Tommy Boy – So Close to Regaining his Sight

PUPDATE: Tommy Boy is getting close to getting his sight restored! Our estimate for surgery was $5,000, and we are now approximately $1,500 from our goal! The estimate does not include post-operative care, medication, or transportation. We would not be able to give Tommy Boy this gift, if it were not for our many loyal and devoted donors. Tommy Boy was not able to adjust as most dogs do, to his vision loss. Tommy has spent the last year crying, bumping into walls and other obstacles, howling at night, and feeling lost and alone. Tommy spent the first 8 years of his life locked in a kennel being used as a breeder. He had very little social interaction. Tommy is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet, despite his sad beginning. It is our dream to witness Tommy Boy romping and playing in the sun with his friends and pack-mates some day soon. Will you please consider helping to cover the remaining balance for his eye surgery? I know we can do this! We are so close to making this gentle boy’s wish come true! 

Saved from the Cold

image1In some of the worst weather conditions imaginable, a good samaritan came across two senior dogs left outside with snow on the ground. This same person delivered them to a shelter in a nearby town. Our newest volunteer, and adopted mom of Mimi, saw them appear in a Facebook posting and decided to leap into action to help! She talked her local shelter into allowing her to foster the bonded pair. She then got in touch with Second Chance Cocker Rescue, and asked us if we would be willing to pull them, and take them under our wing. We talked to the shelter and got permission to take them into SCCR. The Cocker Spaniel, whose name is Smokey, needs immediate eye surgery due to Glaucoma, and a possible injury to the other eye as well. The other dog, Clover was given assistance with her dental issues through the shelter. We want to thank Barbara at the local shelter for being so easy to work with and for offering to take care of little Clover’s dental. Lin will continue to foster and to assist with medical care. A huge thank you to Lin for her caring heart.

Lin’s report on both dogs: Smokey is so sweet! And very loving, even enduring excruciating pain, from his eye issue, and possible frostbite. He more than likely saved little Clover’s life, by sheltering her small body from the snowstorm. Smokey can hear very well even though he is nearly blind. His bonded buddy Clover is deaf, but is able to see. Clover is dear and gentle little female terrier who watches out for her friend Smokey. He does the same for her! 12 year old Smokey weighs about 36 lbs. Little Clover weighs about 16 lbs and is about 9 years of age.

image2We are asking for help with their medical care. Medical bills are likely to be ongoing and expensive. Both Smokey and Clover are now very well cared for, in a safe and warm home with Lin for now. It is such a blessing to see the outpouring of love and support for these two rescued pups! Thank you!


Update on Athena Who’s Hoping to See Again

IMG_6922Remember my story “Not just a number to us” from November 2015? It’s me, Athena, back with an update on how I’m doing.

Nobody is interested in adopting me because of my cataracts. By golly, I’m only four years old! I think it’s silly, because I find my way around fine on walks and jumping up onto my foster mom’s bed.

Lucky for me, my angels at Second Chance Cocker Rescue are trying real hard to fundraise, so I will be able to see again. I met with a really nice vet named Dr. Michael Chang at VCA West Los Angeles last week to see if I’m a candidate for cataract surgery.


I was a really good girl. I made it easy for the doctor to look into my eyes. He really liked me a lot! I also had two fancy procedures called an electroretinogram
and an ultrasound, which looked even deeper into my eyes. The good news: Dr. Chang said I’m a great candidate for cataract surgery in both eyes. The bad news: I was told by my foster mom, it’s an expensive procedure, about $5,000. 13138862_10154353602828273_2379244130057433606_n

If any of you out there can help and donate to my cause, it will make me wag my wigglebutt so much! And I’m ready to meet my family,  jump on your laps, sleep in your bed and be your forever girl.  I can’t wait to meet AND see you!





Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

Meet Dolly, the newest addition to Second Chance Cocker Rescue’s Bed & Biscuit home for senior dogs.Dolly before1

We found Dolly in terrible shape. Her teeth are beyond horrible. Once her teeth have been cleaned, she will probably lose most of what teeth she has left (many are already missing.)  We’re not sure about her vision yet, but with her cataracts, she appears to have minimal vision.

Even with all of that fur, she was mellow and calm while being groomed.  She is very sweet and is doing great with the other dogs at the B&B (2 of her friends are also blind!)

We were so happy to have the opportunity to bring Dolly to the Bed & Biscuit. She is a dog that would have most likely been skipped over at the shelter. Thanks to donations we are able to pull dogs like Dolly and give them a second chance to be loved and cared for and best of all, they give love back a million times over.Dolly after1

Thank you for your continued support!

Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!

Baxter update photos 1Hi, it’s me, Baxter. Remember right before Christmas I made a wish that I would be able to see again? You can read my story here. Well, thanks to the wonderful people at Second Chance Cocker Rescue my wish is coming true!

I have been vetted and approved for cataract surgery. It will be happening this Wednesday with Dr. Schmidt of Veterinary Opthalmology Services, Inc. in Arroyo Grande, CA. Guess what this means? By Wednesday evening I will be able to open my eyes and see again! I will be able to take walks and not bump into things, or be hesitant when going up and down on a curb. I will be able to seeBaxter update photos best the flowers that I sniff, the balls that I chase, and all the happy faces who have been taking care of me and cheering me on since I was rescued, especially my foster mom!

Baxter update photos 3Cataract surgery is quick and the recovery is easy, but the expense is high. Second Chance Cocker Rescue has been rallying for my cause for over a month. Unfortunately, they are still $1,000 short. Any amount you can donate is much appreciated. They will be posting update photos soon too.


Thank you again for making my Christmas wish come true.

Love, Baxter


Louie is Seeing the Light Again

Boy with cataractIt’s a new year and a whole lot of new Cockers have found their way into California shelters. It’s enough make a person give up in frustration. But that’s not how we roll at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. One dog at a time until the shelters are empty and all dogs have forever homes. That is our hope…

That hope came true for this little sweet potato whom we named Louie. Louie was rescued by SCCR at the Baldwin Park shelter last week. We think he is around 5 years old. He’s thin and has bald spots on his butt cheeks which are probably concrete burns from his previous home. He has a full blown cataract in his left eye and is coughing big time. We have him on medication now and he is eating well.

Volunteers who have interacted with him call him “Louie the Love Muffin.” All he wants to do is cuddle and give love. Could you be that forever home for this sweet little man?

Donations to help us with this sweet boy, large or small are much appreciated!


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