Help us Change Winnie’s Life

Help us change Winnie’s life and show her that most people are good!

Poor Winnie was rescued from the Riverside shelter late Friday. At only about 4 years old, this sweet angel has been through hell. She is super skinny, covered in wounds from being mauled by another dog, and foxtails are embedded all over her body. She has a deep scratch in her cornea.The first day she wouldn’t let anyone touch her she was so traumatized. 

We got her medical care started immediately. Who knows what else she has going on under all of this. We know she has been through something terrible. Poor baby, she looked so defeated.

We put her on antibiotics and pain meds and by the time they kicked in she was sound asleep and slept like the dead for hours. She was so exhausted and she finally felt safe enough to relax. By today she had decided that moma Carolyn was her safe place and had settled into the house. She will see the vet for a more extensive exam on Monday and possible surgery to remove foxtails on Tuesday.

6/8/29 MONDAY PUPDATE: Dr card just called and said they even pulled foxtails out of Winnies mouth.   One stuck in her tonsil and one wedged behind her molar.  She took hundreds more out of her body and will probably have to do this again.  Also she may lose her left eye.  It appears something poked a hole in it and it is scarred and might be too damaged to save. The dog bites were vicious. She is on heavy antibiotics to prevent infection and we are keeping up the pain meds until she heals up more.

6/13/20 PUPDATE: Winnie will have to have her eye removed on Tues. It is in terrible condition and not getting any better with treatment. Dr Card wanted to wait because Winnie was so anemic it wasn’t safe. She will have more foxtails removed at that time. She is still oozing from all her sores and injuries. Her poor chest is a mess still. She  is healing but slowly. She didn’t have any reserves in her body to fight off the infection and pain.

6/15/20 PUPDATE: Winnie had her eye removed today along with dozens more foxtails. We expect to have more foxtails to remove over the next month or two. The injury to her eye was caused by a foxtail. It pierced her eye, got infected and she was a mess. We found it like a spear in the back of her eye. Dr Card said it was huge. Please foxtails and dogs DO NOT mix.The one in her eye would have kept going and pierced her brain and killed her eventually. The good news is she has a chance to recover now. We are so thankful for your support. Without you she would not be healing up in her foster mom’s arms.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to Winnie’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
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Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383

We also take Venmo:

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2 Comments on “Help us Change Winnie’s Life

  1. Will Winnie be up for adoption? I have a Cockapoo now and would love to have her. Poor baby. She needs some loving care.

    • Winnie will be ready for adoption when she heals up. But the better she feels the more her personality is coming out and she is turning into a bossy Queen Bee who will be best as an only child. She really craves love and attention and does not want to share:}

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