Coins For Cockers

Want to donate, but don’t have much cash to spare?! We have a way you can give back with just the change in your pocket! It doesn’t take much to make a difference!

Coins For Cockers is a so simple to do and can make a huge impact for our many cocker spaniels in need. All you have to do is collect your loose change and and send it to us when you are ready. The way our family does it is to collect it, roll it, deposit it into our bank account, and then either mail a check or make a paypal donation to @secondchancecockerrescue in the amount that we collected. So easy and it adds up so quickly!

Not Just Cocker Spaniels…..

Visiting our Sanctuary is so much more than Cocker Spaniels. The Gold County has so much to offer you will need to stay a week or more to enjoy it all. Jamestown alone has an amazing Train Museum with train rides and a working round house. There are antique shops, great restaurants, hiking, events like a yearly car show and so much more. Then there is Sonora, Columbia, and the Sierra’s offer hiking, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, horse back riding, lakes, rivers, mountains and scenery that will take your breath away. Yosemite is only one hour away and Lake Tahoe two hours in the other direction.

So, come visit and stay for the best vacation you have had in years….or do like we did and stay!

It’s Calendar Contest Time!

It’s that time of year again! We are searching for the doggy stars of our 2020 Second Chance Cocker Rescue calendar!

Click on our Facebook fundraiser page to find out how you can get your dog featured in our beautiful calendar! We can’t wait to see all of the adorable dogs that will grace the pages of our calendar this year!

If you are unable to enter the calendar contest via the Facebook link, please email Liz at to secure your spot in the month of your choice.

The deadline to enter is October 1st, 2019. A winner for our cover will be selected at random on October 5th, 2019.

Sharing The Wealth

We have so much acreage, 21 total that we decided that we should share the wealth with the community and reached out to the Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue. This rescue raises abandoned fawns and releases them in the wild. They had been looking for a piece of property for quite a while but were not having any luck until we invited them to come see our little slice of heaven. It was a perfect match!

They are working on clearing out the dead scrubs and opening the area up for their sheds and equipment. They have fencing, sheds, and everything they need to move in and get started. Best yet they have  herd of goats that they use to feed the fawns goats milk. Those same goats can help us keep our acreage clear and help with fire prevention.

So now when you come to visit you can visit with the Rose Wolf volunteers and help feed baby fawns too while you love on our pups.

Donations for the Building Fund go straight to building the Sanctuary. Thank you for your support!

For the months of June and July every $20 donation towards the the Building Fund you will get 10 tickets towards winning a weekend for two at the new Sanctuary including 2 night stay, dinner and breakfast for two at our favorite restaurants.

Just send in a donation marked “Building Fund” before July 31 and we will be announcing the winner at the Annual Picnic on Aug 10th in Santa Barbara.

True Love is Blind

If true love is blind, we sure have lots of love to go around right now with 8 blind or partially blind dogs looking for forever homes!

Felicia, Mia (with her sister Molly who is not blind), Cookie, Darren, Daisy May, Waffle, Twinkie, and Carlton are all wonderful and loving dogs who just happen to be blind. Most of our blind dogs come to us with age related blindness, some like Felicia are blind because of an ongoing medical condition, and some we don’t know what caused their blindness. The one thing that all of our blind dogs have in common is that they do not let their blindness stop them from living full lives when they are in a loving and kind forever home!

A lot of people are afraid of adopting a blind dog, but in our experience, blind dogs can be the best companions! Most blind dogs still love to run and play as well as cuddle and relax just like any sighted dog. The love you share with them is returned tenfold!

If you are considering welcoming one of our sweet blind pups into your home, please fill out an adoption application and we’d be happy to chat with you about them!

