She Has A Sweet Little Wobble When She Walks

HOLLY - ID#A1363027When we saw this sweet baby at the OC shelter we decided to pull her. Holly is a mix but at only 6 months old what a darling. When we got her medical records we where shocked. She had been hit by a car and suffered severe head trauma and has a genetic problem with her hips that gives her a sweet little wobble when she walks. The shelter took care of the surgery on her hips and now she needs physical therapy to help her balance when she walks due to the head trauma. What a lot to go though at such a young age. We were so glad she caught our eye.

Holly, is currently in Romoland and could use a foster home with a lot of TLC.

Donations for Holly’s costs

Our Valentine!

A1372305-OCAfter we decided we just had to pull this sweet girl from the OC shelter we sent her to Carolyn’s right away for evaluation and a vet check. Here was Carolyn’s report: “This girl is a wreck….does appear to be blind, ears are nasty and her coat is so matted and disgusting that there is no chance a human has even touched this girl for month.  She has got a layer of grease on her. Can’t pick her up because she is tender in the tummy area and didn’t want to hurt her back …underneath all that nasty coat is a gorgeous, champagne colored girl :-)

She was very tender with right front paw which may have been because her dew claw had grown around and was embedded back into the pad….freaking oowie for her.

Valentine 3She was very good for her haircut….now the vet can see  what is going on with her. You couldn’t see anything with that huge matted greasy coat.  She walks fine, no limping or anything ….but she really doesn’t want to be picked up at all, so need to address that.  Surprisingly she is not bone skinny either….but still so hard to imagine this sweet blind girl wandering the streets.”

The vet report: Valentine has glaucoma and cataracts and is completely blind. She has a massive bruise on her stomach and several mammary tumors that must be removed. Diagnostics showed nothing wrong with her stomach and back so her tender areas must have been from a soft tissue injury.

As soon as she has healed up from her surgeries, we have a sanctuary home waiting for her with Brittany in Fresno where she will get a lot of well deserved TLC.

Donations towards Valentine’s surgeries

You Are Invited!

Ruby 15


Wine  Art and Garden Sale

Sponsored by: Daniel Gehr Winery

 Sun May 3rd 2015, 12-4pm

Tickets $25 each or $35 for 2

Reserve here

Daniel Gehr Winery Tasting Garden in Los Olivos

Admission donation includes Wine Tasting, Nibbles, Raffle Baskets, Silent Auction, Live Auction, A Ticket for Door Prize Drawing, An Opportunity to bid on or buy Wonderful Wines, Art (Paintings, Fine Jewelry, Fused Art Glass, Ceramics) and Succulents.

All proceeds go to the dogs!

How can you help?

Download and print this flyer and get the word out for us
pre-selling tickets
putting up flyers
making gift baskets
setting up
serving appetizers
working the auction
cleaning up

The “Devore Seven”

Devore puppy mill dogs 5A puppy mill was raided and Devore shelter took in 190 dogs yesterday.. There are 7 cockers! There are three sweet senior girls who have been breed to death and four adorable 8-12 month old babies. We are going to go in and pull all 7 cockers the day they become available. We will need $200 per dog for boarding until we can get them into foster and the three senior girls are going to need some work.  Their availablity date is currently 2/16 but is dependent on their court case with the breeder they were confiscated from. We hope it does not push out too much. These kids need to get into foster homes asap! Please help us make sure none get left behind.

Three In a Bush

3 puppiesThree adorable puppies were dumped in a woman’s front yard. When she came home there they were hiding under a bush. She called us and we were delighted to help. We are working on finding someone to help transport them down from the Chico area but we were able to find not only some great foster homes but three adopters are all lined up already!

These three boys are beautiful red and white parties with lovely green eyes. They were a bit traumatized by their experience but with a little TLC and some great homes they will soon be able to put that all behind them.

Donations to pay for their neutering, vaccinations and vet exams

One Two Three!

AlvinThis week we rescued not one but three senior boys. First was Alvin, a sweet 10 year old boy living with a family in Modesto. He needed medical care but they couldn’t afford his vet bills so they called us. We were delighted to be able to say we could help. After a few tests it turned out that Alvin probably has Cushing’s Disease and he will be tested for that on Monday. With the proper meds he will live a normal, happy life.

VayleThen we heard about Vayle a 13 year old boy in the Animal Friends of the Valley shelter. He had been turned in several weeks before by  his family. The shelter contacted us to rescue him but before we could respond a family had adopted him. We were delighted, that is until they changed their minds and brought him back. This time we made sure we got him. He is adorable. His teeth were a mess and after a dental they had to remove 17 teeth!

CorwinLast, but certainly not least Carolyn found 10 year old Corwin at the the California City shelter. She fell in love with that cute face. Who wouldn’t?

All three of these sweet seniors need foster homes while they wait for us to find them permanent homes. They are also eligible for our Sanctuary Program where we pay for their medical bills for the rest of their lives. Can you help?

Donations to help with our seniors medical bills

We Rescued Batman

Mr wayneMr Wayne was sitting in the San Diego Humane Society and he was a bit of a train wreck. Bad skin, one bad eye, missing the other and bad ears they realized he didn’t have much of a chance to get adopted so they called us. Well, train wrecks are our specialty, besides who could resist that coloring. Wow, what an unusual boy. We couldn’t wait to meet him and he was as sweet and odd looking as his first picture. We shaved him down, renamed him Batman and got him off to the vet to start on meds. It will take a week or two of Carolyn’s TLC but he will be ready for his new home soon.

Donate to help us rescue Wayne 


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