Grand Opening of the Bed & Biscuit

FB_IMG_1452220779930We are proud to announce the grand opening of our Bed & Biscuit Annex on January 1st, 2016! This will increase our current Sanctuary program allowing us to house 10 more seniors at any one time. It is also just in time for Toby, a 12 year old boy who was surrendered by his 92 year old mom just in time for the holidays. He was sitting at the San Luis Obispo shelter when they contacted us asking for help. It was perfect timing.

Debra Shelton, our Bakersfield Lead and one of our Board of Directors, is challenging all senior Cocker Spaniel lovers to donate to fund our new Bed & Biscuit. She is donating $125.00, which will pay for Toby for one month in honor of her own sweet Rubie! Rubie will grow old surrounded by her loving family. She will never experience being left at the shelter by her family during the holidays because she was too old or too sick. Rubie wants every Cocker Spaniel to know love and comfort during their Golden Years. Help Debra and Rubie make this dream come true for the senior Cockers who will be starting out this month as proud Bed & Biscuit residents.

Honey, Vayle, Elke, Grover, Powers, Bucky and Toby will be the first residents of the SCCR Bed & Biscuit. We have room for 3 more Cocker kids and will soon fill those last three spots. Every $125.00 we receive will pay for one more Bed & Biscuit baby this month. Even if you can only give a fraction of that, you will still help us save lives. Will you join us? Our goal is to keep more senior Cocker babies in a safe, loving, and home-like environment! Stay tuned for exciting details and learn how you can become a Bed & Biscuit partner.

Donations for the Bed & Biscuit.

Soon, we will tell you more about the Bed & Biscuit club, and why you will want to become a monthly supporter!

4 Comments on “Grand Opening of the Bed & Biscuit

    • It is in Romoland. It is not open to the public but if you become a Bed & Biscuit Club member donating $125 or more a month then you will be invited to a behind the scenes tour of the Bed & Biscuit..

  1. Love to all! Thank you for thinking of such a great idea for senior cockers who really need special care in advanced years. These dogs are still so loving right up to their last days. God bless you all and the babies too! Laina V., Santa Cruz, CA

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