Left For Dead, Given a Second Chance

This sweet senior girl was left for dead in a forest in Washington yesterday! Abandoned and alone, 2 incredible women saw her and saved her so that we could give her a second chance!


Meet Christine (named after one of her rescuers)! Christine is in urgent need of a foster in WA where she can get some medical attention and some much needed love. Here is her story from her rescuer:

“She was found abandoned with no microchip by the Cedar River trail this morning around 930am-ish. A dear neighbor (Patricia) and I both found her walking around. You can tell that she’s been neglected as her eyes were crusty, she’s got lots of matted hair and a possible ear infection. One of the senior who lives around the area (there’s a senior housing building nearby) mentioned that he saw some lady abandon the dog at 8am earlier today.

We were afraid to just leave her there and her accidentally get to the river and drown so we ended up getting her to a local vet to get seen. We requested the vet’s help for a steep discount to get her some basic care and is currently waiting on updates from the vet.

Now, we’re on the clock to look for next steps and we’re hoping you can step in to do so. We’d like to give her a fighting chance to live out her senior years being loved and taken care of. Unfortunately, both Patricia and I live in an apartment and have dogs of our own so we’re not able to keep her.”

Please, if you live in WA and can step up to foster Christine, we would be forever grateful! Please send your application immediately if you are interested.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to Christine’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
PayPal us.

Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383

We also take Venmo:

Your support is greatly appreciated. Together we can show Christine what real love feels like and give her the second chance she deserves.

Oops, Where Did That Growl Go?

Most people’s first reaction when their dog growls is to discipline them. If you do that often and harshly enough you will succeed to train the growl right out of your dog. But that is what we want, right? Absolutely not. That growl is information, it is your dog’s warning system. It tells us that your dog is severely upset about something and they need you to make it stop before they feel forced to bite. Lose the growl and your warning system is gone but the feelings behind the growl are still there and all they have left is the bite. Then someone is going to get hurt badly.

We figured out that our sweet Blue must have had his growl punished out of him because he goes straight to a bite when he gets riled up. On top of this he has the symptoms of PTSD. We are hoping that changing his medication will allow us to train him into an adoptable boy but we sure wish he had that growl back. PUPDATE: After working with Blue on the new meds for  week we see hope. He has a clear warning system before he bites unlike most dogs with this problem. We will have to wait for the perfect home but we think he is adoptable to exactly the right home..

We are a no-kill organization that means we are committed to finding a solution for Blue that includes a quality life while keeping the public safe.  So if we need it, that is where the Sanctuary will come in. There will be an area for our un-adoptable dogs. Only the volunteers who are qualified will be interacting with them.  They will have play groups, volunteers who play with them and give them lots of love but they understand their quirks and what will set them off so no one will get hurt. Being no-kill means having a solution for every dog possible as long as you can keep the public safe.

Help us maintain our Sanctuary spots for our un-adptables, who were made un-adop;table by their families and bad trainers.

It Is Raining Seniors!

Lordy, lordy it is raining senior Cockers here at Second Chance. Put on your rain boots and check out these little souls. They all need fosters or adopters!

Snaggie is 13 year old blind boy…great with other dogs and has the bad ears and a slight heart murmur but the sweetest personality you can imagine. And don’t you love that tooth?

Trudie is a sweet little patootie 10 year old who lost her human mommy and found herself in the shelter! While she is definitely not a cocker, we will call her an honorary cocker! She is most likely a long haired chi mix……but she is adorable and loves belly rubs!  She would be happy to cuddle all day with a nice walk around the neighborhood. Perfect lap dog for anyone.

Sam is another interesting mix, Cocker/Doxie with those cute short legs. He is about 12 years old. He is a little shy but generally a happy go lucky, mellow kind of guy.

Portia is about 9.5 years old. Portia is sweet, gentle, and never barks! In fact, she barely makes any sounds!!! She is a mellow girl who enjoys a calm home where she can just nap all day. Portia needs a home where she can just chill and enjoy the good life. Portia is good with other calm dogs and all people.

Scooter is a sweet 13 year old cocker mix (very short legs and only weighs about 18 pounds) He is 100% blind and is a ‘nervous’ little guy. He wanders a tiny bit, but not much. He needs a home tolerant of his lack of house training. He does fine with other dogs and likes a quiet calm home.

