One Two Three!

AlvinThis week we rescued not one but three senior boys. First was Alvin, a sweet 10 year old boy living with a family in Modesto. He needed medical care but they couldn’t afford his vet bills so they called us. We were delighted to be able to say we could help. After a few tests it turned out that Alvin probably has Cushing’s Disease and he will be tested for that on Monday. With the proper meds he will live a normal, happy life.

VayleThen we heard about Vayle a 13 year old boy in the Animal Friends of the Valley shelter. He had been turned in several weeks before by  his family. The shelter contacted us to rescue him but before we could respond a family had adopted him. We were delighted, that is until they changed their minds and brought him back. This time we made sure we got him. He is adorable. His teeth were a mess and after a dental they had to remove 17 teeth!

CorwinLast, but certainly not least Carolyn found 10 year old Corwin at the the California City shelter. She fell in love with that cute face. Who wouldn’t?

All three of these sweet seniors need foster homes while they wait for us to find them permanent homes. They are also eligible for our Sanctuary Program where we pay for their medical bills for the rest of their lives. Can you help?

Donations to help with our seniors medical bills

We Rescued Batman

Mr wayneMr Wayne was sitting in the San Diego Humane Society and he was a bit of a train wreck. Bad skin, one bad eye, missing the other and bad ears they realized he didn’t have much of a chance to get adopted so they called us. Well, train wrecks are our specialty, besides who could resist that coloring. Wow, what an unusual boy. We couldn’t wait to meet him and he was as sweet and odd looking as his first picture. We shaved him down, renamed him Batman and got him off to the vet to start on meds. It will take a week or two of Carolyn’s TLC but he will be ready for his new home soon.

Donate to help us rescue Wayne 

Starting The New Year Off Right!

imagePeaches is starting her year off right. She left her foster home for a trip up north where she will be getting cataract surgry this month. Soon she will be able to see for the first time in a long, long time. But just as good, her foster family made us promise to take her off the website. They are going to adopt her! 2015 is quickly becoming a great year for Peaches!

Donations towards Peaches surgery

2015 SCCR Calendars, Available Now!


Rubie, our Cover Girl…

 We expect to have the calendars in hand on December 8th to mail out immediately.

These make great gifts for the cocker lovers in your life,
the dog walker, veterinarian, groomer, friends and family.

$15 each, or buy more and save — free shipping!

1-$15 each
10 or more -$12 each

2015 SCCR Calendars Order NOW

Tupperware Fundraiser and Holiday Shopping



safe_imageTupperware Fundraiser

HOliday Shopping for SCCR….each purchase made through Tupperware .com will send a percentage of your sale to SCCR. Shop, Shop, Shop, til you drop, drop, drop.

All proceeds will go to our dog’s medical expenses. This Tupperware Fundraiser ends Dec 13……Thank you for your support!

Holiday Shopping

Now that is time for holiday shopping we wanted to introduce you to a new way to help SCCR without costing you a dime. If you are a big shopper like we are you can use and by selecting Second Chance as your preferred charity you will accumulate .5% of each purchase to be sent to us as a donation.

If you have been an EasyCause shopper for SCCR then we are encouraging our supporters to change over to Smile. We get a larger percentage and they are more open about what we have earned each quarter

She Emerged Like A Butterfly

Zooey beforeZooey was sitting in the Orange County shelter. She was a sight to behold. Big patches of hair missing, a huge cherry eye, terrible skin and butter ball fat. We were not surprised that no one seemed interested in adopting her. She looked awful. But after so many years of doing cocker rescue we could see past all that and saw a miserable but adorable little girl.

ZooeyWe pulled her, shaved her down and whisked her off to the vet. She didn’t look much better, her skin was red and crusty, her bald patches were more obvious. Once we put her on the meds for a slow thyroid and antibiotics for the secondary skin infections she started to perk up in a couple of days. When she was ready we took her in for surgery on that eye.

Zooey (2)After a few weeks then a few more her hair grew in and she started to slim down a bit and a beautiful buff girl emerged like a butterfly. Now we had the girl we knew was under all that mess. Wow, what a knock out she is too.

Not long after she was healthy again we introduced her to Antonio, her new dad. They are a perfect match. He knows all about girls with sensitive skin and thyroid problems and will take nothing but the best of care of Zooey for the rest of her life.

Donations towards Zooey’s medical bills


Peaach’s Movie

Tomorrow is my birthday, yep, 29 again! My husband asked me what I wanted for a gift and I could not think of anything that would make me happier than making a donation in honor of Peaach. Peaach is very close to my heart and she makes me so happy every time I visit and she goes into hyper-spaz she is so excited to see me. Peaach is a fighter and a lover. She is what we strive to be in rescue, relentless and joyous in our work. We love you Peaach!

Join me in send in a donations for Peaach

~Elizabeth Mazzetti
Founder Second Chance Cocker Rescue


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