Arlo’s Sanctuary Building Sponsorship Fundraiser

This is the Arlo’s Sanctuary Building Sponsorship Fundraiser. It’s purpose is to give you a chance to sponsor a kennel, pasture or the hay barn. You will get a sign will be mounted on the buildings where all see. The pastures, goat and pig pens will have a stone plaque. Pick your spot. Make a donation.

1-Dog kennel…$5,000--SOLD..”Darcey’s Sweete Shoppe”
2- Dog kennel… Bank – $5,000
3- Dog kennel… Saloon -$5,000
4-Feral Cat House…Bordello -$2,500
5- Dog kennel… Gazette -$5,000
6- Dog kennel… Saloon -$5,000 SOLD..”Svend & Wyatt’s Cowboy Cafe”
7-Guest House -$5,000

8-Sherrif’s Office -$5,000 – SOLD “Arlo Waggontail, Sheriff”
9- Dog kennel… -$5,000 SOLD “Ann’s Apothecary”
10- Dog kennel… Doctor Office -$5,000 –SOLD “Doc Samantha’s Veterinary”
11-Goat pen-$2500
12-Barn…Livery -$10,000
14-Pot Belly Pig Pen – $2500
15-Horse/Burro Pasture 1 – $3000
16- Horse/Burro Pasture 2 – $3000
17-Horse/Burro Pasture 3 – $3000
18-Hay Barn … Feed Store – $5000

8-Sherrif’s Office -$5,000 – SOLD “Arlo Waggontail, Sheriff”
9- Dog kennel… -$5,000 SOLD “Ann’s Apothecary”
10- Dog kennel… Doctor Office -$5,000 –SOLD “Doc Samantha’s Veterinary”
11-Goat pen-$2500
12-Barn…Livery -$10,000
14-Pot Belly Pig Pen – $2500
15-Horse/Burro Pasture 1 – $3000
16- Horse/Burro Pasture 2 – $3000
17-Horse/Burro Pasture 3 – $3000
18-Hay Barn … Feed Store – $5000

The story of Marty

Marty is an incredibly sweet boy that we got out of the shelter. He was overgrown and matted with his nails curled around and one digging back into the pad. He has since been shaved down and looks great. His face was very swollen on one side so we assumed a dental infection of some sort. He was also not neutered so immediately got him in for a neuter and dental because we knew we had to do something about the swelling and infection. Marty is a very lovie boy, but if you touched his face he would snap at you. Once he was under anesthesia they got in to look and were horrified by what was in there. His teeth were so badly abcessed and infected it was amazing that he could eat at all. Swollen gums, jammed full of foxtails (yes, even in his mouth) and rotted. When one tooth was pulled, blood came out his nose. This was a serious dental issue going on! Needless to say, he lost many teeth! He has a bit of a recovery ahead after all this, but we feel that once he is healed up he will be an even more awesome dog. He already is, just was in so much pain and now he is going to feel great. Marty is about 8 years old and it will be a couple of weeks before he will be ready to go. There will be a follow up vet visit due to the extensive damage in his mouth, his bone had turned spongy due to infection and that will take a while to clear up. Marty does fine with other dogs. He is not aggressive, but he does like to be the dominant boy. This should subside since he is now neutered. He loves people and does love to give kisses and now that his breath will be better, the kisses will be much better too! If you can find it in your heart to donate to Marty’s care, here’s how you can help:CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW⬇️PAYPAL US A CHECK: SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383VENMO US: #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #fosteringsaveslives #cockerspaniel #medicalneedsdog #animalrescue

Arlo’s Sanctuary Update

The electric lines are laid, the lamp posts installed and the parking lot work will start the week of July 12th…Yahoo!!! We have hoses and misters on our Amazon wish list to keep the dogs cool outside. Gus and Jethro, our Pot Belly pigs, are already enjoying their mister and mud puddle to keep cool in the summer heat. We are working on framing the sheds to hold the drywall and installing the AC units. We finally found the perfect solution to put up in the sheds for the wainscoting. It will look just right and be tough enough to hold up against the dogs. If you want to see what we found come to our Sanctuary Dinner Sept 18th.
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Benny is a sweet, mellow boy who we never saw get into a lick of trouble. We needed to board him up north for a couple of days while he was waiting for his neuter date. We had gotten great reviews about this kennel and we had used them several times in the past so we didn’t expect any trouble at all.