If you can’t foster or adopt can you help with their medical costs?


After her 3rd surgery to remove over 100 MORE foxtails from her little body yesterday, Winnie is happy to be back home with her foster mom. Winnie couldn’t stop her but from wiggling with excitement the moment she saw her. Winnie is also enjoying the cone-free life now! Her eye removal surgery was a huge success and she is no longer in pain from her infected, foxtail-pierced eyeball.
Winnie still has a long road to go though as her abscesses are still oozing and her body is still fighting infections caused by the countless foxtail tracks and bite wounds she was found with. We have pulled well over 500 foxtails from her in total, including several from her inside throat yesterday. Every day, she gets a little better though and her personality comes through more and more.
If you can find it in your heart to donate to Winnie’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
PayPal us
Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383
We also take Venmo:

Help Us End The Dog Meat Trade

Jin got his second chance!

In the world of dog rescue, especially global rescue, this week is one of the most heartbreaking and difficult weeks of the year. This is the week of the Yulin dog meat festival in China.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of dogs are stolen, sold, beaten, starved, and ultimately slaughtered to be sold as meat. Many of these dogs once were companion dogs that were stolen from their owners or were found on the street. They are kept in horrible conditions and murdered in unimaginable ways. There has been a recent call for dogs to be reclassified as companions in China, yet the Yulin festival kicked off at the beginning of this week as usual, despite the COVID pandemic and the move to no longer classify dogs as livestock.

While we at SCCR are here in the US trying to help as many cockers as we can, our hearts are heavy knowing that we have a group of cockers stuck in China waiting to come to us. Thankfully they are safe with our rescue partners who are doing everything they can to save even more dogs from the dog meat trade. We have offered to take every single cocker or cocker mix dog they have as soon as the COVID travel restrictions are lifted. Right now we are committed to 5 dogs for sure, including a handsome boy named Prince who is the father of Jin. Jin came to us in October, 2019 with his mom Iris, sister Orchid, and friends Baloo and Lily. They were all saved from the dog meat trade in China when Jin and Orchid just a newborn puppies. It is horrifying and heart wrenching to look at these beautiful dogs, especially adorable Jin, and know that they were going to be eaten. Jin in now a first class flying world traveler who gets to stay at fancy hotels and live like a super star! These “throw away” dogs have so much potential and we are honored to have been able to offer them the chance at the very best life possible. We can’t wait to do the same for many more dogs from the same atrocious situation!

If you’re like us, and you want to help, get active and help us end the dog meat trade! Sign petitions to call for a change in how dogs are treated in China and other countries where dog meat is still consumed. Reach out to rescues in Asia like Second Chances Dogs and Cats China, and donate. These rescues often need flight volunteers so if you have a passport and like to travel give them a call! You can also donate to our SCCR Global Rescue Fund if you’d like to help cover the travel and medical costs for our dogs when they arrive from China. Or you can simply share posts like this to raise awareness and hopefully inspire global change. If we work together we can bring the suffering of these dogs to an end!

Ways to donate to the SCCR Global Rescue Fund:



How to support our rescue partners:


Sign a petition like the one from The Human Society to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival:


Belinda’s New Adventure

Our sweet Belinda (aka Cookie and now Harley) went to her furever family today! We are so happy for her and couldn’t have asked for a better story to start her new life with.

The day we pulled Belinda from the shelter, we got a call from the incredible @larissawohl asking us if she could foster Belinda for us. Belinda reminded her of her black Cocker, Cookie. Belinda quickly became Cookie 2 and began to blossom and show everyone what a wonderful dog she is. Larissa worked so hard on Belinda’s training, socializing, and anxiety issues. Belinda even got to have a mini vacation with another awesome foster family after her spay which wouldn’t have been possible if she had been as anxious as she had been when she first came to us. We are so grateful to Larissa for helping Belinda become so much more confident and happy.

While Larissa was falling in love with Belinda so was the fantastic family that adopted Floyd from us back in February, 2019. They had recently lost their beloved Biscuit and Floyd was missing his friend. We all knew Belinda was the dog for them. To top everything off, Floyd was the first dog we were lucky enough to showcase on @homeandfamilytv and now Larissa was fostering his new sister. The stars couldn’t have aligned more perfectly. Floyd and Belinda are meant to be together.