You can also check out some of these wonderful tips about living with blind dogs from Blind Dog Rescue Alliance:

Living with Blind Dogs

Environment & Surroundings

  • Put jingling tags or bells on other dogs. That way your blind dog will know where they are.
  • Owners can wear a jingling bell as well, so your blind dog can find you.
  • Do not re arrange the furniture. Blind dogs learn the way the house is set out, and can have trouble getting around if it is changed.
  • Use scented oils or perfumes to spray things that your blind dog could bump into.
  • Blind Dogs have EXTREMELY heightened senses (especially smell and sound).
  • Acclimating to a new home:
    • Get down on your hands and knees, to your blind dog’s level, and look for things that could harm him. Sharp table edges, etc. can be hazards for your blind dog.
    • When introducing blind dogs to a new space (new foster home or adoptive home) I scatter kibble throughout the house or space. The dogs search for the kibble but since they are using their nose and are moving slowly, they learn the space with less running into objects!
  • Textures help:
    • Textures seem to help some blind dogs. (Example: In the yard, we have rocks around the pool. When he feels the pebbles, he knows that he is getting close to the pool. When he feels the sidewalk instead of the grass, he knows that he is close to the door.)
    • Feed your blind dog in the same place and try having rugs under the water bowls. When he/she feels the texture change, he/she will know where the water bowl is.


  • Clicker training can be very helpful in training a blind dog. “It’s consistent, which is even more important with blind dogs than sighted ones. Plus it allows you to shape behavior in a fun way.”
  • Teach your blind dog the “watch” command, for when things are in his way.
  • “Step” is also a useful command, when there is a step in front of him.

Other Dogs

  • Having a sighted buddy really helps a LOT. A seeing companion (dog) for your blind dog can help show your blind dog the ropes.
  • Keep in mind, a blind dog cannot read the body signals and the visual signs that dogs give each other all the time. Make sure to be very aware of this so that you can intervene if necessary before a fight or an altercation occurs.

If you aren’t ready to adopt a blind dog, we are always looking for foster homes so that incoming blind or special needs dogs do not need to stay in boarding longer than they have to. You can also help these pups find forever homes by sharing our posts with your friends and family. Want to help some more? Often times our blind dogs are eligible for our Sanctuary program where we will pay for their lifetime medical needs. Donations to help cover their medications and vet visits are always appreciated.

If you are looking to add a new pup to your family, don’t overlook the blind dogs. They can be the most loving of all.

Peeling Away The Walls

We have started the repairs to the trailer. First we focused on the back bedroom and started with the water damage in the ceiling…we found some critters had been making their home in the rafters. We put out traps and battled the wasp nest in the circuit box. That wild life sure likes to make it self at home.

We will be replacing dry wall, struts and insulation in the ceiling and walls where there is water damage. We can’t tell how extensive it is until we pull open the wall. We have started on the worst area hoping it will be better in other areas. We need Lowe’s gift cards and donations to purchase dry wall, 2x4s, insulation and paint. We found some one to volunteer for the labor…Thank you Ray!!

Several wonderful supporters have offered some amazing donations:
-Lisa and Mission Linen are offering us towels, linens and paper goods
-Debra and Joan have offered washer dryer sets
-Mary and Wayne have offered pavers, we need help getting them from Santa Barbara to Jamestown. Anyone have a trailer that can take a heavy load?

We also need: dry vac, 600 sq ft floor tile, half wine barrels, for planting flowers in, and anything else you can think of. Thank you so much for your support!

You can help in many ways…sweat equity, donations of building materials and  equipment and for larger cash donations we can offer the following:

$100-250 buy a brick
$500 Plaque on a chair
$1000 A memorial bench
$2500 Name a building in honor of your dog


Who doesn’t love a Waffle?!

No need for syrup when you’re as sweet as this Waffle!

Waffle is a charming, 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, who was found as a stray in June. Waffle is very well mannered and has the best personality. A sweet, loving girl, she was a favorite at the clinic where she was being cared for.

Waffle was recently treated for her skin and ear issues, and she received a much needed dental. Waffle also underwent an eye ablation procedure to help with her extreme glaucoma. She is feeling much better now.

Waffle is blind, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring and living her best life. She is a very happy-go-lucky girl, and deserves a chance to shine in an environment where her needs can be met with lots love and kisses.

Waffle would love a forever home to spend her golden years in. She is house trained, is good with other dogs and cats, and would be great with older kids. 

Please fill out an application if you would like to adopt Waffle. Waffle is currently in foster in Oak Park, CA. 

If you would like to donate to help cover Waffle’s medical bills, any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of our generous SCCR friends and supporters that help us save dogs like Waffle every day!

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