Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

Meet Dolly, the newest addition to Second Chance Cocker Rescue’s Bed & Biscuit home for senior dogs.Dolly before1

We found Dolly in terrible shape. Her teeth are beyond horrible. Once her teeth have been cleaned, she will probably lose most of what teeth she has left (many are already missing.)  We’re not sure about her vision yet, but with her cataracts, she appears to have minimal vision.

Even with all of that fur, she was mellow and calm while being groomed.  She is very sweet and is doing great with the other dogs at the B&B (2 of her friends are also blind!)

We were so happy to have the opportunity to bring Dolly to the Bed & Biscuit. She is a dog that would have most likely been skipped over at the shelter. Thanks to donations we are able to pull dogs like Dolly and give them a second chance to be loved and cared for and best of all, they give love back a million times over.Dolly after1

Thank you for your continued support!

Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!

Baxter update photos 1Hi, it’s me, Baxter. Remember right before Christmas I made a wish that I would be able to see again? You can read my story here. Well, thanks to the wonderful people at Second Chance Cocker Rescue my wish is coming true!

I have been vetted and approved for cataract surgery. It will be happening this Wednesday with Dr. Schmidt of Veterinary Opthalmology Services, Inc. in Arroyo Grande, CA. Guess what this means? By Wednesday evening I will be able to open my eyes and see again! I will be able to take walks and not bump into things, or be hesitant when going up and down on a curb. I will be able to seeBaxter update photos best the flowers that I sniff, the balls that I chase, and all the happy faces who have been taking care of me and cheering me on since I was rescued, especially my foster mom!

Baxter update photos 3Cataract surgery is quick and the recovery is easy, but the expense is high. Second Chance Cocker Rescue has been rallying for my cause for over a month. Unfortunately, they are still $1,000 short. Any amount you can donate is much appreciated. They will be posting update photos soon too.


Thank you again for making my Christmas wish come true.

Love, Baxter


Louie is Seeing the Light Again

Boy with cataractIt’s a new year and a whole lot of new Cockers have found their way into California shelters. It’s enough make a person give up in frustration. But that’s not how we roll at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. One dog at a time until the shelters are empty and all dogs have forever homes. That is our hope…

That hope came true for this little sweet potato whom we named Louie. Louie was rescued by SCCR at the Baldwin Park shelter last week. We think he is around 5 years old. He’s thin and has bald spots on his butt cheeks which are probably concrete burns from his previous home. He has a full blown cataract in his left eye and is coughing big time. We have him on medication now and he is eating well.

Volunteers who have interacted with him call him “Louie the Love Muffin.” All he wants to do is cuddle and give love. Could you be that forever home for this sweet little man?

Donations to help us with this sweet boy, large or small are much appreciated!


Bed & Biscuit – We Need Your Help!

Grover1The Bed & Biscuit is a comfy home for 10,
Second Chance Cocker Rescue senior Cockers. The biscuit has a sofa, lots of dog beds all over the floor. It’s heated in the winter and runs cool fans in the summer. There is a huge run that spans the entire width of the property with trees, toys and great napping spots. We are painting the inside with murals so it looks like a living room.
Current residents are Bucky, Toby, Vayle, Elke, Grover, Honey, Riley, Quinn, and Powers.Powers
As soon as the murals are done, we will do a photo shoot, to show everyone how they look. If you chose to become a Bed & Biscuit Club member and donate $125 or more per month, you will be invited to our yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed & Biscuit.
Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership comes with some great incentives, including invitations to a Spring Bed and Biscuit Club Afternoon Tea and a B&B Club Fall Party. For donors in the Service Dog and Guardian circles you are invited to the yearly behind-the-scenes tour of the Bed & Biscuit.  Please consider joining to help us to take the best possible care of Honey and her friends. Other gifts will include Bed & Biscuit mugs, calenders, tickets to the annual Picnics and the WAGs event in May.
Elke (4)



Thank you for your support!