We are so excited to see what’s in store for Belinda and Floyd next! Here’s to a happy life full of adventure and a wonderful adoption ever after!

Thank you for your support that makes happy endings like this possible.

Paris In Our Hearts

Look who got her freedom walk last week

Meet our newest baby girl, Paris! This sweet, beautiful angel was surrendered to the Baldwin shelter with a massive cherry eye, mammary tumors, a grade 4/6 heart murmur, is deaf, has the beginning signs of kennel cough, and teeth that need a good dental. She’s the sweetest girl, but has had her medical needs neglected for far too long. She deserves better!

Paris is currently with one of our volunteers who will be getting her seen by our vet ASAP. Once she has her surgery and is on the road to recovery, she will be available for adoption. Paris is 10 years old and loves people. We don’t know how she is with dogs or cats yet.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to Paris’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
PayPal us

Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383

We also take Venmo:

Help us Change Winnie’s Life

Help us change Winnie’s life and show her that most people are good!

Poor Winnie was rescued from the Riverside shelter late Friday. At only about 4 years old, this sweet angel has been through hell. She is super skinny, covered in wounds from being mauled by another dog, and foxtails are embedded all over her body. She has a deep scratch in her cornea.The first day she wouldn’t let anyone touch her she was so traumatized. 

We got her medical care started immediately. Who knows what else she has going on under all of this. We know she has been through something terrible. Poor baby, she looked so defeated.

We put her on antibiotics and pain meds and by the time they kicked in she was sound asleep and slept like the dead for hours. She was so exhausted and she finally felt safe enough to relax. By today she had decided that moma Carolyn was her safe place and had settled into the house. She will see the vet for a more extensive exam on Monday and possible surgery to remove foxtails on Tuesday.

6/8/29 MONDAY PUPDATE: Dr card just called and said they even pulled foxtails out of Winnies mouth.   One stuck in her tonsil and one wedged behind her molar.  She took hundreds more out of her body and will probably have to do this again.  Also she may lose her left eye.  It appears something poked a hole in it and it is scarred and might be too damaged to save. The dog bites were vicious. She is on heavy antibiotics to prevent infection and we are keeping up the pain meds until she heals up more.

6/13/20 PUPDATE: Winnie will have to have her eye removed on Tues. It is in terrible condition and not getting any better with treatment. Dr Card wanted to wait because Winnie was so anemic it wasn’t safe. She will have more foxtails removed at that time. She is still oozing from all her sores and injuries. Her poor chest is a mess still. She  is healing but slowly. She didn’t have any reserves in her body to fight off the infection and pain.

6/15/20 PUPDATE: Winnie had her eye removed today along with dozens more foxtails. We expect to have more foxtails to remove over the next month or two. The injury to her eye was caused by a foxtail. It pierced her eye, got infected and she was a mess. We found it like a spear in the back of her eye. Dr Card said it was huge. Please foxtails and dogs DO NOT mix.The one in her eye would have kept going and pierced her brain and killed her eventually. The good news is she has a chance to recover now. We are so thankful for your support. Without you she would not be healing up in her foster mom’s arms.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to Winnie’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
PayPal us

Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383

We also take Venmo:

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What A Fatty Patootie!

Gertrude is a sweet gentle soul but holy cow she came in at 48 lbs…Now she is a tiny girl and should weigh only about 20-22 lbs. In addition she is missing an eye, mostly deaf, has bad skin and ears. She needs some medical care asap so off to the vet she goes. But she really needs to lose weight. She looks like an over stuffed ottoman. We are looking for help for her medical costs then for a forever home where they can keep her diet up and she can lose some weight. She will feel so much better soon.  Thank you for your Support! We can’t do this without you.

New Shirts and Masks – Help Support SCCR

NEW SCCR Shirts and Masks

We all need them, so why not help save cocker spaniels in need at the same time! Grab a SCCR face mask today and help save a dog!

You asked for it and now we’ve got it! Matching shirts to go with our new face masks! Never forget to wash your paws with this shirt, and help save cockers spaniels in need at the same time.

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