Rusty! The coolest one-eyed pup in town!


Meet the newest, and maybe handsomest, member of the Second Chance Cocker Club, Rusty!!! Rusty comes to us from Simi Valley, where he is well known and well loved in the local dog park community. Unfortunately, Rusty’s owner fell ill and Rusty found himself at the local shelter. They held him for as long as they could, hoping Rusty’s family would come and get him, but it just didn’t work out. Luckily for Rusty, our Rehoming Coordinator saw him pop up on the shelter website when he arrived and she recognized him as a pup her dogs used to play with at the dog park. She remembered Rusty’s sweet personality and her heart said that we needed to take him into our care if he ended up needing a place to go. So here we are now! Rusty is now an SCCR pup and is loving life in his new foster home!

Rusty is about 9 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots. He is house trained and good with other dogs. Rusty was well socialized, but being a one-eyed dog, he sometimes gets surprised when a dog or person sneaks up on his blind side. He does great though if you talk to him and tell him what you are doing before you do it. Rusty is very outgoing and quick to explore his new surroundings. He loves going to the park and his new furever family must promise to take him to the park to play and run around all of the time! He gets so excited to jump in the car and go for a ride because he thinks he is going to the park! Rusty is great with older, dog savvy kids too. Overall, Rusty is just an adorable goofball who wants nothing more than to be your shadow and spend all of his time with someone who will love him like he deserves to be loved!

Rusty is currently located in Oak Park, CA. We have promised the community that loves him so much that we would find the very best home for Rusty. If you’d like to give Rusty a loving home, please SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here. Help us find Rusty a perfect forever home before the holidays! 

Seeking a very special person for our very special girl, Gina!


Let us introduce you to Gina! Isn’t she beautiful?!
Gina is a 2 year old little girl who is a very sweet, loving dog but has had a rough couple years finding her furever home because of her rare bladder condition.

Gina was born with an Ectopic Ureter, which led her to have constant accidents the first two years of her life. She had been bounced around to several different homes and it wasn’t until earlier this year, when she was taken in by a shelter in Fresno, CA, that they diagnosed her with the condition and raised the money for the corrective surgery. The only problem is this surgery is not always 100% effective and Gina will likely deal with incontinence for the rest of her life.

It was hopeful for Gina’s current home that she would become completely continent so she could be an indoor dog, but unfortunately in the three weeks that she has been there, she is not showing signs that this condition is fixed totally. The accidents are not constant anymore but she is not completely cured. She still leaks a bit and leaves a puddle when she’s napping. Gina has shown that she can hold it sometimes, but her accidents are usually unpredictable.

Gina is not fond of diapers and is quite adept at taking them off. Poor girl, she does get embarrassed when she has an accident, but she truly can’t control it. She’s hoping to find a home where she can come and go freely indoors and out and not be shamed for something she can’t help.

Gina has a very sweet disposition, though it does take her a bit to get to know and trust new people because of all she’s had to endure, but once she does all she wants from you is love and attention! And treats are nice too!! Gina will play if you really ask her to but she’d just as soon prefer to sit on you and be loved! She’s the perfect Netflix binge buddy!

Gina is in the process of learning her simple commands like sit and stay and is catching on quickly. Being so young and so smart, Gina is highly trainable and eager to please.

Gina is great with cats and other dogs. She has not been tested with kids yet. She is also spayed, up to date on her shots, and in great health aside from her bladder condition.

Everyone had seemed to give up hope for Gina but we think that with the right living situation, she will be a fantastic family member for someone. If you have a nice fenced in yard with room to spare for this sweet girl please consider adopting our beautiful little girl, Gina!
Gina is located in Henderson, NV.
If you would like to be Gina’s forever family, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here.

Gina would like to remind our Friends of SCCR of all of the many Cockers that we care for every day who are receiving medical care. You can donate here to help provide for the needs of our sanctuary, hospice, special needs, and brand new rescue dogs.




Puppies safe from the Camp Fire

We have puppies again!!!! These 4 baby boys sadly lost their home in the Camp Fire. Their family lost everything and couldn’t keep and care for the puppies in the midst of everything that they were going through. We are now lucky enough to be caring for these sweet 6 week old boys until they are old enough to go to their forever families. They might be mixes, but they look Cocker enough to us! And who cares what breed they are when they are this stinking cute!!!

Our boys are being fostered in Ventura, CA and we will start taking pre-adoption applications from serious adopters in the next week. They can go home in about 4-5 weeks.

If you would like to make one of these nuggets of cuteness part of your family, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674 or fill out an application.

