Down on her Luck Darla

Meet sweet Darla. A few weeks ago she was really down on her luck. Poor girl spent Christmas and New Years at the Lancaster, CA shelter. Lucky the shelter folks did not give up on her, and kept networking to help find her a rescuer. Second Chance Cocker Rescue heard her plight, and just gave her a freedom ride IMG_6207yesterday! We don’t know her backstory, except that she had cysts on her ovaries, dirty teeth and some trouble with her vision. When we saw those sweet, trusting eyes, we got her out of there! The kennel attendants loved Darla! They said she was a delightful, sweet, happy, and full of life girl. She is about 6 years young.
IMG_6204We are in need of donations to help with Darla’s vet bills. Before she left, she was evaluated at the shelter. She needs to be spayed and she has nasty cysts on her ovaries. She also needs dental work done and a specialist to look at her eyes for possible cataract surgery. We also don’t have a foster home for Darla yet, so she is currently boarding in a kennel. Any donations, or applications to foster, or adopt are much appreciated!
Thank you!

A Rough Time for a Gentle Soul

We got an email from a man who was in need of a new home for his dog Harley. The dog was living with his ex-wife who is moving out of state, and she didn’t want to be bothered with their dog, Harley. She was o.k. with having him put down!

He 26756511_2275513162474344_5776808099142568850_owrote: Dear Second Chance Cocker Rescue,
5 years ago my wife brought home a Cocker Spaniel somebody had given her. I could tell he was getting up there in the years and he was going blind. He’s been with us now for 5 years but it’s time for us to move on from our house and close this chapter in our life and go our separate ways. We have little Harley who’s 12. He’s almost totally blind. He’s never been a problem for us ever. He’s gotten along with the other animals (a dog and cat), but now we must find a new home for him or my wife said she’ll have him euthanized.
SCCR to the rescue! We picked Harley up today, and took him immediately to the vet. He 26678130_10211411517699153_964225320916135746_ohas dry eyes and an ear infection. We had him groomed and put a sweater on him. He didn’t mind at all. What a gentleman he is! He is very sweet and housebroken. He knows how to use a doggie door too. Can anyone help save this boy by fostering? Adoption/foster application. He is currently in Stockton, CA. We also could use help with his medical expenses. Every dollar helps and helps us continue to save dogs like Harley. Thank you! We will keep everyone posted on Harley’s story.

A Happy New Year for Sweet Senior Maxi

image1-4Happy New Year! Maxi, age 18 years of age, and mom Hilary, want to wish everyone a happy holiday! Maxi was rescued by Second Chance Cocker Rescue in 2016. She was found as a stray by a family, and was most likely dumped. Adopted and living in Idaho, Maxi is now Hilary’s partner in crime, and rides shotgun, when driving long distances to rescue another dog. Maxi is very happy, and is well loved and cared for. Maxi is one special pup, and continues to thrive under her mom’s care! Thanks to all of you for making it possible to rescue and rehome lost and abandoned Cocker Spaniels! Donations are so appreciated all year round!

SCCR End of the Year Donations

Hi, It’s me Dorie again. I want to wish everyone a really happy New Year! As we get closer to countdown celebrations, many of you are thinking about organizations to which you can unnameddonate money. We’re really hoping you choose us, Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Over the past year, we have successfully rescued, rehabilitated, trained, medically cared for, fostered and re-homed many dogs. Our goals for 2018 include expanding our Bed & Biscuit program, building our dream sanctuary in Tuolumne, CA, continuing to fund our Sanctuary Program; where we pay for the medical needs of our senior dogs in their adopted homes, finding more volunteers for fostering dogs, transportation, grooming, training, photography, fundraising and saving more Cocker IMG_0927babies.

Stella was one of our Cockers who we saved in 2017. She was a mess when we rescued her from the Los Banos, CA shelter a few months ago. With a great vet and lots of TLC from her foster mom, look how beautiful she is now! AND her foster mom made Stella her forever baby, so now she has a home to call her own!

We also rescued baby Sophi, a 9 month old 22195775_2123114534380875_5065202669031897587_nfemale merle Cocker. She had a horrible case of mange, secondary yeast, and a bacterial infection. She was miserable! We got her on the road to perfect puppy health and she found a wonderful forever family! All these stories and more kept us busy and it is thanks to our volunteers and supporters who keep us going!

We have generous donors who have offered to match year-end donations up to $3,000. No donation is too small or large. Please consider us!

