Mr. Magoo Is Famous Too

Magoo 2One of our favorite foster moms is Twilight Saga star, Marlane Barnes.  Recently she was the focus of an article on her rescue work where she mentions  our own sweet Mr Magoo.  Marlane also posted an article entitled “How to Get a Rescue Dog Adopted: Mr. Magoo’s Online Profile” at her website  chronicling the star’s time with the companion dogs she has fostered and showcasing, you guessed it, Mr Magoo!

Mr Magoo is a sweet little man with lots of energy who loves belly rubs and back scratches. Being blind and mostly deaf doesn’t slow him down at all! He can hear just enough to make a chew toy squeak and he loves it! If he picks up a new scent on the ground he is determined to find out what it is! He would probably do well with kids because he doesn’t mind getting scooted around or shooed from your snack. He is independent during the day but would love to sleep near you at night. Because of his blindness/determination to track scents, cats are not the best companions, but he seems to like other dogs. He’s not crazy about being crated, but he does well on his own in a room where he can still explore.

Mr Magoo is 10 years old and is eligible for our sanctuary program where we pay for all his medical expenses.

Donations to help with his medical expenses

It is Raining Seniors

We have senior dogs coming out our ears! We have so many fabulous babies waiting for foster homes and Sanctuary homes we just had to let you know. It is our fault for saying yes every time someone called with a sad story but who could say no to these sweet faces? These babies desperately need foster homes. Can you help? Contact us at 805 687 4674 or fill out an application and we will call you right away. In order we have Bim and Coal, Jasper, Jr, Spencer and Katie, Maxi, Prince, Amber….they are all so sweet and deserve to spend the rest of their days in a loving home. For some of these babies it will be the only time they be loved and properly taken care of. Please, don’t make them wait any longer!

Donations towards our Sanctuary Program BimCoal2Jasper SCCR2unnamed (1)Spencer2Kaatie 2Max SCCR after2Prince1


Lucky for Gus…

GusGus was found abandoned in a crate in a driveway. No food or water just Gus sitting in a wire crate with the sun beating down on him. He was so stressed it took two days for him to settle down.  A self styled “rescuer” from Santa Barbara pulled him out of the Devore shelter earlier this week. She decided she couldn’t handle him so she dumped him instead. This rescuer has quite a reputation among the legitimate rescues in town but she is still out there doing more damage than good.

Lucky for Gus he found SCCR. We take our rescue work seriously and he will now be taken care of for the rest of his life. He deserves nothing less. Gus is a sweet little velcro boy who loves nothing better than a snuggle or to just follow you around the house. He loves everyone  he meets and will be good with kids and he loves other dogs. Gus is about 6-7 years old and we have promised him the best home we can find.

Donations to neuter and vaccinate Gus

Mr Magoo

imageThis time we didn’t have room for one more senior but we took him anyway.  This is poor old blind boy had been in the OC shelter for days. We pulled him and are calling him Mr Magoo. He has bad ears, eyes, teeth….you name it. We should not have said yes, we have no room, no money but some how the words, “Just pull him” came flying out of my mouth…..a huge thank you to Marlane for offering to foster him.


Donations to help with his medical expenses


Thanks to Christienne we had room for one more

buddy behind barsAs we sat down to pay our bills last month we came up short….really short. We were scrambling to figure out how to pay everyone and put a hold on any new dogs coming in until we got this taken care of. Just an hour after the board made that decision we got a call about a cocker at the Orange County shelter. He was exactly the kind of dog we could not afford to take. Eight years old, male with double cherry eye. We held firm, “We can not take this dog. We can’t pay our bills and we aren’t taking any dogs until we can.” Then we hear “How much do you need? If I get it for you will you take him?” …..oh yes, we can now!

Buddy's freedom picBuddy was so happy when we send our transporters to pull him. He is safe and sound and waiting for his surgery thanks to Christienne, our new fundraiser in OC!


Katie and Spencer

Katie and Spencer’s mom died and they ended up at the Orange County Shelter. Two seniors, grossly over weight and in terrible condition. How could we say no?  Carolyn got them in and her was her first report on Katie:

katie before“My goodness….this poor old girl has really been neglected.  Nails were horrible and two of them had curled back into her pads which no doubt contributed to her reluctance to walk…..ears were so gunky it was like scraping spoonfuls of dirt out, her skin is very dry and flaky, and shaving her was like trying to shave fur off a bowl of jello!  She is quite overweight, to the point where her little nub tail is actually buried in fat…..her eyes are just enormous with glaucoma pressure.  I am not sure if she will even be a candidate for chemical ablation because they might have ‘gone too far’ for it….more than likely we are looking at eye removal now.  Will find out at the vet tomorrow morning. But, she is cleaned up now :-)  She is very sweet and good natured…just needs a diet and exercise and fix those eyes! This is the before picture”
Kaatie 2Katie’s after picture before her surgery. They both went to the vet yesterday and we got an update. “Quick update…..went to the vet today, obviously grossly overweight.  Both have ear infections, no big surprise.  Katie’s eyes are bad which we knew.  I have now scheduled her for surgery on Wednesday to have them both removed.  Dr. Card feels they are too damaged for chemical ablation to work like it should, so out they come.

Spencer beforeSpencer has the start of cataracts in both eyes, but not blind yet :-)) At least Katie will finally get some relief from the pain in those eyes. Spencer will be groomed tomorrow”

Rocky Is Now Eating Like A Horse

RockyYesterday Rocky was sitting in the Lancaster shelter, no eating, could barely stand by himself and had until 5pm before he ran out of time. Thanks to Kim Johnson who convinced us to pull him, Caitlen and Holly who raced to the shelter before they closed and the extra care he got from Kathy at Oasis, he is now eating like a horse and feeling quite perky!

His teeth are rotten so we offered him some mushy canned food, gave him fluids and a cushy place to sleep. We will get him groomed, give him a dental and see what else is up with him before he will be ready for a foster home. He is 14+ years old and has earned a spot in our sanctuary program.  Anyone interested?

Donations to help pay for Rocky’s medical care:

Update on Rocky:

We don’t have a new picture of Rocky yet….(working on it) but we do have an update on his status. The vet report that came back was very positive. also kind of appalling. Rocky was not eating and having trouble standing by himself. But as soon as we got him out of the shelter and fed him bowls of mushy food he was chowing down. We also gave him fluids. The vet reports that he was just suffering from starvation and dehydration. We don’t know when or who but he hadn’t eaten for a week when we got him and had no water for several days. Probably because he was so weak from not eating he couldn’t get up to get the water. He is down to 13 lbs when he should be up at 25 lbs. He is getting plenty of food, water and TLC and he already looks and feels so much better! At 15+ years we were scared he would not be able to recover but this boy has fight left in him.

He will be ready for a sanctuary home as soon as he puts on a little more weight. Any takers?


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