Our Big Dream for the Future

L42A1265 copy

We have a dream of building our own facility. We want a place where you can come visit us and meet all the dogs; a place where the dogs can live in comfort until they are adopted or find a foster home. We want live in staff, heated and air conditioned cute houses for the dogs with huge runs where they can run and play with their friends. We want a Bed & Biscuit area for the seniors and we want it bigger and better than ever before. We want it in a location that is easy to get to and fun to visit. We want to give you tours and let you stay to play with the dogs.

Just last year a supporter left us something in her will. It was just enough to get us thinking that maybe, just maybe with a lot of hard work and more money our dream could be a reality. We are not afraid of hard work and we hope we can raise the money to make it all come true. SONY DSC

We took our first check and started an investment account that is the start of our dowpayment for some property. We are calling it the Building Fund. It will go towards buying property, buildings and equipment. We are years off from making our dream come true but we wanted to let you know our plans and if anyone wants to help us make them come true you can make a donation and mark it for the “Building Fund”. We will add it into our investment account and let it grow while we write business plans, work on grants and make this happen.

Help us make the dream come true. Thank you.

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