Donations are also appreciated, to get these cuties vaccinated, neutered and any other vet care deemed necessary. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

eb-and-mike-bulgaria-1Surprise! This Saturday is the birthday of our founder, and CEO of Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Elizabeth Mazzetti has spent the last 23 years rescuing, rehoming, and rehabilitating hundreds of Cocker Spaniels, and even more than a few “wanna be Cocker Spaniels!” To celebrate, one of SCCR’s long-time donors is offering to match any donations made in honor of Elizabeth during the month of November, 2018 up to $1,000. Would you consider making a donation?

One of Elizabeth’s wishes and goals is to find and build a Cocker Spaniel Sanctuary. We want to expand our senior dog sanctuary program and have a place we are proud to have you come visit and volunteer. The Second Chance Cocker Sanctuary will house senior Cockers in our Bed and Biscuit img_2606area, we will have a section for dogs who need training for aggression or can not be adopted because they are too dangerous, and finally we will have an adoptable dog area for dogs waiting for a foster or adopter to find them. We will continue to use foster homes as the base for our adoptable dogs, as they learn so much from living with our foster families that makes them more adoptable quickly. For our permanent residents, we will make a comfortable living area with what ever it takes to give them a good quality life. We will have paid staff living on IMG_2605site and lots of volunteers to help with the work load. We will need a work team of volunteers when we purchase our property to help build the dog’s buildings and create our Sanctuary.

If you are interested in learning more about helping make this dream come true with a donation to our building fund or volunteering, contact Elizabeth at 805-687-4674. Help us save more senior Cockers. There are too many getting dumped in our shelters every day.

We all love you EB! We respect your vision, and your passion for saving animals everywhere!

Teddy: A Sanctuary Boy with a Heart Full of Love

0Hi Debra,
Look how beautiful Teddy is.  I wish his health report was just as good.  He’s been on heart medication for the past month and he took a turn downhill this past week so the Vet is increasing the medication to two tablets twice a day instead of the one twice a day.  He had a lot of fluid in his lungs today.
We will keep him comfortable and happy but the Vet didn’t think he would have more than a few more months with us. The increase of the medications is the maximum dose they can give him. Sorry to report the sad news. His ears are the least of his troubles, but the ear infection is terrible the Vet said and we are trying something new.

Update: Teddy was flown to Helen and her husband in Oregon a few months ago as part of our Sanctuary Program. Teddy is getting the loving care, and the medical support that he needs. We so appreciate Helen and her husband who actually asked for Teddy in spite of his numerous medical issues that he came in with. We could not do what we do without the wonderful foster volunteers that step up to make a Dogs last years the absolute best they have ever had, more than likely. Please consider helping us with Teddy’s medical expenses. Also please consider taking in a sweet Teddy of your own by volunteering for our sanctuary program? It will be the most rewarding experience of your life!

Charlie Rose is Sweet for Treats

0-1Meet Charlie Rose! Charlie came into our rescue over a week ago and is looking for his new forever family. This 8 to 9 year old sweetheart is super friendly, very good with other dogs, and is such a cuddle-bug! Charlie Rose has bilateral cherry eye. Surgery is needed in order to cure his eye issues. Charlie loves to play with toys of all kinds. Charlie is medium build, and is the perfect size to cuddle in front of a fire with! Please consider helping Charlie Rose get all of his medical care completed! Charlie needs an angel-sponsor! He needs the double cherry eye surgery, a micro-chip, vaccinations, grooming, transport costs, and possibly a full dental! Charlie is currently in Southern California, and is patiently waiting for his new family to find him and make him their own. Please contact us directly for more information, and fill out an application to be ready to go! Charlie Rose wants to wish everyone happy trick-or-treating too!

PupDate on Roland and his Siblings

image2Remember Roland, Rosalind, and Robyn?These three pups were dumped on the streets where a kind-hearted woman took them in. She asked us for help in finding them a great forever home! And we delivered! Roland came in to our rescue with a limp. He was the happiest, sweetest, spunkiest boy ever! The limp was evaluated by a specialist and it was determined that Roland has a dislocated knee, and more than likely he was injured by being hit by a car before being rescued off the streets! Roland needs our help to have the surgery that will alleviate his pain and allow him to continueimage1 his “happy-ever-after” adventure! Any amount will help Roland! He is simply too young to consider amputation at age 3, as another vet suggested. Please join with all of us to give Roland the surgery he needs.
PUPDate: As the adopter was loading his two new pups, Roland and Roslyn, he became distracted by Robin staring at him through Debra’s iron gates. She was scheduled to go to a image1_1different foster the following day. Dan stared at Robin as she solemnly watched the commotion of four other dogs being loaded into a large SUV. Dan folded! He said he would take Robin as well! Debra brought Robin to them, and they all left for their trip back to Las Vegas. They will have a home all together, forever!

*Roland, Roslyn, and Robins new family!*

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