Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!

Baxter update photos 1Hi, it’s me, Baxter. Remember right before Christmas I made a wish that I would be able to see again? You can read my story here. Well, thanks to the wonderful people at Second Chance Cocker Rescue my wish is coming true!

I have been vetted and approved for cataract surgery. It will be happening this Wednesday with Dr. Schmidt of Veterinary Opthalmology Services, Inc. in Arroyo Grande, CA. Guess what this means? By Wednesday evening I will be able to open my eyes and see again! I will be able to take walks and not bump into things, or be hesitant when going up and down on a curb. I will be able to seeBaxter update photos best the flowers that I sniff, the balls that I chase, and all the happy faces who have been taking care of me and cheering me on since I was rescued, especially my foster mom!

Baxter update photos 3Cataract surgery is quick and the recovery is easy, but the expense is high. Second Chance Cocker Rescue has been rallying for my cause for over a month. Unfortunately, they are still $1,000 short. Any amount you can donate is much appreciated. They will be posting update photos soon too.


Thank you again for making my Christmas wish come true.

Love, Baxter


4 Comments on “Baxter’s Christmas Wish is Coming True!

  1. Thank you for everything you are doing for Baxter. Please let me know when he is ready for adoption.
    Lauren May
    (My other email address is
    My thoughts and prayers for Baxter’s successful surgery

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Is Baxter still available for adoption? We lost our 16 year old cocker and are hoping to adopt an other cocker. There are no children in our home. We are a middle aged couple living in Redondo Beach Calif. we have an adult daschund who was raised by our cocker who has passed away. We look forward to your response.

    Margaret Anunson

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