A Second Chance For Jenny

Meet Jenny!


Jenny was running on her own in Laguna Seca for we don’t know how long. She was finally caught and taken to the Monterey shelter were we found her.

We pulled her with Ginger’s help and more she is settling into Ginger’s house as a foster. Jenny is only 1 year old but she has had a life time of adventure. She is now learning to walk on leash, house training and good manners for living in a house.

Jenny is a doxie chi mix, in foster in Santa Cruz, CA and is ready for a new family of her own.

Please fill out an application if you are interested in giving her a furever home.

Who Rescued Who

Frannie adopted Chester hoping he would get along with her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Well, lordy did they get along. Chester is the best thing in the world for her. He seems to know how much she needs him.

Quirky Dogs for special people

We always have a quirky dog or two to find homes for and we always do. Our motto is, What is a misery for one family is a treasure for the right family. And we have proven that over and over again. However, we have several very quirky dogs in that need just the right home at this time. Donations for our quirky dogs medical care:

Ruffles is a gentle little soul but he has suffered from allergies his whole live. He now has dry eye requiring daily drops, chronic ears needing daily washing and special meds and his skin just needs time to heal. He will soon be a special boy perfect for the loving caretaker in you. Ruffles needs a foster or adoption home immediately. Ruffles is about 10-12 years old and currently in Romoland CA.


Winston is a sweet boy with a sensitive stomach. We got him stable with a prescription diet and daily meds. He now needs a cushy bed, lots of attention and an occasional stroll around the block to make his world complete. Winston is about 13 years old and currently in Romoland, CA,


Jamaica is a curmudgeon of a girl. She needs a home with not other dogs so she can be the Queen Bee of her house. When you are Jamaica it is all about ME, ME, ME….so she needs a home where a girl can rule the roust and be the Queen of the day every day. Jamaica is about 10-12 years old and needs work on her house training. Jamaica is currently in Romoland, CA.


Ritchie is a grumpy old man. He doesn’t like other dogs for the most part and he has some rules, like don’t touch that collar but in general he has a sweet heart under all that grumbling. And he is a very handsome boy. He will make someone who like a quirky boy a special relationship. Ritchie is about 8-10 years old and is ready to try out a foster or adoption home as soon as he can. Ritchie is currently in Palmdale, CA.

Ritchie Donations for our quirky dogs medical care:

The Good, The Sad and the Happy endings


We’ve got 4 new pups who need your help! We got a call Saturday night asking for help for this foursome. Of course we couldn’t say no!They needed to be out of the house on Monday am. When we got them in, they were matted and flea ridden. The girl was dripping milk. She must have had puppies taken off her. Poor babies. They were supposed to be four cocker spaniels. You can see Suits is a terrier and the other three are spaniel mixes. Doesn’t matter! They all get to have a second chance and we love them all already. Here’s who’s who:•Gucci – black/white spaniel mix, male•Suits – gray terrier, male•Sophie – black/white/tan on face spaniel mix, female•Joe – black/tan/white on chest cocker mix, male. They are all very shy and all need to be spayed and neutered and vet checked. They will be ready to be adopted in about a week or so. In the meantime, your generous support will help them all get the care they desperately need.

If you can find it in your heart to donate to our fantastic four, here’s how you can help:

CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW PAYPAL US https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=C644XCKWF3NKE

OR SEND A CHECK:SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383VENMO US:secondchancecockerrescueorg@gmail.com

Creating A SCCR Transportation Team

We are going to organize our volunteers who help out transporting our dogs all over CA and create a bigger and better team. We will be looking for drivers and “Rest Stops” who are short term fosters who can overnight a dog when needed. If you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer opportunity fill out the application below and we will be calling you.

You will be required to send us a copy of your drivers license and proof of auto insurance to elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com, if you are a driver, as well as signing a liability waiver before you can start. All new volunteers, please download the liability waiver, sign it and either email it to elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com or mail it to the address on the form.