Well, surprise, twenty minutes after he was dropped off we got an urgent call. Benny had decided to go over several fences to get to two pit bulls. We can only assume one was in heat. He made it over two four foot fences but got hung up in the wires of the six foot cyclone fence impaled by the wires and a foot caught and twisted in the holes. He was bleeding from punctures all over. It wasn’t clear if the fence did all the damage or the dogs in the kennel didn’t like what he had done and gone after him. Our transporter came right back and picked him up. He reported in that while still bleeding, Benny could make it to Dr Cards, our vet. We called ahead and had her waiting. By the time he got their he was going into shock and he needed her team to get him stable. She decided he needed rest and fluids before surgery.

She was the most worried about the wire that punctured deep into his armpit. There is a big ganglia of nerves in there that, if damaged, would cause him to lose that leg. Thankfully he missed them by a sliver of an inch. His swollen paw was not broken either. What a lucky boy!!

He got his drains out yesterday and will go home with his new mom on Sat. She is driving all the way from Wilsonville, OR to Jamestown CA to get him. Yep he is that special.


Sunshine went to the vet for her check up and we found that she needs dental very badly, she has broken molars and many damaged teeth. She has a severe heart murmur and an enlarged heart. She has cataracts on both eyes. We have scheduled her for her dental, then this sweet 13 year old girl will be ready for a foster/adoption home.


We have some exciting SCCR events coming up! We can’t wait to see everyone again!

SCCR Beach Picnic

Let’s get ready to leave some paw prints in the sand!

Come join us at Rincon Beach on Saturday 6/12 from 10am-4pm. Bring your pups and a picnic lunch for a casual get together.

SCCR Sanctuary Dinner



Join us for a fun filled evening at Arlo’s Second Chance Sanctuary on Saturday September 18th, 2021 from 4pm to 7pm!

Take a tour of our sanctuary, meet all of our animals, and enjoy dinner with friends. Bring your own dinner. We will provide drinks and dessert. Sit outside and relax in the fresh country air.

Please RSVP to with the number in your party. We can’t wait to share our dream with you!

please follow all state and local health guidelines when gathering – social distance and wear a mask

Help us give Reese the second chance she deserves!


Reese is a sweet little cocker doxie mix about 8 years old. She needs some physical therapy to strengthen and train her back legs and a foster home to help her through this.

We hope you can help us get her the best medical care possible. She needs acupuncture and water therapy to help her walk again.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to her care, here’s how you can help:


SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383


Please fill out an application if you are interested in giving her a foster or a furever home.


Remy was a huge hit at the vet! The vet tech and Remy were like magnets to each other. It was adorable. Bad news is he needs to have his funky broken leg amputated. Dr Card said it was an old injury that was never treated. It matched the pellets left in his body where someone used him for target practice. Dr Card said there was no fixing the leg and we can’t leave it as it is so we have him scheduled for a neuter and amputation in May……we will be leaving the pellets in unless some are close to the amputation site. His rear right leg is also messed up, but he gets around find so we are just leaving it alone! If you can donate towards his surgery he would be so grateful.

Remy is a odd but endearing spaniel mix and not very old. He won’t be ready for adoption until he has healed from his surgery.

Spring Showers Bring more Cockers!!

Yep it is raining Cockers here at Second Chance. Now is your chance to foster, adopt or donate towards many fabulous Cockers.

Minka is the 8 year old buff and white girl, far left, super sweet and a bit of a couch potato.

Khalese and Tobias are 3-4 years old and a bonded pair. Super sweet and and great with other dogs.

Lucky is 3-4 years old and a happy go lucky kind of guy.

Max, all black and far right, is a senior boy and a love muffin. His eyes were removed so he is blind but gets round like a champ.

Waiting for a picture is Prince, a SABLE boy…oh, yeaah we said sable…wait until you see him. He is 6 years old and what a doll. For some reason he has no teeth and his tongue is a hang’n out making him look like he is smiling all the time.

All these cockers just came in and are in need of a foster/adoption home ASAP. Can you help?

Reese, so Sweet!

We pulled Reeses this week and she is so adorable! She is a tiny little thing that makes you want to scoop her up and cuddle her. We gave her a warm bath and she felt like a new girl. Reese is about 8 years old. She is a Cocker mix. She has severe muscle atrophy. It could be from lack of activity. She’s on the thin side so we’re giving her a mixture of adult and puppy food.She is being transported to California where she will need medical attention and a foster home. Any help is so appreciated!!

Here’s how you can help:


or SEND A CHECK to SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383


Foster/Adoption Application


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