Maggie’s Second Chance

Maggie’s mom and dad passed away recently, and she needed to find another forever family! Maggie was very sad, and missed her dad so much. Yvonne fell in love instantly with her picture! Maggie was transported to her new home in San Francisco.

Update on Maggie: Hi Debra, we had a good night and she has definitely settled … Only kidding about not liking the face washing – I LOVE IT!! Maggie ate her dinner and is now on to breakfast and a couple of long walks today. Right now she’s beside my desk on HER chair looking out the window… but there is no more whining or crying… Maggie is now as calm as a cucumber. Hugs Yvonne! 

We keep doing what we do, thanks to our village. Maggie is a great success story, but there are many dogs that are still in need. We continue to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate with the help of volunteers and donors. Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Building A Dream

We are excited to start moving forward with our goal of building a Cocker Spaniel Sanctuary. We want to expand our senior dog sanctuary program and have a place we img_2603are proud to have you come visit and volunteer.

IMG_2606The Second Chance Cocker Sanctuary will house senior Cockers in our Bed and Biscuit area, we will have a section for dogs who need training for aggression or can not be adopted because they are too dangerous, and finally we will have an adoptable dog area for dogs waiting for a foster or adopter to find them. We will continue to use foster homes as the base for our adoptable dogs, as they learn so much from living with our foster families that makes them more adoptable quickly. For our permanent residents, we will make a comfortable living area with what ever it takes to give them a good quality life. We will have paid staff living on site and lots of volunteers to help with the work load. We will need a work team of volunteers when we purchase our property to help build the dog’s buildings and create our Sanctuary.

IMG_2605The first thing we need is a committee of dedicated volunteers to make this dream come true…Lawyers, Realtors, business people, project managers, fundraising, researchers, etc…they will be pricing property, getting building estimates, putting together business plans, designing the theme, leading the fundraising and their goal is to make our dream a reality.


We need to decide on a location. It has to be easy to get to, not far from a major city, has lots of tourism and inexpensive land. We are looking for at least 5 acres with a house or mobile home and garage or barn on it. One location we are looking at is Tuolumne County in the Gold Country (pictured above) where we can build an old fashion gold mining town theme. Thanks to a generous gift from a supporter last year we are starting out with $30,000 in our building fund. We will need a min of $50,000 for a down-payment.


If you are interested in learning more about helping make this dream come true with a donation to our building fund or volunteering tomorrow  make it happen contact Elizabeth at 805-687-4674. Help us save more senior Cockers. There are too many getting dumped in our shelters every day.

A Long Journey to a New Home

IMG_2484Genki (Which means, happy, be well) was found wondering on the military base in Okinawa, Japan. They tried finding her family. After a month or so of no luck, they contacted Second Chance Cocker Rescue. A beautiful, black Cocker had come to the states via military flights last year, and was adopted before she landed!

Genki is a true love bug!!! She will do almost anything for a hug! A very very good listener!!! She loves toys, (mostly plush) but any toy. Loves, LOVES, LOVES tennis balls. She fetches and retrieves! She drops her toy at your feet to throw it again. When I say get a toy, she goes and picks one out!!! She LOVES baby carrots 🥕.She learned the dog door very fast, and knows IMG_2485“potty outside.” They suspect she is about 6 years old, but she is a very, very young 6. She is true puppy like, has puppy curiosity.

Please consider donating, so we can keep rescuing dogs from any place that needs us, whenever they need us, like Genki from Japan.

If you are interested in this sweet girl please fill out an application. Genki is being fostered in Stockton, CA.

Rescued! Cocker Roaming the Streets for Six Months

URGENT: This one to two year old Cocker boy needs a foster or adopter ASAP! This baby

boy was spotted running up and down a busy street in Bakersfield< CA for approximately 6 months before he was caught. He has been starved, and he is very thin. He is terrified, and has obviously been traumatized by his experiences. He is eating now, and was taken to a vet to be evaluated. He was neutered and the vet gave him his shots. Vet stated that he appears to be as healthy as he could be with no home, and scavenging for food for months in the garbage behind several restaurants nearby. Many people attempted to trap him but finally a young woman staked the area out for 3 days to catch him, and finally succeeded. She is calling him Levi.

This little boy needs a loving and patient foster or adopter to teach him to trust again. A calm home, lots of food, and time to heal is what he needs! Won’t you help Levi to begin a new life, and to learn that humans can be trusted? He is improving, but needs a calm home to settle into. He is very smart and learns fast. Please consider a donation for his medical expenses and his rehabilitation! We could not help poor dogs like Levi without your support. He is currently in Bakersfield, but needs a foster of adopter ASAP!

Isabella Needs our Help!

URGENT! Help us to save our beautiful Isabella! Isabella came in a train wreck, with a raging case of kennel cough and terrible chronic ears. We were happy to take her in, knowing we could deal with those issues and get her well then find her a wonderful home.

Then yesterday she started bleeding, and we rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that attacks the blood platelets. This one is hard to win, but we will do everything in our power to pull her through. The kennel cough and bad ears will just make it that much harder. Please help us with her medical bills. No donation is too large or small! Thank you!

Isabella is sweet and nice, not barky and does fine with other dogs.  Pretty much just minds her own business and is a mellow, yet frisky girl.  She likes to get around and would benefit from someone who walked her regularly.  Has a tail, is 9 years old and is a bigger girl, about 32 pounds!  Not necssarily fat, just a big girl. We pray she gets better soon and then will be available for fostering or a forever home.

Pups are Ready to Leave the Nest, Momma too!

IMG_1959Momma Mia and her puppies are ready to be adopted. Two went home yesterday leaving four more, two girls and two boys. They were 8 weeks old on Easter. Momma Mia has been an exceptional mom at her tender age of 1 year old.

They have had an eventful 24 hours. They got vaccinated and Momma slept in a different room. They also had their first bath!! Being 8 weeks old is a BIG DEAL!
Here are photos of the pups, ready for their fur-ever homes.
 From left to right, top to bottom.
IMG_2107Meet the largest pup, with no name yet. She has long legs and a natural, adorable cowlick on top of her head. She has an alluring disposition and a quiet curiosity. She will catch your eye and move in gently. Drum roll for little Clover, the smallest in the littler. When her feet hit the grass, she attacked a clover flower and got her name. Her eyes are blue and white. Next is Gunner. This boy always wants to have fun and run around. Last but not least is Uno. He’s a mellow little dude who loves to be held.
Thank you for your love and support for Momma Mia and the pups. We look forward to all of them finding their forever homes soon!

Lena’s Looking for Love

Meet sweet, Lena. She was so matted when we met her at the pound. We saw her sweet eyes and knew there was a lot of life and hope in them. We rescued her right away. At that time we Lena1named her Lionel. Then, when she took her freedom ride, we realized he was a she.

She came from the SEAACA shelter in terrible condition, and we are working hard to fix her up!  She is blind in one eye from a cataract, but gets around just fine.  She’s doing very well, eaitng nicely, but does have kennel cough.  We still need to have a couple of lumps and bumps removed, but that will be done once she’s doing better! Lena is a really friendly, loving little girl.

Lena is approximately 8 years old. She needs to grow a coat and we need to know if it was flea allergies, bad food, thyroid, etc. that caused all the hair loss. Dr. Card also wants to recheck her blood in a couple of weeks because it was low and her white count was high Lena3but that could be due to ear infections and she was brewing kennel cough, as well as had a secondary skin infection. Every donation, large and small allows us to keep doing what we do, saving the lives of these sweet dogs. Thank you for your support!
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