Casper the Friendly Cocker

MEET CASPER!! This beautiful boy was owner surrendered because there was a change in the elderly owner’s apartment policy! 

He is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, and he desperately needs our help! He is a perfect dog with such a sweet nature. He is about 22 lbs which is on the small side. According to his owner, Casper has been an indoor dog since he was a puppy, and is completely housebroken. He likes other dogs. He is good on a leash, and likes riding in the car. He has intermediate dog training. He has medium energy. Right now, he is very confused and desperately searching for his owner! Poor Casper! He spent his time while in the shelter scanning his surroundings the whole time. I know in time he will get used to a new family. Medical notes say he has cataracts and needs teeth cleaning. He can see, according to the Vet, so not sure to what extent the cataracts are! Please consider helping poor Casper with his medical bills. He needs a foster or even better, a new home! We could not help dogs like Casper without your help! Thank you!

Application to Foster or Adopt.

Misty, Sweet Pup Rescued from Abuser

Meet Misty! Misty is a sweet, little, 5 month old cocker female puppy! She is very small at just 12 pounds. She has beautiful silky black fur, with just a bit of white on her chest. She loves to cuddle, and to give you kisses. She whimpers when she can’t see her people. It seems like forever since she came here to my home, but it has only been 12 hours since she arrived. She was trembling, and she was hesitant, but not resisting when I came close to her to speak gently, and allow her to sniff my hand. A few hours later, after a bath and dinner, she curled up beside me to sleep. The sleep of an innocent dog, that no longer had to fear being hurt and neglected. You see, Misty had just been rescued from HELL! A home where she was thrown across the yard, kicked repeatedly, and thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool that was over her head. The last incident was witnessed by our rescuer. Her tormenter was a 12 year old boy. He has been abusing dogs for years, and Misty was his 3rd known victim. She was injured and has been neglected her whole life. She had a vet appointment this morning at 8 am. My Vet examined her thoroughly, and X-rayed her limbs. Misty had several breaks in each of her front legs. One break causes her to limp slightly. The breaks have begun to mend, and so we will give her time to heal before determining if she needs surgery in the future. I will confess to you that I am sickened to the depths of my soul over the evil things that happened to this little girl. I became involved in rescue about 4 & 1/2 years ago, and this incident literally sent a cold chill over me. It was a deliberate act of cruelty, that no one tried to stop until they were threatened with calling law enforcement. When I saw the picture of Misty hiding in the bushes, I knew it was going to be bad. Her eyes looked sad, and old for her tender years. I am in the process of filing animal cruelty charges against the family. My goal is to use this evidence to keep that family from ever owning another animal. Please keep Misty in your thoughts and prayers! We will continue updates to everyone that has shared her story, and are following her journey. Please consider helping with Misty’s mounting medical bills. Misty will also need a permanent home soon. Please pray for someone who will care for her, and cherish her for the rest of her life, as she deserves. 
– Debra Shelton

Please Help Me Heal My Ears!


URGENT! Gentle, sweet Lovey needs ear surgery on both ears as soon as possible! This little senior lady has had chronic ear issues that were left mostly untreated, until she came into the SCCR Sanctuary Program. It has come to that point for Lovey, that we either go forward with this ear procedure, or we will be forced to make a difficult decision because of her poor quality of life going forward. We are going to use a surgeon in Ventura, CA, so a foster for post-op care in that area would be deeply appreciated. The cost will be $4k to $4.5k. Lovey has reached the point now where all other options for her care have been tried and are no longer working. She is the sweetest, most darling girl,


Lovey’s ear

and we believe that Lovey deserves to have a painless and comfortable life, surrounded by a family that loves her. Won’t you join with us to give Lovey the gift of comfort, in her senior years ahead? No gift is too small! Please help us to help Lovey!


