Casper the Friendly Cocker

MEET CASPER!! This beautiful boy was owner surrendered because there was a change in the elderly owner’s apartment policy! 

He is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, and he desperately needs our help! He is a perfect dog with such a sweet nature. He is about 22 lbs which is on the small side. According to his owner, Casper has been an indoor dog since he was a puppy, and is completely housebroken. He likes other dogs. He is good on a leash, and likes riding in the car. He has intermediate dog training. He has medium energy. Right now, he is very confused and desperately searching for his owner! Poor Casper! He spent his time while in the shelter scanning his surroundings the whole time. I know in time he will get used to a new family. Medical notes say he has cataracts and needs teeth cleaning. He can see, according to the Vet, so not sure to what extent the cataracts are! Please consider helping poor Casper with his medical bills. He needs a foster or even better, a new home! We could not help dogs like Casper without your help! Thank you!

Application to Foster or Adopt.

Angel Jake Needs our Help!

MEET JAKE! This little 6 month old baby Cocker boy is coming into our rescue! JakeIMG_1262 needs a lot of medical care! Jake needs double cherry-eye surgery, all of his shots, rabies vaccination, a microchip, as well as a neuter procedure! Poor baby! Head to toe work to be done! Ouch! This little sweetheart is coming into our rescue because his mom is moving away and they don’t allow dogs where she is moving. Jake is an angel, and he needs our help! Please consider helping this baby start his new life, by helping with his medical care. It is deeply appreciated! Once Jake has recovered he will be looking for a new home. Could it be with you? Application link here.

Help Lady Jade to Walk Again!

URGENT: We were contacted by a family asking for help this week! A family found a Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.20.01 PMfemale Cocker Spaniel, and no one was claiming her. This petite little 3 year old Cocker baby, had lost the use of her back legs. She was dragging them behind her, when attempting to walk. This kind family made her a cart out of PVC pipe, and she was able to get around better. Nothing obvious showed up in her medical exam. We have had good luck with this kind of disability, and many of you may remember Yodi’s story! We have committed to taking her! She will need a major medical exam with a specialist, and hydro-therapy to help her to regain function in her back legs. She will need acupuncture as well. Surgery is also an option at this point, since the cause of her paralysis remains to be determined. We are counting on all of you to help this little angel walk again and lead a normal life! We can do this! She is simply too young to do anything else! Thank you!

*You can see video of Jade on our Second Chance Cocker Rescue Facebook page.

A Better Life for Bocelli

IMG_6705My name is Bocelli. Look at me! I am an adorable little man! I have a beautiful black and white coat, and I am full of spunk, and I love everyone. My new vet said that I have Cushings, and he gave me medication for that.  He said, “Bocelli has had entropyion his entire life and it has severely damaged his eyes”. Entropyion is where my eye lashes curl under and rub against my eyes. He thinks I have been this way since birth. He told my foster mom that I have been in pain my whole life from it. The vet said that he will need to remove both of my eyes to stop the constant pain. I will also need a major dental cleaning and they may take some teeth out as well! Gee whiz! I hope they don’t take any more of my parts!

313069691Bocelli has been with a foster mom this past month. This is what she had to say about him.

From his SCCR foster mom: Bocelli is a little dickens and they say I am a saint! Lol! He loves to chew up my designer shoes,  hand bags and jackets….(could it be the Italian name?) Also loves paper, tissue, and cardboard! Even though he can’t see, he is able to leap like Superman onto the counter and make his own snack!

For all the neglect and pain he has suffered, Bocelli has so much love and energy to give, 313069698and is now ready for a much better life! He is six years young, pretty much housebroken and good with everyone he meets!

Bocelli is in need of a forever home and medical attention. Can you please help us to give this boy a better, pain-free life? Bocelli hopes so! Thank you!


