account and let it grow while we write business plans, work on grants and make this happen.

Help us make the dream come true. Thank you.

Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

Meet Dolly, the newest addition to Second Chance Cocker Rescue’s Bed & Biscuit home for senior dogs.Dolly before1

We found Dolly in terrible shape. Her teeth are beyond horrible. Once her teeth have been cleaned, she will probably lose most of what teeth she has left (many are already missing.)  We’re not sure about her vision yet, but with her cataracts, she appears to have minimal vision.

Even with all of that fur, she was mellow and calm while being groomed.  She is very sweet and is doing great with the other dogs at the B&B (2 of her friends are also blind!)

We were so happy to have the opportunity to bring Dolly to the Bed & Biscuit. She is a dog that would have most likely been skipped over at the shelter. Thanks to donations we are able to pull dogs like Dolly and give them a second chance to be loved and cared for and best of all, they give love back a million times over.Dolly after1

Thank you for your continued support!

Grand Opening of the Bed & Biscuit

FB_IMG_1452220779930We are proud to announce the grand opening of our Bed & Biscuit Annex on January 1st, 2016! This will increase our current Sanctuary program allowing us to house 10 more seniors at any one time. It is also just in time for Toby, a 12 year old boy who was surrendered by his 92 year old mom just in time for the holidays. He was sitting at the San Luis Obispo shelter when they contacted us asking for help. It was perfect timing.

Debra Shelton, our Bakersfield Lead and one of our Board of Directors, is challenging all senior Cocker Spaniel lovers to donate to fund our new Bed & Biscuit. She is donating $125.00, which will pay for Toby for one month in honor of her own sweet Rubie! Rubie will grow old surrounded by her loving family. She will never experience being left at the shelter by her family during the holidays because she was too old or too sick. Rubie wants every Cocker Spaniel to know love and comfort during their Golden Years. Help Debra and Rubie make this dream come true for the senior Cockers who will be starting out this month as proud Bed & Biscuit residents.

Honey, Vayle, Elke, Grover, Powers, Bucky and Toby will be the first residents of the SCCR Bed & Biscuit. We have room for 3 more Cocker kids and will soon fill those last three spots. Every $125.00 we receive will pay for one more Bed & Biscuit baby this month. Even if you can only give a fraction of that, you will still help us save lives. Will you join us? Our goal is to keep more senior Cocker babies in a safe, loving, and home-like environment! Stay tuned for exciting details and learn how you can become a Bed & Biscuit partner.

Donations for the Bed & Biscuit.

Soon, we will tell you more about the Bed & Biscuit club, and why you will want to become a monthly supporter!

Giving Thanks and a B&B for Seniors

Today is Thanksgiving, and we at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, have a lot for which to be thankful. To date this year, we have rescued over 1,000 dogs and we have some doggone great things planned to expand our Sanctuary Program.  We are especially proud of our Sanctuary program and the ONE BIG THING we need to change is HOW MANY dogs we can help.

Honey3 cropHere to introduce the opening of the new Bed and Biscuit area for our seniors, is our newest senior, Honey.
“Hi, Honey here. Two weeks ago, I was left at the shelter by my family. They said I was getting old and need too much care. I am only 12, for heavens sake! The next thing I know, I am on cold concrete surrounded by a lot of barking dogs. Everyone at the shelter said I was too old and no one would want me. I had just about given up when Meg from SCCR showed up and told me this was my lucky day! SCCR had decided to expand their Sanctuary  Program, and I was the first Cocker invited to live in the new Bed and Biscuit Annex in Romoland, California.
Bed & BiscuitI didn’t know what a Bed and Biscuit was but wow, it’s great! It’s almost like being at home. There are comfy couches to sit on, dog beds all over the floor, a huge play area with trees and soon there will be other oldsters like me to hang out with all day. Best of all, Carolyn comes out to give me lots of love. I will have 9 more roommates soon. I can’t wait! They said I am available for a Sanctuary home, but I can stay here forever if I don’t get one. No more shelter for me, ever!
I was so grateful for this opportunity, I asked if I could be the Bed and Biscuit spokes-dog. And here I am; safe, happy and I have a great new job!
The only thing we need now, is your assistance to help fund this project. You can help by signing up as a monthly donor of the Bed and Biscuit Club or just send us a check!”
Love, Honey
PS: I like to eat twice a day, so don’t skimp on those donations!”
Thanks, Honey. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our goal is to open our new facility in January, 2016. To help make this happen, we are setting up the Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership with some great incentives, including invitations to a Spring Bed and Biscuit Club Afternoon Tea and a B&B Club Fall Party. Please consider joining and help us to take the best possible care of Honey and her friends.

Guardian circle – $200 a month and up

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit, free tickets for 2 to all SCCR events including Cocker Picnics, WAGS and Holiday Boutique events.

Service Dog circle – $100-199 a month

Each donor will receive:  Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift. Also, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit.

Support Dog circle – $75-99 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift.

Defender of the Pack circle – $50-74 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, and one $25 gift.

Keeper of the Pack circle- $25-49 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar and Bed and Biscuit newsletters.

$50 gifts: Two tickets to any SCCR event including the picnics, WAGS or the Holiday Boutique.

$25 gifts: Mouse pad, note cards, mug, all with the B&B logo

Our Bed and Biscuit link is still under construction. In the meantime, please use this Paypal link and in the “add special instructions to the seller” area please let us know where you would like your money to go.
We are determined to rescue even more seniors from the shelters this coming year. We have several more ideas to expand our Sanctuary program that we will be rolling out soon.  Stick around and help us save even more lives!
Thank you for your continued support!
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