“Teddy Bear” pup needs Cherry Eye Surgery

Teddy BearAt the tender age of 4 months, Teddy Bear popped a cherry eye. As soon as the family found out how much it cost to fix, they decided to give him away. Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not have been more delighted! We will fix him up good as new, and find him a family that cares enough to take care of him properly.
Teddy Bear is a sweet Cocker/Golden mix, and it looks like his foster family might adopt him. But first, we have to take care of his neuter and cherry eye surgeries.

4 Comments on ““Teddy Bear” pup needs Cherry Eye Surgery

  1. Did Teddy Bear get his cherry eye fixed? How much does that usually cost?

    • He did. Where you live depends on your vet costs. We got it done in Corona, CA with a rescue discount for about $200-300. That is a really good price. If you live in LA or the Bay Area vet costs are much much higher.

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