Seeing Impaired with Sights Set for Support

20180122_180033_HDR-1My name is Frannie, and I am searching for my forever family! I was rescued from the shelter a few moths ago. I am mostly blind, and the tentative diagnosis is retinal damage which may be unrepairable. I am only 2 years old, and I would really love to become a part of someone’s family. I am a very pretty girl, and I weigh about 20 lbs. I am a beautiful chocolate color, sort of like a chocolate kiss! I have excellent manners, and I am fully house-trained. I love everyone I meet! I am very flexible and sweet, and would be a good fit for any family. I learn my environment quickly, and I adjust to change well. I like to cuddle with my people and I would love to be adored like other Spaniels that are finding their new 20180121_204634_HDR-1homes! Please help me with my medical costs? Maybe that will help me to be adopted! I need to be evaluated by a specialist to get a definitive diagnosis, and also to begin treatment if I can be helped more than I have been. It took a bit of time to regain my former beauty and good health after leaving the shelter. I am ready for the next chapter in my journey! Please help me! Thank you! Love, Frannie

We can’t do what we do without your support. Please consider helping Frannie and all our Cockers find their forever homes.

Just Ask Dorie

Mimage1-5y name is Dorie…. or Dorie-Dog, or Wigglebutt, or Sweetheart! I came into this world on Valentines Day, 2006. (Which was appropriate, I must say). I was named for a fish in a movie! Can you believe that??? I am ok with it since my grand-human, Ethan Daniel, named me when I was born. He was 2. He had another name too. Ethan-Daniel-the-Cocker-Spaniel. We were best friends from the beginning. I would image2bathe him every time I saw him, (which he didn’t like because he is about to turn 14 this year)! LOL! I did it anyway! He was MY boy!
I was trained as a therapy dog, and I went to work with mom every day to a children’s clinic. I passed my test, and was certified as a real therapy dog at the age  of one year! Molly, my younger adoring sister, went with us every day for nearly 5 years. We loved meeting kids in the lobby, and hearing them squeal with joy, when they saw us in our dresses and hair bows. I helped several kids prepare to testify in court, and share their sad stories. I would lay on their lap to make it easier for them. I visited many places while I was a working girl, eventually settling into retirement in my golden years.
Several years ago, I got Valley Fever. Nasty Business!!!! The medication I took for a year damaged my kidneys, and I began to sleep a lot. Well, to be honest, my mom couldn’t tell because I slept ALL THE TIME. I loved sleeping on my mom’s expensive Serta pillows, where I took my final breath in this wonderful world! I was adored to the image3end, and spoiled rotten to the last minute of my life. I am now living at my new home in heaven, just to the right of the Rainbow Bridge. I am with my mom’s little boy that died of cancer at the age of 11. Funny that he looks a lot like my Ethan Daniel, and he adores me too! He doesn’t like me bathing him either… but he will get used to it! LOL!
I loved my job at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. I answered the questions from cocker owners, in the “Just Ask Dorie” blog! I loved answering questions and telling Cocker families how to spoil their Cocker Spaniels! I have one request before I go back to bathing my boy! Can you see it in your heart to give to this amazing cause? I met hundreds of Cockers that did not have the blessings that I enjoyed with my family. Please help them to find their forever families? Every donation helps! My mom is donating a 100$ in my name today! Because I am worth it!

Nikki Needs Our Help

IMG_1015My name is Nikki. I am 13 years old. I just found out that I need a new home? My mom said that she can no longer take care of me, and that she wants to find me a new family that has time to spend with me. I am in perfect health, except for my ears, which need drops and cleaning on a regular basis, like most Cockers I am told. I love EVERYONE! Other dogs, cats, and all kids. I am fully House-trained as well. I am a mellow girl, and I am still a young chick at heart! Lol! I am a beauty, and I have aged well. No one would guess that I am 13! I weigh about 24 lbs, and I still have a girlish figure! I would love someone that is home a lot. I love to cuddle and follow you everywhere you go! I will be your new best friend! I will look out for you, and let you know every day how grateful I am! I am spayed, up to date on shots, and I am ready for a new adventure. I hope that you will not hold my age against me, and give me a chance to make all your pup-dreams come true! I am currently with my owner in Alhambra, CA. Please fill out an application, and be prepared to be AMAZED! Love and puppy kisses to you, Nikki🐶💕

If you would like to help us keep doing what we do; rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Cocker Spaniels, please donate! Thank you!

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