Sweet Talker “Gabby”Gives Kisses of Gratitude

We found this sweet girl in pretty bad shape at the Orange County Shelter last week. She had PART_1455936383174_20160219_140146-1several mammary tumors, terrible teeth, was covered in fleas and itching terribly. There was no way we were going to leave her there. While on her freedom ride she would not stop gabbing so we named her “Gabby.”

Gabby is about 7 years old, a petite red/white parti-colored girl with a happy wagging docked tail. All the volunteers who have spent time with her say she is a kind, gentle little love muffin. She is a non-stop kisser PART_1455936383204_20160219_140151-1and loves to be held.

She will make a wonderful family member and we know she can’t wait for that day.

We will have her vetted this week and schedule surgery for the tumors, teeth and spaying. Then she will be ready for adoption.

Any help you can give is so appreciated.

2 Comments on “Sweet Talker “Gabby”Gives Kisses of Gratitude

  1. Where is gabby now? We put our loving cocker asleep 8 months ago. We loved her she was 16 yes old. We are wanting to rescue a dog in need and would like more info on her.

    • Gabby is in Romoland, CA getting her vet check, groomed and waiting out her quarantine. We would love to talk to you about her. You can fill out an application on our website if you would like to be first in line when she is ready.

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