3X Puppy Love

image3We’ve got a triple dose of cuteness for you!!! Meet Mama Violet and her baby boys, Cecil and Seymour!!
 Found in the Ventura area, these 3 babies had nowhere to go, so we took them in and made them honorary cockers. Mama Violet is about 3 years old and very devoted to her 6 week old (approximately) babies. Violet is in need of a dental, spay, and has an infected eye. The puppies will need their first set of shots soon. All 3 are good with other dogs and kids. Violet is a love bug and wants nothing more than to sit in your lap all day. The puppies, being image2puppies, love to rough house together and play with each other. These pups are very bonded to each other, and in a perfect world we’d love to find them a loving home together. 
Please consider partnering with us to give them the medical care they need. Also please consider sponsoring this small family by paying all of their medical! Violet would be very grateful! Mama Violet, Cecil, and Seymour are being fostered in Ventura, CA. If you’d like to give these pups a forever home, image1please fill out an adoption application: 

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