Grand Opening of the Bed & Biscuit

FB_IMG_1452220779930We are proud to announce the grand opening of our Bed & Biscuit Annex on January 1st, 2016! This will increase our current Sanctuary program allowing us to house 10 more seniors at any one time. It is also just in time for Toby, a 12 year old boy who was surrendered by his 92 year old mom just in time for the holidays. He was sitting at the San Luis Obispo shelter when they contacted us asking for help. It was perfect timing.

Debra Shelton, our Bakersfield Lead and one of our Board of Directors, is challenging all senior Cocker Spaniel lovers to donate to fund our new Bed & Biscuit. She is donating $125.00, which will pay for Toby for one month in honor of her own sweet Rubie! Rubie will grow old surrounded by her loving family. She will never experience being left at the shelter by her family during the holidays because she was too old or too sick. Rubie wants every Cocker Spaniel to know love and comfort during their Golden Years. Help Debra and Rubie make this dream come true for the senior Cockers who will be starting out this month as proud Bed & Biscuit residents.

Honey, Vayle, Elke, Grover, Powers, Bucky and Toby will be the first residents of the SCCR Bed & Biscuit. We have room for 3 more Cocker kids and will soon fill those last three spots. Every $125.00 we receive will pay for one more Bed & Biscuit baby this month. Even if you can only give a fraction of that, you will still help us save lives. Will you join us? Our goal is to keep more senior Cocker babies in a safe, loving, and home-like environment! Stay tuned for exciting details and learn how you can become a Bed & Biscuit partner.

Donations for the Bed & Biscuit.

Soon, we will tell you more about the Bed & Biscuit club, and why you will want to become a monthly supporter!

Henry Needs Help

Henry 2 croppedSecond Chance Cocker Rescue got a call from a family member about this sweet boy named Henry who was being abused by another family member. She pulled him out of the house and dropped him off with an SCCR rescuer/foster mom yesterday. We will have to evaluate him carefully to make sure his experience hasn’t created any aggression issues, but so far he is a sweetheart. This is where his foster mom found him when she returned home; on the kitchen counter. Henry wideHe really made himself at home!

We will take care of Henry now and the family can deal with their problems without worrying about Henry. Sometimes life happens. We can’t fix everyone’s problems but we can help the Cockers who need us.

Henry also has some digestive issues and possible thyroid problem that we will have to get under control before he can go to a forever home, but with a lot of TLC we are hoping he will feel better and be a wonderful family member.

Vetting and healing this sweet soul are needed. All donations, large or small are much appreciated!

Davey’s Dental Drama

Davey1This is Davey. You may wonder why this handsome boy is not smiling. He came to Second Chance Cocker Rescue with terrible teeth. He was having a hard time eating because he was in so much pain. If you lifted his gum you could see the exposed roots and abscesses in his gums. We looked at his paperwork and were shocked to see he had just had a dental cleaning the week before. On closer look we realized the vet he was taken to did a “non-anesthesia dental cleaning.” That explained everything. Most people think they are taking good care of their dogs teeth when they spend $80-$120 on a non-anesthesia dentals. This boy got a $200 ultrasound cleaning that did nothing for his dental health. These cleanings are nothing but surface and cosmetic.

We took him to our vet to give him a proper dental cleaning. During this procedure, his teeth were so bad he needed to have 14 of them pulled. FOURTEEN abscessed and hugely painful teeth that his owner didn’t even know he had! Don’t waste your money and risk the health of your dog on non-anesthesia dentals. No reputable vet will do this procedure or recommend it.

It cost SCCR $800 to have Davey’s teeth cleaned and extracted.  Davey is about 12 and probably never had proper dental care before. Can you imagine what your teeth would look like if you didn’t brush or go to the dentist for 12 years?

Now that we have Davey on the road to recovery, he will be residing at our new Bed & Biscuit home. He is also available for adoption and eligible for our sanctuary program.

Any donations toward the care of this boy’s teeth is much appreciated!

We will post updates and new photos soon, and  we’ll see him smiling again!


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