Louie is Seeing the Light Again

Boy with cataractIt’s a new year and a whole lot of new Cockers have found their way into California shelters. It’s enough make a person give up in frustration. But that’s not how we roll at Second Chance Cocker Rescue. One dog at a time until the shelters are empty and all dogs have forever homes. That is our hope…

That hope came true for this little sweet potato whom we named Louie. Louie was rescued by SCCR at the Baldwin Park shelter last week. We think he is around 5 years old. He’s thin and has bald spots on his butt cheeks which are probably concrete burns from his previous home. He has a full blown cataract in his left eye and is coughing big time. We have him on medication now and he is eating well.

Volunteers who have interacted with him call him “Louie the Love Muffin.” All he wants to do is cuddle and give love. Could you be that forever home for this sweet little man?

Donations to help us with this sweet boy, large or small are much appreciated!


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