Betty, A Sad Case with a Hopeful Outlook

unnamedBetty was sent to the shelter by her owner to be euthanized a few weeks ago. Betty, age 13, was pulled from the shelter and has been with our volunteer and foster mom extraordinaire, Liz, ever since. Betty needed our help, and Second Chance Cocker Rescue stepped up to save her. Her family stated that they could no longer afford the medical care for her. They, sadly, euthanized her sister a few days before Betty was rescued. Betty had extensive mammary tumors, and growths all over her body including her rear end, and is blind because of severe dry eye, and has chronic ear infections. Many of these problems have been addressed and she is doing very well!

With all of her problems, Betty is still wagging her tail. Betty is a sweet, gentle, and loving little lady. Betty still gives sweet little kisses. Betty just wants to be petted and to have someone near her to let her know she is safe and loved.

Betty’s on-going care is not cheap, but we feel that we did our best to give her the comfort and care she deserves! We want to thank everyone who has supported Betty on her journey to wellness. There were some who questioned whether we should rescue Betty with all of her problems and at the tender age of 12 plus years! We can say with confidence that Miss Betty is recovering nicely, and that she has many happy days ahead of her. Thanks so much for helping her to have the happiest time of her life to date! We especially thank Liz and her family who had many sleepless nights while settling Betty into her new life. Also, Betty is searching for her new forever home. She is eligible for our Sanctuary program, where we pay for all of her medical care, while the family gives her lots of love and kisses!

Help us, and join with us as we continue improving and celebrating little Betty’s life, and please consider donating for her today! Betty will be ever so grateful that you did!

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