Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

Meet Dolly, the newest addition to Second Chance Cocker Rescue’s Bed & Biscuit home for senior dogs.Dolly before1

We found Dolly in terrible shape. Her teeth are beyond horrible. Once her teeth have been cleaned, she will probably lose most of what teeth she has left (many are already missing.)  We’re not sure about her vision yet, but with her cataracts, she appears to have minimal vision.

Even with all of that fur, she was mellow and calm while being groomed.  She is very sweet and is doing great with the other dogs at the B&B (2 of her friends are also blind!)

We were so happy to have the opportunity to bring Dolly to the Bed & Biscuit. She is a dog that would have most likely been skipped over at the shelter. Thanks to donations we are able to pull dogs like Dolly and give them a second chance to be loved and cared for and best of all, they give love back a million times over.Dolly after1

Thank you for your continued support!

One Comment on “Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

  1. I just want to thank you for what you do. One of my Dockers is named Dolly and I got her from a shelter nearly blind from cataracts. Here in Kansas we have a vet college that removed them and she was fully visual for years. She now has glaucoma and has lost the sight in one eye but her doc’s are working hard to help her keep the other eye. Knowing how expensive her care has been makes me even more grateful for places like yours.🐶

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