A Second Chance for Hunter

53245241_3117178638307788_7946006105409191936_nMeet Hunter! Hunter is 11 years old and his owners surrendered him to Second Chance Cocker Rescue to be cared for, or euthanized if needed. Owners stated that they could not afford the vet bills. Turns out, that Hunter had a serious case of pneumonia! He was taken to the vet, given fluids, had x-rays, and was prescribed some pretty powerful anti-biotics.  He had bad teeth removed, and is simply the sweetest boy imaginable! Hunter is in his golden years and should be snuggling by a warm, cozy fire with a loving family. Hunter is now looking for the perfect forever home where he can be doted on for 53110900_3117176371641348_2786456081633640448_nthe rest of his life!  Hunter LOVES to play ball and is always down for a cuddle on the couch! He’s good with dogs, kids, chickens, and cats. Hunter is missing lots of teeth so has a cute quirky little smile that you can’t help but love! He’s got a pretty awesome foster family that is making sure he’s getting his meds and getting him prepared for his forever home! Hunter is currently being fostered in Ventura, CA. If you can see it in your heart to help with Hunter’s medical bills, he would very much appreciate that!

If you are interested in giving Hunter a loving forever home, please fill out our Adoption Application by clicking here.

2 Comments on “A Second Chance for Hunter

  1. hi Elizabeth. I buy your calendar every year I live in Florida but wondered if I can help your rescue group somehow

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