Spring Fundraiser!

Our spring raffle was so successful last year that we are going to do it again this year. Tickets are $2 a piece or 12 tickets for $20. The prizes are:

$500 first prize      $250 second prize      $100 third prize

 We will be holding two drawings again this year, one at the Sacramento Picnic on June 23 and one at the Santa Barbara Picnic on May 12. You do not have to be present to win.

Every donation made in in honor of Charlie, special favorite of Joann’s,  came from the Sacramento City shelter. He is 8 years old. He had horrible elephant-like skin underneath on his belly and hair loss in several areas.  He was surrendered because his owners could not take care of him, He suffered with these skin issues his whole life.  His hair has almost grown back everywhere except on his neck.  He has the biggest brown eyes and just stares at you for attention.  Donate in Honor of Charlie.

Every donation made in honor of BJ, a favorite of Elizabeth’s, will enter you in the Santa Barbara drawing. BJ is only 1 1/2 years old and already blind from cataracts. His surgery will cost about $3,000 but we think it is worth it. Help us give BJ his sight back! Donate in Honor of BJ.

For every $20 donation, you will be entered 12 times and once for every $2 donation.  If you would like to help us sell tickets contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.mazzetti@cox.net

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