Bad Breath, Sweet Disposition

Little Chance is not exactly all Cocker, he is not even all spaniel, but he is darn cute! Chance is a sweet, gentle soul who will be the perfect family dog once we get his teeth cleaned. His breath will knock you over. His teeth are so bad, he might not have too many left when they are done, but he will feel so much better. He is only 5-6 years old, but it looks like no one has taken care of his teeth his whole life. He is going to have a huge bill. If you would like to make a donation to help pay Chance’s bills, please go to DONATE.

Chance was adopted by a wonderful woman in Incline Village. He now gets to run  on the beach at Lake Tahoe everyday . . . Lucky boy!

Lost Home, Bags Packed, No Where to Go

We got in a new sweet senior today, Opie. He is looking for a new home because his dad is too elderly to take care of him. At 9 years old, he is a sweet older man who still enjoys his daily 2-mile walk and loves his people. He does have a few old man quirks…he gets grumpy if he is disturbed when he is sleeping and needs someone who is home a lot. Except for a twice-daily thyroid pill, he is very healthy. Opie is looking for a foster home while he looks for his permanent home.  Anyone out there willing to take this boy in? His bag is all packed and he is ready to go.

Happy Boy
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