A Lucky Boy

We got a call last week from a woman in San Bernadino who found a Cocker Ramsey3Spaniel who had been hit by a car. Her vet thought he had some broken bones. Second Chance Cocker Rescue decided to take over and get this boy transported to our vet at Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital in Corona.
Although he was breathing easily, they found he had air in his chest and wasn’t bearing weight on his legs. They felt he was not in immediate danger or in need of surgery. After running tests and sending them out to a specialist, one of the vet techs took him home overnight to look after him. Early the next morning, he was returned to the veterinary office for further x-rays and tests. He was still not bearing weight easily on his legs or eating on his own. They put him on IV fluids, pain medication and a urine catheter. He slept at the veterinary hospital that night. The next morning the second round of test results showed he did not suffer a break or fracture. It was just a severe strain which will take a couple of weeks to heal. We were so happy to hear this Ramsey1news! He started eating on his own. He was still having trouble peeing but Dr. Beely, his main vet, wanted to avoid surgery to prevent any extra strain.  He will be staying at the veterinary hospital until he is able to walk and pee on his own. This past weekend, he continued to get stronger. Everyone at the Sycamore Creek Animal Hospital loves this boy. They say he is the sweetest thing ever. He takes his medication easily, no matter how much pain he is in. They estimate his age to be between 5 and 7. Besides the injuries, his bloodwork came back healthy. His original rescuer posted his information all over. Nobody has come to claim him. Ramsey2

Any donations to help with his rehab and recovery are much appreciated.  

As soon as he’s healed, you will see his smiling face on our dogs for adoption page.

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