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Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit

Meet Dolly, the newest addition to Second Chance Cocker Rescue’s Bed & Biscuit home for senior dogs. We found Dolly in terrible shape. Her teeth are beyond horrible. Once her teeth have been cleaned, she will probably lose most of what teeth she has left (many are… Continue Reading “Dolly is Loving Life at the Bed & Biscuit”

Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!

Hi, it’s me, Baxter. Remember right before Christmas I made a wish that I would be able to see again? You can read my story here. Well, thanks to the wonderful people at Second Chance Cocker Rescue my wish is coming true! I have been… Continue Reading “Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!”

Louie is Seeing the Light Again

It’s a new year and a whole lot of new Cockers have found their way into California shelters. It’s enough make a person give up in frustration. But that’s not how we roll at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. One dog at a time until… Continue Reading “Louie is Seeing the Light Again”

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