Tommy Boy – So Close to Regaining his Sight

PUPDATE: Tommy Boy is getting close to getting his sight restored! Our estimate for surgery was $5,000, and we are now approximately $1,500 from our goal! The estimate does not include post-operative care, medication, or transportation. We would not be able to give Tommy Boy this gift, if it were not for our many loyal and devoted donors. Tommy Boy was not able to adjust as most dogs do, to his vision loss. Tommy has spent the last year crying, bumping into walls and other obstacles, howling at night, and feeling lost and alone. Tommy spent the first 8 years of his life locked in a kennel being used as a breeder. He had very little social interaction. Tommy is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet, despite his sad beginning. It is our dream to witness Tommy Boy romping and playing in the sun with his friends and pack-mates some day soon. Will you please consider helping to cover the remaining balance for his eye surgery? I know we can do this! We are so close to making this gentle boy’s wish come true! 

Maggie’s Second Chance

Maggie’s mom and dad passed away recently, and she needed to find another forever family! Maggie was very sad, and missed her dad so much. Yvonne fell in love instantly with her picture! Maggie was transported to her new home in San Francisco.

Update on Maggie: Hi Debra, we had a good night and she has definitely settled … Only kidding about not liking the face washing – I LOVE IT!! Maggie ate her dinner and is now on to breakfast and a couple of long walks today. Right now she’s beside my desk on HER chair looking out the window… but there is no more whining or crying… Maggie is now as calm as a cucumber. Hugs Yvonne! 

We keep doing what we do, thanks to our village. Maggie is a great success story, but there are many dogs that are still in need. We continue to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate with the help of volunteers and donors. Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Building A Dream

We are excited to start moving forward with our goal of building a Cocker Spaniel Sanctuary. We want to expand our senior dog sanctuary program and have a place we img_2603are proud to have you come visit and volunteer.

IMG_2606The Second Chance Cocker Sanctuary will house senior Cockers in our Bed and Biscuit area, we will have a section for dogs who need training for aggression or can not be adopted because they are too dangerous, and finally we will have an adoptable dog area for dogs waiting for a foster or adopter to find them. We will continue to use foster homes as the base for our adoptable dogs, as they learn so much from living with our foster families that makes them more adoptable quickly. For our permanent residents, we will make a comfortable living area with what ever it takes to give them a good quality life. We will have paid staff living on site and lots of volunteers to help with the work load. We will need a work team of volunteers when we purchase our property to help build the dog’s buildings and create our Sanctuary.

IMG_2605The first thing we need is a committee of dedicated volunteers to make this dream come true…Lawyers, Realtors, business people, project managers, fundraising, researchers, etc…they will be pricing property, getting building estimates, putting together business plans, designing the theme, leading the fundraising and their goal is to make our dream a reality.


We need to decide on a location. It has to be easy to get to, not far from a major city, has lots of tourism and inexpensive land. We are looking for at least 5 acres with a house or mobile home and garage or barn on it. One location we are looking at is Tuolumne County in the Gold Country (pictured above) where we can build an old fashion gold mining town theme. Thanks to a generous gift from a supporter last year we are starting out with $30,000 in our building fund. We will need a min of $50,000 for a down-payment.


If you are interested in learning more about helping make this dream come true with a donation to our building fund or volunteering tomorrow  make it happen contact Elizabeth at 805-687-4674. Help us save more senior Cockers. There are too many getting dumped in our shelters every day.

Powers is Getting the Gift of Sight

Powers…Chasing the tennis ball is his passion in life. He went blind in one eye, then the lens luxated in the other. He is going into surgery to save his sight today. It will cost us $2500, but he will be able to play ball again, take walks without bumping into things or falling off the curb and look gratefully into the eyes of his family when he is adopted. A huge thank you to Veterinary Vision in San Carlos. They take great care of our kids! Any donation, large or small to help pay for Powers’s eye surgery is much appreciated!When he is healed up, Powers will be eligible for our Sanctuary Program, where we take care of his medical expenses. He is being fostered in Antioch, CA.

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