Ruca’s Freedom Ride

image4Ruca (pronounced Rooka) is an almost 11 year old adorable, sweet boy who sadly found himself dumped by the his family at a central Oregon shelter on September 1st.
The shelter called and were desperate to find rescue for Ruca. He has suffered years, a lifetime possibly, of neglect which leaves him in a bad spot. As much as they would like to, the shelter could not provide necessary care and did not want to have to euthanize this sweet boy who they described as “a delight”. They reached out for help and of course, in true Second Chance Cocker Rescue fashion, we could not say no. We immediately drove 7 hours to pick him up.
Ruca is pretty much a mess. Top priority is his ears. He has the worst ears I’ve ever seen, image1they are so infected and literally swollen shut from untreated chronic ear infections. He is going to need significant, long term , expensive medical care for his ears, (the shelter vet fears he will need surgical removal of both ear canals) and has a mouth full of rotten teeth. He also has crystals in his urine that will need follow up.
Despite all his discomfort and suffering he is truly one of the friendliest dogs we have ever met. He has a cheerful, friendly personality and we hope to be able to get him the treatment he needs and deserves. Please help us help Ruca get his second chance at a pain free life. We can’t do this without your help!
Foster and Adoption application:

You Can Help Us Save More Dogs Like Marcus

Hello to all of  my wonderful Friends of SCCR! It’s me, Marcus!

unnamed (15)

I want to first thank you all for your ongoing support and generosity! Without you, the loving humans of Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not help so many of my cocker friends in need. Right now though, they need your help more than EVER!

I hope you remember my friends, Daisy, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni! In the past few months, Second Chance Cocker Rescue has rescued several dogs who needed extensive surgery and medical testing to save their lives, myself included!

My friends and I are so grateful for all of the donations that we have received in this time, but it unfortunately hasn’t been enough to pay for all of our treatments and the treatments of all of my other cocker friends who have just needed routine medical care, boarding, or have other special needs that have to be paid for every month. May I be very honest with you? I have spent that last week here with my foster mom and watched her worry about being able to save more dogs when they have bills to pay for so many dogs already in their care. She says they are “maxed out” and have to find a way to get help for incoming dogs when they have no money right now and can not see their regular vets until their bills are paid in full. I overheard her say they need about $3000 to pay off the vet bills for me, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni. We are such happy dogs and we love that SCCR has saved our lives! We wish we could pay them back for everything they have done for us, but we are only dogs. It is hard to find a job in the human world when you are a dog (shhh, typing is my secret skill).

Do you think that you could help us, please? With your tax-deductible contributions, we could raise the $3000 that SCCR needs to pay off all of the our medical bills, and they could save more dogs that have been abandoned and need someone to care for them. You can donate here and every dollar raised will go to the medical care, tests, surgery, and treatment costs of my friends and me! 

Want to do more to help? I have so many cocker friends who need loving foster or forever homes. Maybe you could open your home to one of them? Click these links to see all of the dogs that need homes and fill out a foster/adoption application. Hopefully you will find a new best friend to love while you help save a life.

Thank you all for hearing my plea. I love you all! Have a pawsome day!

-Love, Marcus


0-2Hi there! It’s me, Marcus! I wanted to give all of you an update on my cancer surgery! Guess what? Dr Card was able to pull another miracle out of her hat!!! Can you believe it??  I had a huge surgery to remove the ginormous tumors covering much of my body. You probably remember the “disturbing photos” from before Second Chance stepped up to save me! Well, the Dr. said I have a very good chance of living to be a very old man now! Is that amazing or what??? I still have a few surgeries I must go through before I am tip-top though! I know I have been very a hard case to handle, but my friends never, ever gave up on me! Not once! I did hear them say that I was a real nail-biter? Whatever that is! Lol! I want to thank every one of you for not giving up on me either! You saved me! All of you! I will never ever forget that! I will spend the rest of my life giving the best puppy-kisses and hugs to every person I meet. Please continue to support my journey, as I have another surgery scheduled soon. I will continue the updates! I love everybody that helped me to live and find a forever family of my own!  Love from me always! Marcus.

Donations, large and small are appreciated so we can keep doing what we do, to help Marcus and all the other Cockers out there. Thank you!