Our most common main transportation routes are I5 from San Diego through Bakersfield to Sacramento and the OR border. And Hwy 101 from LA through Santa Barbara, San Jose and up to San Francisco. We also take dogs to and from Romoland (south Riverside county) where we have a kennel we quarantine our shelter and overseas dogs.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our SCCR Friends!!!

Today and every day, we are thankful for your unending support and generosity. You continue to astound us with your love for the pups that we bring to SCCR. Together we have given over 100 dogs their very own second chances in 2020! And the year’s not over yet!!

Help us spread some kindness and continue saving the lives of dogs in need. Consider making a donation in honor of who you’re thankful for!

We’d love to hear who you are thankful for today! Leave a comment with your Thankful Thursday story!

Thankful for Transformations

Today we are thankful for second chances and dramatic transformations! We have had so many dogs come to us in horrific conditions and the joy of rescue is to watch them transform into beautiful, happy, healthy dogs!

Cian’s Transformation

Our newest transformation is our handsome little Cian!! At only 4 years old, it was painful obvious that Cian had been neglected for a good portion of his life. When we pulled him from the Bakersfield shelter, his fur was so long and matted that it had turned into doggy dreads. He was clearly uncomfortable and was a little grump with the shelter staff. Who would blame him?! Poor guy just needed some TLC and a second chance!

Cian got his first real haircut in who knows how long the other day. We freed him from his fur prison and saw a loving happy puppy emerge. Cian has been so friendly and sweet with our volunteers. He’s showing us his real self and we are honored to help him on the road to healing, trusting, and loving again! We can’t wait to see the wonderful life he will live once we help him find the perfect furever family!

Cian still needs to have his medical needs addressed. Now that we can see the dog under the fur, we will get him all taken care of. If you’d like to help cover Cian’s upcoming vet bill, please donate today. Help us spread some kindness and pay it forward. Consider making a donation in honor of who you’re thankful for!

We’d love to hear who you are thankful for today! Leave a comment or send us an email with your Thankful Thursday story and we might just share it next week!

2021 Calendar Sneak Peek

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos! The pages are filled with the cutest dogs and we can’t wait for you all to see them!

2021 SCCR Calendar

Our cover model is the beautiful Wendy (aka Orchid)! Wendy came to Second Chance Cocker Rescue in October, 2019 as just a little puppy from China. Wendy escaped the dog meat trade with her brother Jin, momma Quiggley (aka Iris), and friends Baloo and Lily. Getting out of China wasn’t the first battle Wendy faced, first she had to survive Parvo. Unfortunately, 3 of her litter mates were lost while still in China, but we are so glad that Wendy and Jin lived, thrived, and made it here to SCCR. Wendy now lives the best life with her furever family in sunny SoCal where she goes on loads of adventures and gets so so much love.

If you love Wendy and all cocker spaniels as much as we do, we’d love to send a calendar to you! All proceeds from our calendars go directly to saving dogs like Wendy! We are so thankful for all of your support. We couldn’t save so many dogs from near and far without your help!

Pre-order your calendars for just $25 each — shipping included!!! Hurry and get yours before they sell out!!

Click here to order your 2021 Second Chance Cocker Rescue Calendar!!!

It’s Thankful Thursday!

Today we are thankful for all of our dedicated adopters who go above and beyond to give our Second Chance dogs wonderful forever homes! Here’s to all of the people who go the extra mile for the pups that they welcome into their hearts and their homes!

Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi (the 3 black cockers) with their new friends.

A very special thank you goes to Kevin who didn’t just go the extra mile for Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi, he went the extra 1,000 miles! Kevin has been waiting for months to bring our trio home to Canada, but due to all of the craziness with COVID and travel restrictions, it just hadn’t been possible. Until now! Kevin finally made the trip down to pick up the boys and they are now happily settling in to their new home with all of their new friends! We couldn’t have asked for a better home for these three boys!! Thank you, Kevin, for loving our Jaxson, Halbert, and Yogi!!

We’d love to hear who you are thankful for today! Leave a comment or send us an email with your Thankful Thursday story and we might just share it next week!

Help us spread some kindness and pay it forward. Consider making a donation in honor of who you’re thankful for!

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