Thank you, thank you! Love, Dorie and all the SCCR Cockers

SCCR Home for the Holidays

IMG_5657Hi, it’s Dorie and Molly. We want to wish everyone a happy Holiday season! You may have noticed our mommy has been posting Home for the Holidays Cocker cuties on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are Second Chance Cocker Rescue dogs in need of  homes. Some are young, some are senior sweeties like us, all are in need of love and care. Many of them have not had lives filled with much love and tenderness.

One of them is Bailey Grace. She is recovering from injuries when someone hit her on the head a few months ago. She is 8 years old, and a very laid back, relaxed gal. She adores kids and gets along well with other dogs and cats. Her favorite thing to do is 25488130_2238700106155650_5219345373902744637_ocuddling on a couch, and going on car rides. She is in good health, and weighs about 24 lbs. She had a full dental and has been vaccinated. She wants to know if someone could PLEASE take her home for Christmas? That would be the best present she could ever ask for! She is ready to be someone’s Christmas angel! Bailey Gracie is  currently being fostered in Bakersfield, CA.

We also have this cutie patootie, named Shaggy. He is a sweet boy. He’s between 10 and 12 years old but it doesn’t stop him 25289425_2228315797194081_6303929248850617283_nfrom doing anything. He loves toys and a good walk. He enjoys meeting new people, and will fit in well any family. Shaggy is a senior boy, eligble for our Sanctuary Program, where you provide him a loving home and we pay his vet bills. Shaggy is good with other dogs and is ready for his Christmas wish to come true, a forever home to call his own. Shaggy is currently in Paso Robles, CA.

Lucy Mae is one of our more recent rescues. Her foster family took her to meet Santa and they got along great! She asked Santa for one thing (well maybe a ball and a bone too), to get her a forever home. Lucy Mae is a 3 1/2 year old, parti-colored, spayed female who is very active and loves to play. She loves to be pet, cuddled, snuggled, and allowed to share your 25446452_2242875762404751_8098199825980671599_n-1
bed with you. She is housebroken, uses a doggy door, and loves to have treats. She gets along well with children, people, and other dogs. She is currently being fostered in Hollister, CA.

Please consider adopting one of these dogs. Fill out an application by clicking here. We also have a great variety of dogs on our Adoptapet page. If you are unable to adopt at this time, please consider making a donation to SCCR so we can keep rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs.
Happy Holidays!


Update on Stella

22688046_2150782154947446_7907787058762894315_nRemember Stella? SCCR rescued sweet Stella from the shelter in Los Banos, California a few months ago! Stella had a tentative diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease, really bad skin, as well as ear and eye issues. The staff at the shelter reported that she was a “super sweet girl,” who just wanted someone to take her home and love her. Well, that special someone was her foster mom, Jeanette. She has had lots of TLC since then. Stella had her surgeries two weeks ago, and did very img_0927.jpg
well. The vet did an x-ray before opening her bladder and the stones had broken up and only two smalls ones left, so he cancelled the bladder portion of her surgery. She had her mammary gland tumor removed, and she was spayed as well!
Stella began her flea and heartworm prevention treatment. She only has a small patch of ‘elephant skin’ on one foot; all other areas are clearing up. Her hair is growing, and it’s a beautiful strawberry blonde!  Isn’t Stella FullSizeRender-5beautiful? Jeanette fell in love with her and decided she wanted her to join her family forever!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Rescue this precious girl! We couldn’t do what we do without your love and support!

Love, Stella, Jeanette (mom), and SCCR!


#Giving Tuesday for Holly

Meet Holly! One year ago on Christmas Eve, we got a call from our local shelter. This 4 year old tiny girl came to us with a 2 lb. tumor that was biopsied, and came back as a low IMG_0283grade, slow growing cancer. It was removed successfully. Holly had recently given birth, and the vet stated that she had several litters previously. It has been a happy year for Holly! She has a wonderful foster family that adores her and spoils her rotten. Today, Holly was diagnosed with disseminated Valley Fever, which is an air borne fungal disease common to California and Arizona. Holly had a seizure a few weeks ago, and the fungal infection has settled in her leg bone, and several lymph nodes. Fortunately, her prognosis is good, once she begins her treatment. Without your tremendous support, Love, and encouragement, we could not help special pups like Holly! Please consider making a donation today for Holly’s treatment, and in honor of #Giving Tuesday? Holly would appreciate your loving support! You are deeply appreciated, and you give the gift of life every day to girls just like Holly! Puppy hugs and kisses from Holly, and all of us from SCCR.

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