Meet Rolland, Roslyn, and Robin! This sweet Cocker family was literally dumped on the41300487_2720549194637403_2782305725886496768_n streets! A Good Samaritan took them in, and she asked Second Chance Cocker Rescue for help! All 3 dogs need to be spayed or neutered (2 girls and 1 boy). They are between 1 and 2 years young. They are scheduled for a vet check on Thursday. They are very sweet and love everyone they meet, despite how they have been treated by humans! They get along with other dogs and kids, but have not been tested with cats. They are VERY attached to each other and would prefer to be in a home together. If that is not possible, we understand. We are in desperate need of a foster or fosters for 0-1.jpeg
this sweet trio! If you can open your home and heart to these pups in need, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674 or fill out an application! We are also asking for donations to help this sweet family of 3 begin a new life! They need transportation, boarding, shots, Rabies, a Neuter, 2 spay surgeries, and 3 physicals from the vet. Please consider helping these poor sweet babies begin a happy new life and find their new forever families! We could not do it without you!

PUPDate on Elvis

Elvis is scheduled for his surgeries next Monday! Elvis needs a foster home as soon as he is released from the vet. This sweet, gentle baby boy has had a very difficult start in life. He is only 7 months old, and he was rejected by his family when they discovered that his eye might be too expensive to fix. Added to that, Elvis was picked up as a stray and he has amassed quite a bill!
They didn’t want him when told how much money they would owe. Elvis is only a baby and he desperately needs our help!!! Because of his eye injury, he will need to undergo surgery along with his Neuter surgery. We are looking for a wonderful foster home or better yet, and Adopter, where Elvis can be adored and cared for as he deserves. Elvis will be in Bakersfield, CA for his treatment next week! Please consider helping Elvis with his two surgeries, chip, shots, and transport! Elvis would really be “All shook up” to know that he is so loved! We could not help babies like Elvis without your support!

Roxy Girl – Rescued Just In Time! 

roxyMeet our newest, and possibly sweetest, little medical pup Roxy Girl! This poor girl is only 6 years old and has suffered so much in such a short life. Roxy Girl has a ginormous mammary tumor, huge fatty tumor, is blind in both eyes with luxating lenses, has either completely matted fur or no fur at all, is itchy and suffering from a painful skin allergy, was covered in fleas,  is missing half of one ear and part of the other, needs a good dental, has an ear infection, and needs to be spayed.

Roxy Girl came to us as a stray by way of the Camarillo shelter where her prognosis was grim and they thought the most humane thing for her would be to let her go due to her terrible condition. We ended up pulling her from the shelter on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. We saw a spark in her though, and knew we couldn’t leave her in the shelter. There had to be something we roxy 2could do for her, even if it was just to give her a loving home for a night and let her be free the next day surrounded by love and calmness.

We are so thrilled to report that, despite all of Roxy Girl’s maladies, Dr. Card (our miracle worker) thinks that she will be able to give Roxy a long life with the right treatments and a lot of TLC. We are starting by getting her skin allergy taken care of so that her skin can heal and be strong enough to be able to recover from her tumor removal surgery down the road. Luckily it does not look like the cancer has spread and it is only the one giant mammary tumor and fatty tumor that will need to be removed. While Roxy is asleep, we will treat her eyes with a chemical ablation and give her teeth a good cleaning. It will be a long road to recovery, but Roxy is a fighter and we know she will one day be the perfect dog for a deserving forever family.

roxy 3While we await Roxy’s surgery, she is getting loads of love and attention with one of our extraordinary fosters. Roxy is such a love bug, it’s heartbreaking to see that she has been so neglected. Roxy gives great kisses and is always wagging her hairless little tail. She loves kids, cats, and other dogs. She has really bonded to one particular dog in her foster home who has become her personal guide dog for trips outside in the backyard.

We will be looking for the perfect forever home for Roxy Girl after her surgery and recovery is complete. In the meantime, we do need to raise funds to help cover this angel’s surgery and medications. If you can find it in your heart to we would really appreciate your donations. Any amount helps tremendously. We can’t keep giving dogs like Roxy Girl a second chance without our amazing and very generous supporters. Thank you for helping us save another life!

Joey Needs a Miracle!

URGENT! This senior boy needs our help to save his life! Joey is a train-wreck! East Valley Shelter called us39846806_2683252555033734_6358544845157433344_n asking us to take a senior boy!
Sweet, blind, deaf, bad ears, bad eyes, tumor on his bum….a llitle train wreck…and that is what we specialise in! We will need lots of support for this senior love-muffin! They said he was a very loving and sweet old guy and needed our help! Please consider giving to help Joey with his medical problems and to live out the rest of his days in comfort and surrounded by love! Joey will be eligible for the sanctuary program where we pay medical for the rest of his life and the foster provides love, food, and a home! Give us a call at (805) 558-0100 if you are interested in helping and loving on Joey!!!

Donations are also so appreciated!

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